I didn't really know which category to put this under, so here it is. It was an idea that one day popped into my brain, and it just stayed there, until I had to get it out. Hope you like it.

I didn't know what happened. Suddenly my senses completely abandoned me, gone haywire. My internal senses made no sense, as they were saying I had shrunk to a size so small I practically didn't exist, nor was I spherical anymore, not to mention that in addition to my flowing magma I now had something pulsing near my core. Externally, my senses felt thick layers of gas surrounding me, far more than what I ever had. I couldn't see, either. Even when facing away from Father and my siblings, there are always the distant stars to provide light. But now there was pure blackness. The temperature was mild. What had happened? Was I blindsided by an asteroid and had been blown to pieces? That would explain most of the effects; my conscious got stuck in a small chunk of myself, which lacked sufficient gravity to be spherical. The spray would create dust, which could account for the dense atmosphere around me, but then it would be hot from the energy of the impact, not temperate. And it still didn't explain the lack of light; the dust cloud couldn't be that thick.

And besides, how would an asteroid big enough to shatter me have snuck up on me like that? My siblings would have alerted me if something was to happen; I would have known.

My siblings. Where are they? I couldn't feel them, try as I might. I tried to send the mental messages.

Europa. Silence. Callisto? Nothing. Ganymede! That was unnerving. ANYONE!

I heard a noise, sounding in tone like Callisto but the sounds make no sense, and then I felt a thing contacting my surface. It moved over my surface and pulled up... flaps? I have flaps? There's the light. Those flaps were concealing the light, and almost the instant they opened, I wished they didn't. The thing in front of me had a roughly spherical orb on its top, a color similar to my sulfur frost that I had expelled to cover my surface. The rest of the features made no sense, and could only be described in words I would later know; neck, hands, eyes, hair.

A pressure started to bloom within my core. The pressure expanded rapidly, until I couldn't take it anymore and, purely by instinct, opened a gaping chasm on my surface, taking in the atmosphere rapidly. Almost instantly the pressure faded. I moved my gaze around, startled to find that it could only move a certain distance before I would be looking inside myself, and attempts to do that were painful. All at once I realized what this thing is. It was an organic! My sister has many of them in the vast range of liquid dihydrogen monoxide that has incorporated itself into her. So I were to be the bearer of insufferable organics? The humility! My volcanoes would crush them, I would see to it.

The organic moved it's hands under me and lifted. Wait, what? How could I be that small that an organic could lift me with a gravitational field holding me? The organic opened a chasm in its spherical portion and closed it rapidly, maintaining a cycle as more sounds came out, and I myself kept taking in atmosphere. This organic was colorful, just as I was. Green near the top, then blue near the bottom, and yellowish elsewhere, with thin black filaments on its northern pole. Suddenly a horrible notion burrowed itself into my mind. My shape... my size... it couldn't be. I tried an experiment; only organics could move themselves. Just as I feared, a body portion moved up, similar to one of the ones now holding me up. It couldn't be. It wasn't possible!

The organic moved me into a structure white as my sister's ice. Inside was hollow, with another organic, however this one lacked two spherical portions near its equator. But I wasn't focusing on that.


I had become an organic.

My husband, Dan, looked up when I carried the naked girl into our house. She had scared the living hell out of me! I was going to go on a walk, I turned the corner, opened the door, and there she was! At first her eyes were closed, and she was huddled in fetal position. I wasn't sure if she was breathing. Her orange hair was matted across her face, and almost completely covered her eyes.

I tried to react as calmly as possible. After all, she looked hurt, with multiple bruises along her moderately tan body and even her head and hands.

"Hey, hey are you okay? Can you hear me?" Nervously, I reached out to open her eyes; if they were glassy, she was dead, and who knows what then. Instead, they were a brilliant hazel, pupils a light-swallowing black. Suddenly she took a gasp of breath, and then started to breath normally, but otherwise she didn't move an inch. She did keep her eyes open though, and scanned along me. At one point they began to roll up in her head, but quickly stopped and focused back on me. I realized quickly she needed medical attention, yeah no shit, Sherlock! I picked her up and started at her hot skin. She had a fever too! I started walking inside quickly when she raised her left arm, before letting it drop. Back to the present.

Dan stood up from the couch when I brought the girl in. "Jesus Kailey, what happened?"

"I don't know! I walked out the door and there she was! She wasn't breathing for a few seconds and look!" I pointed at her numerous bruises. "She's clearly hurt, and she's burning up."

"Can she talk?"

"I don't know. Go call 911." I looked back at the girl, meeting those scorching hazel eyes. From the television, a cacophony erupted when one of the teams made a touchdown. The girl moved her eyes there quickly, then back at me. She's afraid, the poor thing, I could see it in her eyes. I put her down gently on the couch, her still not moving an inch. Her eyes kept darting around, taking in everything in sight. I knelt down next to her.

"Can you talk?" She did nothing but look at me. "Can – you – under – stand – me?" Still nothing. "Oh no. I'll go get something for you to drink." I did just that, walking out into the kitchen to get a glass of water for the girl (And while I was at it, a blanket to cover her up.) When I got back, the girl was moving her mouth at least. A moaning sound came out, rising up and down in pitch. If she couldn't talk, at least she was trying to learn. But she still wasn't moving a muscle elsewhere. I put the blanket on her, the green blending with the couch. Her eyes kept darting back and forth, finally landing on the glass of water.

"Are you thirsty?" I said, hoping in vain for an answer.

After a few seconds she croaked out. "Aaaaa uuuuu iiiiirrrrryyyy."

I smiled, and tried to teach her. "Aaaarrreeee."

"Aaaarrreeee." She was learning.


"Y-y-you." She improved quickly! My my.



"Very good. Here, you need this." I held up the water to her mouth, not bothering to hope on her moving a hand to grasp it. A tear started to form in the corner of her eye when she looked at it. What had this girl GONE through? I placed it to her mouth, but she didn't do anything. Did she... did she even know how to drink? She had to, how else would she have lived this long? Or maybe she just had a case of amnesia... a very, very bad case of amnesia.

"Watch." I put the glass to my mouth and took a sip, her mimicking my word. "Now you try," I said, holding it to her.

"Now you t-try." Hesitantly, she moved a shaking hand and grasped the glass, nearly spilling it over from the shaking, but her grip was strong. She moved it to her mouth and opened slightly, allowing a trickle to go down her throat, then faster, until she soon drained the entire thing. Nodding, I went into the living room drawers, and pulled out a thermometer.

Dan walked back in. "They're on their way. Find anything out?"

"She must have amnesia, she doesn't know how to talk or even drink! I taught her though, but now I'm going to check her temperature, she's burning hot." I held the thermometer to her, pressing the 'on' button. "Say aaaaah."

"Ssssay aaaaaa-" I placed the thermometer under her tongue, watching in guilty amusement as she clamped her mouth shut and her eyes started darting back and forth again. A few seconds later, I pulled it out, forcefully, as her mouth remained shut.

My eyes bugged out when I measured the reading, illuminated by a tiny red light the indicates Fever. "One hundred and five! What do we do? That's almost dead!" This girl was knocking on death's door! Only three more degrees and...

"I don't know!" He took several breaths. "Okay. Okay, let's cool her down. I'll get the ice packs from the fridge. You wait for the ambulance." I nodded, looking back at the girl worriedly. She had a high fever, nearly fatal. Should she even have been conscious? And she was bruised all over. Who had done that to her?

"Hang in there, girl."

"Hang in there, g-girl."

Where had she come from?

My entire existence was over. Me. An organic. One of those soft, tiny, mortal organics that live with my dear smaller sister Europa. Soft, tiny, pathetic, weak. Able to die. The one that picked me up seemed nice enough though; I didn't even know organics were smart enough to be nice! Oh, if only I could reach Europa! She could explain what to do as an organic. Oh nova, what were they thinking? Their sister Io just, just vanishing! Could I ever get back? Organics lasted virtually no time at all before expiring, at least according to Europa.

The soft green solid the organic placed on me felt... surprisingly nice. Warm. When it had brought in the dihydrogen monoxide, my thoughts instantly jumped to Europa, always so busy with her organics and their constant need for the substance which was so abundant on her it was actually a part of her, not just an extra, and Ganymede, who also had a fair bit of the substance, but, unlike my sister, no organics. I already worried about if I could ever get back, and even erupted a small amount of the universal solvent itself!

But after the organic demonstrated what to do with it, I quickly absorbed it. I would need a steady stream of dihydrogen monoxide to continue, not to mention it felt very nice, like an unusually intense radiation belt around Father. But right now I had a more pressing concern: learning the language of these organics. It was evident they had one, but I needed to learn it all the sooner. Atleast producing noise wasn't too difficult, but movement would also be an important thing. Often, Europa had told of one of her organics that couldn't move on its own well enough and was soon absorbed by another, and I had no intention of being absorbed. Then, of course, lastly, was getting back to being myself.

Red lights started to flash along the structure I was in after one of the organics placed cold containers on me that dripped with dihydrogen monoxide. A piercing noise accompanied it. Within moments oddly colored organics started moving in. They conversed briefly with the other two organics, then came over to me, and lifted me up. I didn't resist, mostly because I was not sure what would count as resistance, nor how I would carry it out. The organics took me out outside, where I lost control and opened that gaping chasm that seems to be involved in making noise. The sky was gone, replaced by a huge blue dome with a blazing yellow orb that gave off so much light that it hurt for me to look at. How could Sol be so big? Was I that much closer? Was that even Sol at all, or some far off star in some far off galaxy?

I were placed into a smaller structure, but inside was filled with clear containers filled with dihydrogen monoxide, or at least something that looked like it. More organics were inside, and much to my relief, they were not all the same. Each one had variations in coloration, or the same colors in slightly different places. A few of them conversed with each other, a few apparently with me. I tried to mimic their noises, but I understood next to nothing of it. I was, however, able to put some things together.

The organics referred to me as 'girl' from the way they gestured to me, and to my volcanic blooms as 'bruises' as they pointed especially close to those. They placed more cooled items on me, each with small bits of liquid dihydrogen monoxide on them. It made sense, this close to a star would make normal, solid dihydrogen monoxide almost nonexistent. Just where the nova was I? One of the organics looked my way and said in a voice that I deemed questioning, 'Who are you'. I repeated it back, and it shook its northern pole horizontally.

Disgusting organic.

Reality had shifted to the side. My size had become incredibly small, the size of one of my larger organics, which I dubbed barbed-defenders. They lived near the surface of my oceans and actually pealed off bits of the ice and sharpened them into barbs to hurl at anything that would try to absorb them. They lived a peaceful life mostly, hunting the incredibly small organics and splitting to reproduce, like all organics did. I'm rambling. Strangely enough, I felt flaps near my northern pole. Unfortunately, before I could examine anything else pressure started to build within me. I wasn't very much tectonic, just enough to keep my dihydrogen monoxide liquid (For the most part), that was my sister Io and brother Ganymede's business to be active, particularly Io. So why was there pressure? At any rate, it was getting more and more painful and, without giving it any thought, a gaping chasm opened on my surface, sucking in warm substance.

Noises rippled around me, but I didn't recognize them. The flaps on my surface twitched, and I released noise, like the groaning of my ice sheets, but this time it reverberated within my core. I forced the flaps to open, and was stunned by what I saw.

I didn't see Father, nor my brother or sisters, not even the vastness of space. There were four organics around me, with black filaments near their heads. Wait a second. I moved my gaze all around, landing on myself, and a scream echoed from my gaping chasm – my mouth. The organics turned around, looking at me. They had eyes, two of them, nose and mouth, four limbs. The two limbs closer to their heads ended in smaller limbs, which curled around metal objects, and the lower ones were blue with black rounded objects on the bottom. Their skin was hard to see in terms of color, though. There wasn't much in the way of lighting. These were organics! And... I was an organic?

Io? You're never going to believe this. Io didn't respond, which worried me a little. Io and I were very close in spirit, and it wasn't like her to not respond. Ganymede, brother, I'm an organic now. Would you believe it? Silence. Pure and utter silence. I hastened my inhaling and exhaling of dihydrogen monoxide. Callisto! Help, I can't reach Io or Ganymede! Callisto didn't respond either. I concluded that they couldn't hear me; Callisto was by far the kindest of us, and would never hesitate to help if something was wrong.

I moved a limb through the air, startled to find I was the same species as these organics, yet I possessed two additional spherical portions. I flexed my upper limb's flexible appendages, looking at the small claws on their end. I looked down. In addition to my skin, I had a white covering on me, like the skin-stealers, large, predatory organics that used sharp claws attached to long tendrils to remove the skin of their prey and adhere it to themselves, to help regulate body temperature. Lower down, I had blue covering, and even through the poor lighting, I could see that my skin was a whiter shade than theirs.

The four organics made a noise that sounded startled, and assumed stances. Aggressive stances. The dihydrogen monoxide around me was very light, so I concluded that it wasn't liquid at all, but rather atmosphere. So organics COULD survive in an atmosphere! Incredible!

The organic that was taller than the rest, presumably the alpha, made a few complex noises to the others. The others chattered in response, and I was amazed. They must have been intelligent! They appeared to have a language, judging by the variations in sounds. Their intelligence might even have been on par with that of me and my siblings.

They kept their aggressive stances and tightened their grips on the objects they were holding. I quickly began analyzing the organics and myself for fighting potential since they clearly intended to absorb me. They apparently used their upper appendages to hold objects, and probably used claws as a last resort. Their lower appendages seemed to be for motion. It made sense; in an atmosphere of gasses, gravity would be more powerful, so the methods of propulsion that worked for my organics wouldn't work for them. I pulled myself to a similar position as them, testing my coordination of my lower limbs. It worked. They continued speaking, but it seemed like they were talking to me. Such a shame I couldn't understand them! Even if they did intend to absorb me, I was fascinated by their intelligence.

I resumed my analysis internally. I appeared to have something pulsing near my core, which seemed important. So I couldn't let that be hurt. The alpha of the organics manipulated the smaller appendages on an upper limb, and the object they were holding shifted, a sharp metallic claw appearing in it. Such intelligence! Still, I had best avoid that.

Time seemed to slow down as I quickly ran through tactics. I had a solid structure in me, which appeared to protect most organs. I could use that offensively, with a curling of my longer appendages and a thrust. I tried it on the atmosphere, a motion I would later learn was called a punch. I could also manipulate myself in other directions, to dodge. Motion was much less obstructed in a gaseous environment, so this would be quick.

The alpha came forward, probably to absorb me as a show of dominance, continuing to speak in that language I couldn't understand but wanted to so desperately. He lifted a lower appendage, and I was too fascinated by the fact they could use lower appendage to fight that I didn't move out of the way when it hit me below that object pulsing near my core.

Pain bloomed on my surface as the limb recoiled off, and the alpha howled in pain. I quickly did an analysis. The lower limbs seemed to have larger muscles, so it made sense it would try to use that to subdue me. But it took more time for it to gain momentum. Information I could store. Also, it's fighting style appeared similar to that of the limb-throwers, who practically threw their limbs in offense at their prey, also using it to block incoming offenses from predators while they hastened a retreat.

I examined them more closely. They rather looked like limb-throwers too.

Then at a word from the alpha, sounding like 'Help', and all four of them began to take offense at me. I readied an upper limb; they would probably expect me to use a lower limb for strength.

The one I aimed it at caught the limb with it's flexible appendages. Interesting. I pulled away, and the organic yelped. Evidently most others of its species were not strong enough to do so. The others tried to attack the same way I had, but I used the tactics of limb-throwers and pushed their held objects away. This set them off balance, and I quickly landed injuries on them. I dodged, blocked, and struck. I had seen limb-throwers fight for dominance literally millions of times; I knew what was coming likely even before they did, and I was faster, having been accustomed to seeing the fights in dihydrogen monoxide. They had me outmatched in terms of numbers, but I had them far outmatched in terms of strength, speed, and had indirect experience so great it served as direct experience, and indeed, it was not rare for a limb-thrower to defeat as many as five of its own kind.

Soon only the alpha was left, and even it was not without injury. It used the metal claw that it manipulated into existence using those fascinating flexible appendages to stab at the pulsing I held to be of great importance. I deflected the strike... into an upper limb. Pain blossomed along the joint halfway between, but the claw jolted back, making the alpha stumble in fear. It seemed my skin still held a stony resilience, while there's was much softer, even for organics. The injury soon started to bleed dihydrogen monoxide into the surroundings. So these organics bled the universal solvent. Good to know.

The alpha's eyes were wide in fear, muttered something in its language, and fled.

So I was to be one of these weird limb-throwers that were intelligent. I looked at my surroundings; I was trapped in iron, but I easily went out following the path the alpha had, leaving the others to tend to their injuries; limb-throwers did not practice cannibalism, indeed most of my organics didn't. The alpha was gone.

I needed to find a way back to my siblings. Then a thought froze me. What if they, too, were organics? Oh nova, they wouldn't know what to do as an organic, not even basic bodily functions. But I had no idea where they were, and no way to find out. No, the first thing I needed to do was learn the language of these smart limb-throwers, establish dominance, and find my siblings.

Provided they didn't die first.

I lifted my white upper-covering, tracing a flexible appendage along it. There was green underneath, organics. I gripped my injury, trying to stem the flow of dihydrogen monoxide. Bleeding out didn't seem like a danger, but it wouldn't make sense to lose more than necessary.

Outside were green, filament-like organics on the surface of this world that didn't even reach as tall as one of my lower limbs, along with taller ones that were brown, reached far above me, and appeared to live in symbiosis with them, since the filaments were on them. A blue sky, no stars, and a VERY big Sol reached around me. Where was I? Was I even in the same galaxy? Was that Sol in the first place?

And how had I become an organic in the first place? The thought was quickly pushed aside I walked over to a region of black stone with yellow inside. It was so smooth and straight, no way it could have been natural. Had these smart limb-throwers done this? If so, they were truly a magnificent species. If I ever became myself again, I would do anything in my power to create my own intelligent species.

Then there was the problem of mortality. Some of my organics, such as the limb-throwers, were almost as immortal as me– if it were not for violence, they would live forever. But I wasn't going to automatically assume I had forever. I needed to assume the worst.

I walked down the path, when a white metallic object with sheets of clear ice revealing its anatomy came into view. It was slightly larger than me, and appeared to move by rotating four metal objects. Inside of it was a smart limb-thrower with black circles over its eyes, and the organic it was in stopped. A panel of clear ice went down from the metallic organic, releasing noise from who knows where; neither organic seemed to be making noise, yet it sounded like multiple of the smart limb-throwers were speaking. The organic living symbiotically – or parasitically – inside the metallic one began to speak to me in its language.

I pulled my car over to the side of the road when I saw this girl walking on the side of the road, maybe a freshmen, so she wouldn't be too much younger than me. She wore a white parka and standard jeans, with black-with-red-stripes sneakers. She looked deathly pale, and combined with her white hair, I almost thought she was albino. Indeed, I did, until I stopped to check and saw that her eyes were a cold, glacier blue, not the red that albinos supposedly had. I don't know why I decided to pick her up. But she looked so tired and scared. So, like I said before, I pulled over to her and rolled down the window.

"Hey, you need a ride?" She stared at me like I was from space. "Why are you looking at me like that? Get in. Or at least say no!" I turned off the radio, and the girl seemed to gasp in understanding. Understanding of what? "What, never seen a radio before?"


I deadpanned. "Can you speak English?" She didn't say yes or no in another language, she just repeated me. I sighed, and got out of my car. She stood about five foot six; not tall, but not really short either. Her eyes kept darting around me, like she had never seen a human being before in her life. I put my arm on her shoulder and she flipped out.

I don't know what the hell she did, but the next thing I know I'm on my back and she's about to lay a punch on my face. I put my arms up to defend my face – not the face! – and squeaked out a 'Sorry!'.

For a few moments I just laid there, hoping this girl wouldn't punch me in the face, when she stood up. I scrambled to my feet. "Jesus, what is your problem? I'm not going to hit you or anything." The girl was back to her creepy-scanning-blue-eyes thing. "Come on, follow me." I walked over to the other side of the car, motioning for her to follow me. After a few moments she did.

I opened the door, but she just stood there. Then it hit me. Maybe she was one of those amnesia victims like on TV, who couldn't even remember how to drink? I showed her what to do, sitting in the seat of the car, and then got out. She matched my actions, but stayed inside. I closed the door, and walked over to the other side and got in the driver's seat.

"Do you remember anything?"

"Do you remember anything." For a moment I considered turning her out, and getting on with my own life. Then I remembered how easily she made me fall. Okay then. I could try and teach her English, and explain to my mom what she was doing with me.

I pointed at the windshield, and decided to go with the simplest definition. "Glass."


I pulled my finger away from it. "Where's the glass?" I said, hoping she would get it. Like a curious baby she pointed her finger at the windshield and said 'Glass'.

I held up my key, turning off the car in the process. "Key." She repeated it. At least she didn't seem stupid. I put the key in the slot, turned on the car, and she jumped from the noise. "Ignition."


I buckled my seat belt, and she followed my example. How would I explain this to mom? 'Hey mom, I have to teach this weird almost-albino girl English, can she stay here? She can beat us up if we refuse!' Yeah, that'll go over well.

I pulled at my hair, not willing to risk her going all Chuck Norris on me if I touched her. "Hair."


"Where's the hair?"

She tapped her own, and repeated the word. Okay, so maybe she didn't know anything, but she was pretty smart for someone that didn't.

As I started to drive, and she opened the glove department, pulling out a pair of sunglasses, exposing my driver's license, with the words 'Ariel Rlynn' printed on it, next to a face with brown hair and blue eyes in sophomore year, dated September 21, 2021. She looked at me, and kept the stare, until I nearly crashed into a tree. I shrieked and pulled the car around. It swerved around sickeningly, and when I got it under control again, the girl was huddled up in fetal position, breathing intensely. She soon got herself under control, and relaxed.

I sighed, and nearly beat my head against the wheel. So much for going to the movies.

I didn't know what had happened. One moment I was looking at Father and listening to Europa fawning over her organics, and the next I had become an organic. One of those disgusting, soft, weak, small mortal and, oh yes, disgusting bags of dihydrogen monoxide. It was simply the worst thing that had happened in all my existence, even worse than the bombardment I had endured while Father's gravity swept up debris, liquifying me temporarily. I bore the craters with proud after a few million of Father's orbits around Sol, though.

But I didn't have any craters, not anymore. Here I was, a disgusting organic. I couldn't reach any of my siblings either, which was just great.

Cygnus, Cygnus Cygnus CYGNUS!, I thought repeatedly. Two of the organics were leading me down a hollow metal rectangular prism with open ends. I quickly figured out that they were intelligent, and that worried me, because they knew how to use their bodies, and I didn't. I tried my hardest to learn their language on the fly, but there were so many different noises they made. They led me into a rectangular prism, smaller than before, with only one opening, and that was the one I came in from. Fortunately, it hadn't been too difficult to figure out movement, however much I simply despised having to.

There was a formation in the middle of the structure, a rectangular prism within one. On the other side was an organic. Its skin was brown, like some of Father's belts. It made a motion, and continued talking in that language. I hated it. I wanted to be myself. A disgusting organic, of all things.

My existence could not have gotten any worse.

The organic kept making noise, and I could any catch a few words, but I didn't understand those either. 'Girl', 'Mall', 'Appear'. It motioned to me, but I didn't understand anything.

The organic's north pole started to redden, then let it let out a sigh. It motioned to the others, and they put a small cube object in front of me. It's surface facing towards me was black, but then pictures appeared on it, colors like Ganymede and I. It showed organics walking around a large structure, and eventually they vanished. Then an organic appeared in it, out of void. It was me. So that's what happened? But how? The pictures faded, and the organic kept talking. Eventually one of the others came up to it and told it something, which I vaguely heard as 'Doesn't know English'.

The organic across from me kept speaking, but the tones varied immensely. How complicated was their language? Finally, the organic spoke with the others, and they left, leaving us alone. After a short amount of time, at least to me; it could've been an eternity to these organics, the ones that had walked out came back in with another organic, wrapped in a gray substance completely unlike the coverings on me. The new organic looked my way, and my intake of atmosphere halted. There was something in me screaming that I knew this organic. The silvery substance on its north pole, those gleaming gray spherical items that seemed to be used for sight. I felt a sense of structure come back, which I had lost when I became organic.


To me delight, I heard his voice in my thoughts. Callisto?

That this organic across from me, with gray coverings on it, was my dear sister Callisto baffled me.

Ganymede? You're an organic too?

Yeah, so are you! How did this happen? Have you seen your sisters?

No, I haven't. I was hoping you did. Her voice drooped, making the black filaments on her northern pole seem gloomy, somehow. You wouldn't happen to know their language, would you, brother?

Only a little. I do know that they refer to me as 'boy'.

The organic infront of Callisto spoke again, but I didn't understand anything. But it did sound curious. I continued to communicate with Callisto. Why didn't you speak to me before?

I tried! Wait, so, you couldn't hear me when I called you?


Ok, so good to know. If we can find Europa and Io, we'll probably be able to contact them again.

I agree, Callisto. Only problem is, how will we find them?

Silence from her. The organic sighed, and lifted itself on its lower limbs. It motioned for us to follow it, and we did so. I kept the blue covering they had given me wrapped around me, since it provided warmth. It was hard enough to learn motion, but the language would be another story entirely.

I spoke to Callisto. What do you think they want with us?

I don't know, but I wish they'd just teach us their stupid language!

Yes. Hey, did you have those coverings initially?

Yes, why?

Because I didn't. Odd. What was the deciding difference?

Cygnus if I know. You know, you look a little like yourself, color wise. That can't be a coincidence. Maybe you have other traits that endured the change?


The organic led us through the strange metallic structure we were confined in, and I kept experimenting with myself. Finally, as we reached a metal rectangle that I knew from experience was hinged and able to open, I tried to manipulate my magma. I felt my familiar magnetic field branch out from me, coiling around my poles. The organic tried to open the rectangle, but had trouble. After releasing angry-sounding noises, it got the rectangle open, but almost immediately it started to close, forcing it to hold it open.

Callisto, I can release my magnetic field. It seems to be a lot stronger than normal, though. That doesn't make sense.

Probably because you're smaller, so it became more focused.

But if that were true, our mass would still be here, so wouldn't our gravity destroy everything? She didn't respond to that. The organic led us into a very large structure filled with other organics, the one I had appeared in. They were all in different colored coverings, moving around, and the chatter of their language filled the air. The organic turned around, and spoke to us in its language again. Callisto tried to repeat what it said."

"Alright, we're going to the police. F-f-find out how you two teleported in here" Callisto turned her gaze on me. Does that make any sense to you, Ganymede?

Not in the least, no.

The organic lifted one of its upper limbs and placed it to its northern pole. It muttered something, and, following Callisto's example, I repeated it. "God damn i-i-it"

I drummed my fingers along each other. The Galilean moons were successfully changed. The cameras placed in all four arrival spots had shown that. I would give them a few months to get integrated, so that they could learn English. There was a reason they had become teenagers; they had to have relatively calm lives, and being adults would not do that. But if they were children, their bodies would be too weak for them to be of any good. It was a gamble with Ganymede and Callisto, but now that they had met each other, it would go a long way towards all four learning the language.

I had turned celestial objects into living, breathing human beings! The possibilities of such technology, it was beyond imagining. Transform a meteor coming to impact Earth into a human being, bringing stars to live with the highest bidder...

I shook my head. The experiment had just begun. No sense getting ahead of myself. There was still much to see, such as how many of their traits from being celestial had survived the transformation. No doubt they would be angry if they found me, so I had to stay hidden. Even as humans, they proved to have incredible potential, particularly how Europa's skin practically shrugged off a switchblade and, even being in her body for not even a minute, bested four juvenile delinquents in a fight.

I continued to drum my fingers along each other. All four camera feeds were empty of anything important, the moons having left their original locations. I had some concerns about Io, though. An ambulance had been called to the ex-volcanic satellite's location, which was unnerving. But I had made my gamble. All that was left to do, was see if it paid off.

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