READ RIGHT NOW: So, I have no idea what possessed me exactly to write this. It's strange and I don't think it's a story of any sort. Or even flash fiction. Basically I was in the passenger seat of the car remembering something my mom had told me and the next thing I know I open up my laptop and just write. Tell me what you think of it anyway. ^^

White Line

Look for the white line.

That's what my mom told me. When you're driving at night and somebody shines their brights in your eyes, look for the white line. That long white line tracing the edge of the road. You'll be able to see it first, and then you'll regain your bearings.

Not the yellow line, not where the grass meats the pavement—always the white line.

Somehow that always stuck out to me. Somehow that has remained important to me. I tell it to myself over and over and over again.

Don't lose sight.

Yet sometimes it will slip out of my mind, out of my memory for a while. There's just so many things out there, trying to blind me. They succeed sometimes. And I find it easier and easier to forget—

Don't lose sight.

This place reminds me of a marketplace. They smile, they wave. They put up their whitewashed walls and neon lights and string together pretty empty words. They want me to buy their ideas, their point of view, whatever it is they might be selling.

They tear me down, scar me, then pretend to be nice and pull me back up, only to shove me back down again. That's just people. That's just life. But I can't, I won't ever dare to

lose sight.

I'll always remember to look for that white line. For me, it's those times when I gaze at the stars and feel empty and small, it's those times when I sing outside while the snowflakes fall and remind me of lace, it's the times when I dance outside barefoot in the heat of summer in a cotton dress, it's the times when I stand atop a hill and the wind blows around me. No, I won't ever

lose sight.