Just Me

I'm sorry for ruining things
And letting you down
It must be a wonderfully horrible trait I have
To destroy everything I touch

You might want to steer clear of me
And you're life won't be tainted by me
Go to sleep without me in your thoughts
I'll simply cause you nightmares

Ignore me when I'm weeping in the halls
Blow me off when I'm curled on the floor
Because my heart would simply fall apart
If I let go

My pain would make me a thorn in your side
My tears would soak your shirt
My arms wouldn't let go
My heart would drag you into the 6 foot shit-hole called love

Don't touch my hand
You'll be infected by what I like to call
My own personal virus
That scrambles the mind and keeps it hard to stay sane

Don't look into my eyes
They're like open windows
And what you'll see
Aren't beautiful paintings

Save yourself all the trouble I could cause you
All the demons my soul could unleash
I'm just a contagious disease
I'm just pain-filled, trouble-making, sometimes-clingy, always-thinking, constantly-hurting, plain old me