Romadus blasted out of the magma in a fury! He looked all over for Alex or Zeila. By this time though, they were up in the forth chamber having it out with The Brimstone Meteorite. He dragged himself out of the lava pit and stood tall in the chamber. He was totally unharmed from the liquid fire. Alex might have become fire proof but Romadus was born that way. Not only that but the fire had rejuvenated him. If Alex hadn't shot him into the lava, the Turquoise Shotgun would have surely done him in.

Growling a bit and getting the kinks out of his neck, he looked over to one of the rock walls and jumped right out of the volcano right through the wall. He landed behind the volcano and looked around while still dripping with magma. He saw the ship that Wolf had come in. He walked over and saw a human soldier sitting there. It was like he was waiting for something. Romadus calmly walked up to the glass and knocked gently on it.

Clarence looked up and got this wide eyed look of terror. He suddenly calmed down and closed his eyes, "Well, get it over with."

Romadus cocked his head a bit but it didn't take him long to understand. The soldier thought he was going to kill him. He wasn't though. He could sense that this little human had an infinite knowledge of vehicles. Romadus thought it might be a waste just to kill him. No, he had a better idea. He opened the glass canopy and got in the passenger side seat. The last of the magma was dripping off his body and was burning the seat.

The Hammer of Hell looked over at the human soldier. Clarence knew exactly what he wanted. He didn't even hear a voice in his head. He just knew. Like Romadus had planted the idea in his head. He wanted him to hunt down The Red Fox.

Clarence looked at him. "I think it would be better to wait. See what happens, then when he's at a vulnerable spot, strike!"

Easing back in the passenger side seat, Romadus agreed with him. He would hunt down the agent until one of two things happen. He would die or The Red Fox would die. He was certainly not going after the latter. They waited there until the huge battle cruiser left with Alex on it and the smaller ship that the two were in followed it.

Meanwhile, Zeila destroyed most of the human forces on Wrath Burn and got in contact with the other hellion base planets. She was getting ready to launch a massive counter-offensive on the universe! Hogarth, Traxdor, Whitmore, Reign, and plenty of others were on her hit-list!

She also started on her master plan. To recreate the Oadins all over again. To undo what almost 30 years of fighting had done. She would start with the most ripest of clay. When she inherited the power of Brimstone she had also gained something else from him. As a last resort to keep his power eternal besides just handing it over. An evil being that would soon be born into existence more powerful then either Zeila or Brimstone. He had given Zeila a son!


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