"What are you doing?"

I jumped and quickly whipped off the hat I had been modeling in front of the mirror, turning to look at the intruder.

"This is the girls' bathroom."

"No it's not."

"Yes it is."

"No it's not."

"Yes it is."

"No it- ugh, just come here," he grabbed me roughly by the arm and dragged me over to the door, and opened it wide for me to see.

"Ouch! That hurts, you know. What are you- Oh.. oops."

The sign on the door was not the triangle bodied female I had thought it was, but a regular bodied male. Or as regular bodied as a stick figure can be. Hah.

I came back in to smile at him sheepishly.

"That explains the weird looking bowl things then"

"Uhuh" he stared at me condescendingly and amusedly at the same time, with deep green eyes, that seemed to be assessing me.

I shifted a bit and stared back up at him uncomfortably. No, he wasn't gigantically tall, I had to look up at practically everybody, being a meager 5'1", though I liked to think I was at least 5'2".

"Uhm.. well, okay then- I guess- I'll.." I trailed off, and moved towards the exit. He blocked my path, though, and I raised my eyebrow quizzically up at him.

"You never answered me question." He said, in a smooth, deep voice.

"Huh?" was my oh so intelligent response.

"I asked you what you were doing"

I wished he would stop staring. It was more than a little bit discomforting. I never looked into somebody's eyes for more than ten seconds when I talked to them. It always felt awkward after that, so I would pretend to polish my fingernails, or look at an interesting spot on the wall. People usually got the hint and looked away at intervals, too. Well, my friends did anyway, but that was after I told them it made me uncomfortable. They were the only ones I spoke to a lot, anyway.


I jumped, and I stopped staring at the sink to look at him confusedly.

"Well, obviously, I misread the sign and came into the wrong bathroom."

He sighed, "Yes, I got that, although I don't understand how anyone would misread a picture. What were you doing when I came in?"

"Oh, that? Just... Nothing."

"Nothing?" His turn to do the eyebrow raise. I must admit, he was much better at it than I was. My eyebrow didn't go as nearly as high up as his did. And that was after years of practicing.

"I got a new hat!" I told him brightly, suddenly excited at the thought of it again, and I brought it out from behind my back to show him. It was my pride and joy. I had seen it sitting on a fake head in the display at the mall and just HAD to have it. It apparently wasn't on sale, it was just for show, the man at the counter said, when I told him I wanted it. Why they had a hat as a display at a cutlery shop in the first place was beyond me.

However, thanks to my superb negotiating skills... well, okay, more like thanks to my begging and relentless pleading, I bought the hat (which is what matters, not my pride.) I then proceeded to do my world famous happy dance, which attracted a bit of an audience in the crowded mall. A few people even put money into the hat when I sat down with it next to me to rest.

It was a beautiful hat. Bright, fluorescent purple with lots of colourful plastic forks, knives and spoons attached to the brim.

He stared at it, and then at me as I put it on top of my perpetually messy, dark brown hair.

"Whaddya think?"

"It's... Something else." He said somewhat hesitantly.

"Yes, it is, isn't it?" I said, admiring it fondly in the mirror.

I had a passion for hats. I had a hat collection that could probably rival the Queen of England's. Hats brightened my day, everyday. Even if I was feeling gloomier than Eeyore himself, putting on a hat would instantly make the world a better place. My friends complained at first, and said that they were embarrassed to be seen with me, but they got over it eventually, and only distanced themselves from me when a popular person or a cute boy was passing. I was quite used to being shoved in a bush or having my hat torn off my head and thrown into a bush at a moment's notice. In hindsight, they probably weren't the best friends, but I was never really good at making friends, and I had known them since we were little.

I still missed them, despite the shoving of me into bushes. That tends to happen when you are uprooted from your family and your life to a completely different country and culture where you know no one, and where people tend not to be super friendly. I was okay though, I had my hats. Although, roaming around in a new school with people whispering and staring at your head on your first day can be quite intimidating. I'm just saying.

I could feel the dark green eyes still burning holes through my head, so I turned irritably towards him.

"Go away, kumquat."

"You're the one in the wrong bathroom, remember?"

Oh. Yeah. I would have flushed had my skin tone allowed it. This was why I pitied white people. They blushed.

I digress.

"Bye, then" I moved around him, and out the door, just as another boy was coming in. He stopped to stare at my hat, and I stopped to stare at his face. He was the cutest looking boy I had ever seen around my age, he was probably only a couple of years younger than I was. He had the largest blue eyes I had ever seen, cheeks that had not yet lost their baby fat, and white blonde hair that flopped down on his forehead. He was just so darn…

"CUTE!" I squealed, loudly, causing both guys present to wince and cover their ears, and I grabbed cute boy's cheeks and pulled. I honestly couldn't help it.

I decided to call him Casper in my head. He looked exactly like what I thought a Casper should look like.

As soon as I let go, Casper backed up considerably, looking scared. I dunno why, though. I'm harmless.

"Sorry, but you're so cute!" I reiterated "What's your name?"

I prayed a silent prayer, and crossed my fingers, hoping it would be Casper.

"A-Alex..." He stammered, still looking at me warily.

"Oh" I said, disappointed.

He was looking at me in a weird sort of way, so I tried to put his mind at ease.

"It's okay, you don't have to worry. I really don't mind that you're not called Casper." I said, with my most reassuring smile, with all my teeth showing. I was proud of my teeth. They were white and even, and I brushed them meticulously four times a day.

"Huh?" was all he managed. Bless him; he was probably dazzled by my teeth.

Suddenly the bell rang, making me jump. It was a very shrill bell.

"Bye Ca- Alex!" I said, but just as I was about to exit the door,

"Wait." I turned to see green eyed boy looking at me. I had forgotten he was still there. I heard Alex scuttle out the door as my back was turned.

"Yes?" I asked. Was there some higher power that wanted me to stay in the boys' bathroom forever?

"What's your name?"

"Sofia" I told him, glancing up at the clock that hung on the wall. I was late.

"Aren't you gonna ask me mine?"

"Your what?"

"My name."

"Oh, okay, what's your name?"

He sighed. "Cody."

I looked up at the clock again. Very very late.

"Okay, bye Cody!" and I ran of towards class before he could say anything else.

I hoped I wouldn't get a detention.