Haha hi :P

After I finished You Could Say I Was A Very Colourful Girl I planned to do a sequel for Hayden. I had already named it and all, and I still am going to do it! I've nearly finished the first chapter! It's called 'You Are Just That Amazing'.

But… There is a story I thought of a few days before I finished YCSIWAVCG… It's called 'One Million Beauties, One Beast'. I got the idea from heaps of different movies and stories that I had watched recently, and then I had a dream about it, etc. I've already written the first chapter to it.

I really want to do that story before I start 'You Are Just That Amazing'…

So sorry to everyone who thought I was going straight onto Hayden's ending, I wanted to… But I feel I won't be able to concentrate on two stories at once, and if I only do Hayden's one then I would be too busy thinking about the other one… I've tried, but it feels like I'm not putting enough effort into it…

So overall, I don't think I'll be doing Hayden's ending until I finish 'One Million Beauties, One Beast'.

Sorry… But I assure you the other story will still be just as good :D


ANYWAYS! Hope you guys understand :P