Chapter 3: Escape

Chapter 3: Escape

The guards led them to an outdoors-enclosed perimeter. There was a three- meter wired grid along it.

" The grid is highly wired! Touch it and die!" the guards warned.

As an example, they grabbed the person nearest to them and pushed them into the grid. All the prisoners watched in horror how the poor person fried.

As everybody was relaxing and some were actually taking advantage of the equipment available, Gloria pulled Billie into a corner and whispered.

"Quick change of plans! I'm not going to stick around until the 'borgs decide to fry me. I'm jumping over the fence. Coming?" she asked.

" No offense, but your idea is the dumbest I have ever heard, but if there was a way to accomplish it I'd be there!" Bille answered.

"There is a way. We pole vault over the fence!"

"With what! It's a little too tall and wired! You saw what happened to that guy!

"Don't worry! That's not our fate! We will use those two poles over there. I checked them out, and I saw that they were elastic. That's when I got my brilliant idea!"

" I didn't do pole vaulting since 5 years ago! I'm scared I might fry!

" Don't worry! There's nothing to it! Plus, you're dead either way. Would you prefer to be a mindless tool or just a dead person?" Gloria questioned.

" I guess I don't have much of a choice." Billie concluded.

" You have all the choice in the world! So are you coming or not?"

Something about this last-minute plan attracted Billie, so without giving it more thought she answered.

"Of course I'm coming! You can't get rid of me that easily!"

"Ok! Great! This is what you do! The guards will be in the far end of the courtyard in a few minutes. What we do, is take the sticks, back off about 20 meters, and then run. When we are approximately one meter from the fence, we place the pole down, and swing on it, just like the athletes do in the Inter-stellar Olympics. Is that easy enough?"

"Yes. " Billie nodded.

As the guards were leaving their perimeters, both Gloria and Billie acted by the plan.

"Now!" Gloria yelled and she put her pole down, and in less than 30 seconds she was over the three-meter fence. She landed flat on her face, but at least she was free.

When she heard the signal, Billie put her pole down also, but because she wasn't experienced anymore, her pole vault almost didn't happen. She missed the wired grid by less than two centimeters, and when she landed, she landed on her knees. She was pretty shaken up, but she made it to freedom also.

"Come on! Get up! We have to run before anyone realizes what happened!" Gloria ordered.

They started running towards the woods as fast as possible. When close to 30 minutes passed, they decided to stop.

"Don't move! " Gloria said breathlessly. "Billie, in case they decide to look for us using dogs, go back on your tracks and then jump on your left side farther into the bushes. Be careful! Try not to break any branches. Then start running. I'll catch up to you soon.

Billie did as she was told, because she herself saw the danger the search with dogs posed. She did as she was instructed and when Gloria finally caught up with her – after about another hour- Billie congratulated her for her smart thinking.

"That was fast thinking back there!" she said.

"Thanks, it was nothing. All I did was make sure that we will not be caught. " Gloria explained.

"What took you an hour to do back there?" Billie inquired.

" I covered our tracks so that the dogs will not be able to make any sense of the smells. I also checked out the path ahead. It turns out that we are in an ecological habitat, which means no people will be around to help us out. We have to make it out by ourselves." Gloria answered.

Gloria and Billie spent their night in a cave by a warm fire.

"Gloria, " Billie said all of a sudden, " I haven't been completely honest with you about who I was."

"Great let me guess, you work for the cyborgs and you have my parents because of all that I told you. Now you want to take me in and turn me into a brainless thing. Well I won't let you!" Gloria said with a low and dangerous voice.

"Gloria, whatever made you think that? Of course I don't work for the cyborgs!" Billie said outraged.

"No you work for their enemies, and all you care about is destroying them without caring what you do to our civilization!" Gloria accused.

"Gloria, your imagination is flying away with you! I am part of an anti-cyborg organization. You see, Earth was conquered many days before the news spread out. We have been in constant conflict with the cyborgs and we could not warn the other planets. We set up permanent base on Vesan13, since it is the center of the whole colonized galaxy. Earth is mainly a symbol now. I was captured a few days before you showed up and my people were working on a plan to get me out. Fortunately I got out and they will be here to pick us up at dawn.

"Wait a minute! Why weren't you kept in a high-security cell? How do you explain that?" Gloria asked.

"The cyborgs did not know I was a member of the opposition. I did nothing that proved I was a member, so they left me alone." Billie proudly explained.

"I guess that makes enough sense! Listen, Billie, at the moment I have nowhere to go. My parents are god-knows-where and I think I can be a valuable member of the opposition. Can I join?"

"Yes, in fact you kind of actually have, because I wasn't going to leave you off alone in these woods. I was thinking maybe we could somehow find your parents while you are working for us."

"Great, so I'm in! I promise you, I won't disappoint you!" Gloria said with a smile on her face.

"Great let's get some sleep, now. The people will be here by early dawn so we can leave without being seen. "

" Ok, sweet dreams, Billie!"

" Sweet dreams to you to!"

They both dozed off. After all, it was a very tiring day.