"Where there is love there is life." ~Mahatma Gandhi.

It wasn't supposed to be this cold today. Can't the weather girl get it right for once? But I guess that's just a typical day in Pinedale Wyoming, USA. I kept walking with my new book that I had just bought; I hadn't actually had a good book to read for a while now. My mum said I should get some fresh air and go do something; this is my idea of something.

Suddenly my scarf was blown off of my hunched shoulders and into the wind. I quickly spun around, wind hitting me from behind me now. My hair was blowing in my face as I chased after my favourite purple and green scarf.

I dodged the very few people who were walking towards me; I couldn't blame the people who were at home next to their heater right now. Our winters were very cold.

I hadn't realized that I had been running for a while now and my scarf was nowhere to be seen. I looked around at the unfamiliar part of the park that I was currently standing in.

The place was deserted. I gave up my search for the scarf; I could always get a new one. I started to walk back the way I came when I was stopped by a slightly taller figure.

This particular figure had my scarf in his hands, great some stranger probably wants me to pay for my scarf back now.

"Oh, you found my scarf!" I said reaching out towards it.

Instead of handing me the scarf he reached out and placed it on my shoulders exactly the way it was before I had lost it.

"Thanks," I muttered, blushing a little.

That was one of my major problems; I would blush at anything and everything. Even a compliment, from my mother.

"No problem, I'm Matthew," he said reaching his hand out for me to shake, and I did.

"I'm Cassie," I smiled back at him.

"Are you knew to town?" I asked.

This was a pretty small town; there were 2000 people in it approximately. So you could say everyone knew everyone else. I had lived here all my life so far and had enjoyed it. Apart from the winters, they were freezing. But one learns to love it.

"Yeah, my family and I just came from New York," he said his hair never showing his eyes.

"New York! Wow, do you like it here so far? Compared to New York I mean," I asked him.

He nodded in response. I hadn't realized that we had been walking along the path back to where I was heading. I lead the rest of the way seeing he probably didn't know exactly where my house was.

"Yeah! I love how there isn't as much traffic noise," he smiled back at me.

"Is it really that bad over there?" I asked.

"Yep," he responded.

Unexpectedly there was a hand grabbing my waist and pulling me back. I yelped as I was turned around to face the person.

"Hey! What the hell do you think,"- I stopped when I realized who was standing in front of me.

"OH MY GOSH! Hayden!" I yelled at the slightly startled man. You could call it payback if you want.

"Hey Cassie! How has your holidays been?" he asked once I released him from the tight hug.

Did I mention we were on school holidays? Probably not.

"It's only been two days since you've seen me," I said between laughs.

"Oh but it felt like one million years when you're not with me," he smiled cheekily.

I laughed at his response and he took the chance to kiss me hello. Oh and did I mention that Hayden Mills is my boyfriend? My extremely hot boyfriend. As in hot I mean, blonde hair and crystal blue eyes… and abs. When he pulled away I chuckled and hugged him again.

"OH right," I yelled remembering the very silent Matthew, "Hayden this is Matthew, Matthew this is Hayden."

"Hey, are you knew in town?" Hayden asked whilst shaking Matthew's hand.

Matthew nodded in response and when Hayden wasn't looking I saw him wipe his hand on his shirt. But of course Hayden caught me holding a chuckle in.

"What's so funny?" he asked looking between Matthew and me.

"Yeah, Matthew came all the way from New York," I dodged the question knowing Hayden really loves his first impressions.

We kept walking to my house, just talking, it was nice. The rain had stopped for the moment and it was just the cold lingering breeze now. It was mostly Hayden and Matthew talking about random guy stuff. So I trailed off in thought and almost missed my house when we got to it.

"This is me," I said, cutting into their conversation that was about some video game.

"Bye babe," Hayden said kissing me on the cheek.

"It was nice meeting you Matthew, I hope you settle in alright," I said backing up onto my lawn.

I loved walking backwards, most people were afraid of falling over when they did. But I wasn't, I loved it. I backed up my stairs still waving foolishly at them both.

"Thanks," Matthew muttered, but somehow I heard it from 4 metres away.

I reached behind me for the doorknob and found it as I would with any object behind me. I waved again once before walking into my house.

"IS THAT YOU CASSIE!" I heard my dad shout from upstairs.

"Yeah!" I yelled back up at him, hanging my bag on one of the hooks.

"PROVE IT!" He hollered again.

Oh dear, not again. Dad would quiz me on how much I knew him every time I had been out longer then I said I would be. But the problem was, he be very random about it.

"How will the world end and when!" He said creeping towards the top of the stairs.

"In 2013 elephants will take over the world and the only thing brave enough to actually stand up against them were the miniature pinball machines who were epically killed by the elephants and their indestructible lollipops that were shot out of their trunks," I yelled taking a long breath afterwards.

"Okay then," My dad said coming down the stairs and hugging me hello.

Did I mention my dad was officially proven with a mild case of insanity? But that is a story for another day. It was just to warn you of my dad's weirdness. Let's just say he wasn't treated very fairly as a kid.

"What book did you buy?" He asked, oh he knew me so much.

"Some random one with a cool looking cover," I nodded hanging up my coat.

"Oh yeah I've read that one," he laughed.

I pointed upstairs and at my book. My dad and I would talk like this sometimes, with objects I mean. We would point at something or stomp our feet if we wanted to show our emotions.

Dad nodded his head and pointed to the kitchen and himself, he started acting out eating something very yummy, so that's when I left for my room. I rushed up the stairs and plopped on my bed.

My room was pretty normal; the upside was I got a lot of money for my birthday because I had asked for it so I could make myself a really cool bedroom. I loved it.

My desk was purple and green with red lining around the top. My computer, lamp, school bag, notepad and pens were all on top of this awesome looking desk.

The wallpaper was white apart from one wall which I had had a grand time painting a green-turquoise colour. I had then begged my mum to take me to the shops to buy one of those wall stickers. The one I chose was of a cherry blossom tree and it was sideways covering most of my wall.

My bed was white apart from the covers which were spotted all different colours.

My cupboard was really kind of bare, I should decorate it with paint splatters or something.

That was my room, very colourful; you could say that I was very creative and decorative.

I thought about how there was only a week until school started and another torturous day of school but now in year 11 started. I groaned at the thought. Apparently it was a whole lot harder than any of the years we did at high school, which lifted my spirits so much more. [Insert sarcasm here].

I looked over at my clock, 5:32pm. I wonder if Hayden was home yet. Or Matthew. It was strange how Matthew always had his hair in his eyes, doesn't it get irritating? Hayden never has his hair in his eyes.

And that was the last thought I actually thought for the night. I fell to sleep, clothes still on and all.

Hehe :D it's very draggy I know, but it's just the intro… and its only 1,515 words… I'm so obsessed 3 Expect more… maybe not soon, but still expect it… :D ENJOY! asheepiage.