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I stare down at my hands as the whole class looks at me expectantly.

The teacher prods me, "Selina, Do you know the answer?"

I shake my head and reply feebly, "Sorry no" Even if they don't realise, I see the rest of the class roll their eyes and smirk at my response. Including the one boy I have ever truly liked. I see him show off his perfect dimples and shake the mop of luscious hair out of his dark eyes. Even though he is laughing at my expense and has made it obvious that he is not interested in anyone below his status, I still feel my heart flutter at the sight.

I know I should hate him. I know that, even after every mean thing he has said or done to me, I shouldn't feel anything but loathing towards him. But I don't. I still like him. Just as much as the first time I laid eyes on his cute smile and tall figure.

The teacher turns away from me, obviously disappointed, and asks another student. I look down, and blush furiously. I'm not sure why I'm so prone to blushing, but it is very annoying. I try to- inconspicuously- look up to see who is still laughing at me. It seems that everyone has moved on. But it's just my luck that he is staring at me. His eyes burn into mine for a moment before I look back down at my work. His name is Tyler; I wasn't such a fan of the name until I met the sexy wearer of it.

Since my friends decided to tell him that I liked him, over Face book, I think he has become a little scared of being associated with me. As well as a little more intrigued. But still he started making fun of me, taunting me and tripping me at every chance, just to convey the message across that I don't stand a chance. Maybe not physically, but still it hurt... So naturally, I decided to hate him. But it wasn't that easy. Every time I caught a glimpse of his face, I forgave him. And sadly, I still do.

But I have a plan. To get me to hate him once and for all. All I have to do is to tell him I like him, and then BAM! Ultimate rejection. And I won't have to worry about my wonderful reputation being ruined because he would never tell anyone, in fear of his own being destroyed.

I wait for the bell to final bell to ring and immediately jump up when it does. I rush to the place where I know where he goes after school. And wait. Soon enough, I see the familiar bounce of his step towards the tree I'm standing under. He says bye to his friends and then notices me. A certain uncertainty appears in his expression.

"Hi" I say, approaching him. He raises one eyebrow.

"Hi..." He replies and stands there for a few seconds, "Is there something you want?" The tone of his voice only makes me realise what I want, even more, to hate him.

"Yes. I just wanted to tell you something..." I trail off suddenly getting nervous. Tyler's dark brown orbs slightly widen.

"Go on..."

"I-I like you" Spills out of my mouth. There- its out!

Tyler shrugs, "I know." What? No swearing at how loser-ish I am?

So now what? "Okay"

He sighs, "Selina, I know you've liked me for a while but I don't like you in that way. Sorry"

"Um... its fine." I say, stunned at the tameness of his response. He flashes me one of his heart-stopping smiles before leaving.

Great. Just great. Why, the one day I want him to be himself he's not? But... he tried to be nice. Naww. Ughh! I STILL like him!


BTW this is just a one shot!