Chapter 1: Gloria

It was a rainy day in town, when Gloria looked out her bedroom window. The day seemed sad and there were puddles everywhere. "What were the people from the climate control doing?" Gloria wondered. "It was not supposed to rain today."

She yawned and dragged her feet onto the soft carpet. Another boring school day filled with finals and dumb instructions.

Gloria quietly opened her bathroom door and stepped in. The freshly waxed tiles felt cold and unfriendly after the soft, warm embrace of the carpet.

"I have to snap out of this gloomy mood," Gloria whispered. She had to because today she couldn't afford mistakes. If she passed all the tests correctly, and scored high marks, she could spend her last year of high school working with experts on some project, instead of being held prisoner between the walls of her school.

Gloria looked in the mirror, and all of a sudden she was taken aback by the skinny green-eyed girl that was starring back. Her red hair was all over the place -the result of a night spent tossing and turning- fighting imaginary dream-shattering beings. "I have to get a life! After today, I'll just be a regular person, that has more than their computer in their life" Gloria thought.

"Gloria! Come down! Breakfast's ready!" Her mom yelled.

Gloria hurried. She didn't want to be late, not today. She put on a green T-shirt and a pair of jeans and went to breakfast.

"Hey, you look like a million bucks. What did you do last night… wrestle Godzilla?" her dad joked.

"Almost," came Gloria's sleepy answer, " listen, can I get a ride to school today?"

"Are you late again?"

"No, it's just that I want to be early for my finals."

"Very well."

"Good luck, kiddo! We'll go celebrate after school, come by my office." her mom instructed.

Gloria gave her mom a quick kiss and she hopped in their air-pressurized car.

"Avantelos High, computer." Her dad said.

As Gloria headed for her classroom, she was thinking about Avantelos High. It wasn't an ordinary school. It was in the top ten highschools of the colonized galaxy, and practically everyone wanted to get in. Everybody on Vesan13 any ways.

Well, there were her friends, her teachers, but somehow Gloria didn't feel like saying anything to anybody. She just had a bad feeling about this day. It could've been because of her finals, but Gloria guessed it was because of some other threatening menace.

Just when she was about to hand in her paper for the English final, the deep, sad, worried voice of their principal came on the P.A. system. It must've been something very bad, because it wasn't every day her class -along with the rest of the school- was called down when a test-as important as a final- was held.

Whatever it was, Gloria was happy, because they would get a little break.

"Could all students come to the auditorium immediately?" he asked.

Right away her classmates formed a single-filed line and quietly waited for their teacher.

Gloria got up quickly and joined the back of the line. Her class headed for the auditorium. One by one the students took a seat and waited for their principal to speak. Gloria looked around and saw many worried faces.

" Uh, umm," the principal said," we gathered all here today to tell you some sad and unfriendly news. Our government just got a message from some aliens, announcing us that home world was taken captive, along with all the colonies near it. In this message, the aliens told us to surrender, and take down all our planetary defense mechanisms, because either way they will conquer us. We are now on planetary alert; therefore, all school is suspended until the danger passes. Come on people! Go home! Shelters are now open, in case of bombardment and…"

Panic erupted between the students before the principal could continue. What was worse, was that some weird machine looking humans invaded the auditorium holding everybody captive. The students were ordered to step outside and align themselves along the walls. Everyone followed reluctantly, fearing for his or her life. While they were waiting outside, Gloria whispered to Casey, her best friend.

"What do you think they are going to do to us?"

"I don't know, but it's not gonna be pretty." Casey answered. "I don't feel like sticking around to find out."

"They look horrible. Like humans, but with all those tubes sticking in and out, and that ugly color. It's like a great computer possesses them. What on Earth are they?"

"I don't know, but they sure look scary."

"No talking allowed!" one of the aliens said.

"What are you going to do to us if we do talk." Zack a guy, in Gloria's class asked.

"Zack, be careful!" Casey told him.

"Come on what can he do?"

Without any warning, the alien pulled out his blaster, and zapped Zack with it. He stood for a few seconds, looking absently at the hole, which was squirting rivers of red blood, and afterwards slowly collapsed. Blood was surrounding him.

"Look what you did to him!" Casey said in despair.

She and Zack were dating, being a very happy couple.

Casey tried in vain to stop the pouring blood, but whatever she did, didn't work. Zack was dead, and his body had started to cool already. Casey got up.

In her eyes, you could see an icy sparkle, the one you get when you made a decision.

"I have no parents, my uncle hates me, and YOU took the only thing I truly cared about. I have no purpose in life any more. YOU killed him! I hate you!" Casey whispered slowly, her voice vibrating with pain.

"Casey! Cool down!" Gloria yelled.

All of a sudden, Casey threw herself at the alien. She was about two feet in front of him, when he coolly zapped her too. Gloria turned her head, not looking to see how her friend met her doom.

"Let this be a lesson to you all. Any rebellion or attack will not be tolerated."
The alien said calmly.

With those words said he turned around, and started walking towards his kind, but he stopped when he saw how red and angry Gloria's face was, and how cloudy and thunderous her green eyes were.

"You look so full of rage kid! So hateful, yet so helpless! I pity you. Sedate her! She might cause trouble along the way!"

"I didn't do anything! You have no right to poke me with a needle!" Gloria said.

"You belong to us now, and that gives us every right in the world." Came his harsh words.

Gloria tried to escape the hard cold hands that were holding her immobile, but in the end, when she saw that her struggle was vain, she stopped and quietly waited for her "punishment." The needle perforated her skin, and when the serum was injected, Gloria's muscle went numb. She could feel the fire brought by the pain spreading through her whole body, through every corner of her being. She was so hot, she felt like ripping her skin off. Suddenly, the pain
stopped, and she collapsed at the alien's feet.

*Author's Note*

Hi, this is my first original story/novel. I usually write Escaflowne fanfiction, but one of my friends said that I should post this story. Please drop me a line about how stupid, lame or ok it is. It will mean a lot, since this is my firstever longer than a shot story piece of writing. I'll continue it if you guys want me to. Please R&R.