[It's my first story! Critics are more then welcome. The more critical the better.]

A very strong, young looking man entered into a caged gun cache. It was a huge section of room where plenty of guns were kept. He pushed a small green button by the caged door and the door slid open. He took one step inside and looked the cage over. He was very familiar with the room. He headed to his right. He grabbed a thick, bulky shotgun. This shotgun he hooked to his back. The gun had two thick barrels. It also had a thick black shoulder butt. A barrel magazine was behind the trigger guard and by the trigger guard, was a belt of slug cartridges that ran from the side chamber where the first cartridge was loaded into; right into the under magazine barrel. On the other side, opposite the magazine barrel, was a small trigger lever. It was the speed setting for the shotgun's fully automatic ability. This futuristic shotgun was one of the weapons he was going to take into battle.

He looked past where the shotgun previously hung and saw two small but high powered machine pistols. He took the two out of their holdings and stuck them into two holsters on his hips. These two machine pistols looked like small AK 47s. These were completely black though and their stocks were silver in color. They were already loaded with magazines which easily fit into the young man's holsters.

The young man looked to his right and saw two magnum pistols that were hanging on the cage. He walked over to them and took them off the cage. These two pistols had two barrels on each. The two barrels on both guns lapped each other like a double barrel rifle. Only these were handguns. They had long clips already loaded into them. They were loaded in sideway instead of in the butt of the guns like older models of handguns.

The young man walked back to the caged door and left the cache room. Staring straight ahead, he hit the green button, this time the door closed behind him. He walked away from the room a little weighed down by the heavy hardware but it was nothing he wasn't use to.

This young man's name was Alex Nova. More so, he was better known by his codename: RED FOX. He wore a black trench coat that had its collar turned up giving it a cape like effect. On the back of this trench coat was a pure red dragon design in the shape of a crucifix. His feet were strapped with metal combat boots. His chest covered by a maroon red t-shirt with black dye stains which ran down it like blood.

He was an agent. A super human classified as a "rogue". In the war to end all wars! The end war!

The year is 2129 A.D. A war has been raging ever since 2031. A war between good and evil. The final formidable offence of Hell is on! In 2031, people known only as "rogues" emerged that could move like no other human on planet Earth. They headed the first defensive lines against the hoarding armies of the eternal inferno!

By 2039 the war extended into space. Humans took the war from Earth to the evil hoards which seemed to be waging war on other planets besides Earth! As if Lucifer himself was trying to take over the whole universe!

As man's reach into the stars extended, alien races had become in league with both sides and by 2056 nearly twenty species of life forms had picked sides. Some, which at first glance, you wouldn't figure to be on either side. By 2066 nearly half the human population had been either killed or scattered across the universe to the outer front lines. Rogues became more abundant as elder humans died and the younger generations became ripe with new rogues. Some humans by the end of 2066 were scared of this development and had joined the army of the eternal inferno.

By the year 2074 the war was at a boiling point as now new demons of Hell were beginning to spawn and more humans and other species joined the damned. Some were dragged in by the promise of power; others for just plain pride that one side could offer that the other could not.

By 2077 the war turning in the human's favor seemed to be quickly fading until the discovery of ten imprisoned angels on one of the hellions' base worlds. These angels were known only as Laylines. They were suppose to be creators of angelic weapons and of angelic beings that were suppose to fight for the sake of existence. It was later discovered that they had been imprisoned ever since the start of the war. The damned force that be had gotten an early start on putting down Heaven's only real contribution to the war.

Ten rogues had rescued them from bondage by way of cover. A whole army of vicious fighting aliens known as hounds had given them cover. These Laylines were fountains of information and spread across the universe to help the frontlines.

2091 came and in that year Hell had an answer for the Laylines. A new form of demon came known as Oadins. Powerful demons with tremendous destructive energy. They could wipe out worlds in mere moments!

In the beginning were five Oadins. Now, there is one left and if it is destroyed it may mean the end of the war. Since the war escalated in that year, with the emergence of Oadins, then more soldiers were added to both sides. The Oadins had also destroyed seven out of the ten original Laylines. The remaining three are missing and both sides have no idea of their whereabouts. This is the present state of 2129.

Alex traveled down a short corridor away from the gun cage. He approached a small metal door. Outside the door he could hear the sounds of war. He could feel multiple explosions. He heard the wailing of cries from both sides as both good and evil collided outside.

Alex was inside a small bunker which he had entered along with a small human battle battalion. They were suppose to be giving support to the soldiers outside. When they arrived by way of a military spacecraft, they were bombarded by fire from the sky! Falling fire bombs which had the same effect as a missile. They were very poorly equipped and had not been informed to well either. They had walked right into a death trap. The soldiers in the skies were doing their best to keep the mounting evil off the small squad but they were failing. Alex knew it to from the sounds outside.

Alex and the rest of the team had dodged into the bunker for cover. The bunker was first erected for rearming purposes for a small battalion like the one Alex had been put with. Of course, there was no way one of them was going out there. They were going to send Alex out there because that was Alex's purpose.

Alex was a rogue and a rogue human's purpose in the military was to go on extremely deadly assignments that no normal human could do. Some where put with small army teams like Alex was. Others were made up teams themselves which were somewhat the military's Special Forces. Sent to either extreme battle zones or covert missions of seek & destroy or search & rescue.

Alex was not a team player. He liked to be alone. He was partnered up with the squad about only a week ago so this was a little new for him. He was happy though that the first mission that he was sent on with these guys had went to hell. Now, he had to save all of them himself. Not to mention salvage the mission!

He was at the metal door which leads back out to the chaos. By the wall to his left was the entire squad somewhat cowering with their rifles. This was Jack Company. Mostly comprised of rookies. Not one of them had hardly stepped foot on an alien world before this. Alex could see this to and he reveled in it.

They were dressed in normal combat attire. Alex was free to dress in whatever attire he wanted because he was a special agent so he had more rights then these lowly grunts. All of that equipment would weigh him down too.

The one in front approached him and he knew by the face and the military insignia on his combat helmet that he was the captain. The commander of Jack Company. Suddenly, an explosion rocked the bunker and the commander instinctively ducked along with the rest of his platoon. After the foundation settled he got back up to Alex. He looked at him with somewhat concerned eyes but he was still glad neither he nor any of his teammates were going out there!

"Hey Fox, you sure you should do this? EVACs going to be here soon."

Alex looked down at the commander and simply said in his gruff sinister voice, "Not here. I've got to clear a path to that EVAC point. You're 'green boys' aren't going to be able to do that. Look at them. They'll just slow me down."

The captain looked down at the solid concrete floor of the bunker and began to turn his foot in his shoe. "Well…" He said cutting himself off.

Alex smiled and looked back at the metal door. He took the automatic shotgun in his hands and cocked the first shell into place. "Besides, I live for this!"

He grabbed the handle on the door and swung it open! He raced outside to meet the enemy while the captain and a couple others closed the door behind him. One of them turned to the captain and simply said, "Beg pardon sir, but that guy…is insane!"

"Yeah well, you better pray he's as good as he thinks he is!" The captain said looking back at the metal door as he heard that chain fed shotgun going ballistic.