Date Unknown

I was pacing, with worry, with anger. My long black leather wings were unfurled and flapped idly as I paced. I was in the chamber with the other Greater demons.

"Ralph are you certain that you source is reliable?" McCrery asked his scratchy voice booming through the Chamber over the muttering. Demons were ranked simply; lesser demon, and Greater demons. I was a Greater (the highest rank of Greater- Prince) and McCrery was a mere lesser.

I stopped my pacing to glare at him, "You really doubt me, McCrery?" I growled from across the room and in seconds I was standing in front of him, my long claws digging into the soft flesh of his neck. I picked him off the ground letting his feet dangle. McCrery was a puny thing with his green skin and small wings; he was often called an Imp and even in my human form I picked him up with ease. "You are barely a demon and you doubt me?" I roared before throwing him into the door. He hurled into the door with a loud thud before spontaneously combusted as he was sent away.

I turned back to the panel of Greater demons as the lesser demons whimpered in fright. "Since many of you probably doubt me, I have brought my source with me." I waved my bloody claw over the air beside. The air grew tense as a burning black hole appeared. I ran a hand through my black hair as Rachel stepped through. She smiled over at me coming to stand by my side, her angel wings ruffling as she did. Her long golden hair fell down her shoulder as her eyes stayed the summoning crimson.

There was a sudden uproar in the crowd of lesser at the sight of an angel; at the sight of an Arch. The Greater demons watched Rachel with a sharp eye but you could see the boiling blood lust in their eyes. Rachel stepped forward and raised her hands in a command for silence. Like always the noise fell away.

"The Oracle of my world has spoken. She recites words we have never heard before. She tells of a great evil and a great good. She tells the story of Angels…" Rachel's voice rang through the Chambers of Hell as she shaped her hands into a circle over her stomach. All the demons watched in rapid fascination as a silvery grey smoke formed in the circle. It cleared in the middle and it was like gazing at a void in time.

A dark and sickly sweet voice filled the silence that Rachel had left and it echoed around us into our minds. Listen to this story of two girls whose lives are intertwined. They are bound together from beginning to end. One made a rip in the light. The other shall fix it. One is good, one is evil. But either way they have a destiny to push forward to. Together Beatrice and Levana will save heaven and hell. Together they will bring peace. Apart they bring death and destruction. Watch it all fall apart and together.

The voice dwindled away to nothing and images flashed in the smoke before flashing through our minds. I grimaced from the pain as my brain was assaulted with pictures of little girls, pictures of the world burning, of a bright rip in the sky burning all below it, of darkness raging around the world. Pictures of my daughter, of my granddaughter, of angels and demons alike dying as the light touches them.

Opening my eyes that I hadn't realized were closed I came back to reality to see Rachel kneeling on the floor in a defective stances. Her sword was out, dripping with a silver substance that was bubbling like acid; I knew for a fact it was demon blood. She stood up and turned to face me showing that she was splashed with some of the blood as it made little holes in her white dress.

"This is your warning. We need to join those two together at all cost or else the world will fall to something unstoppable, something worse the angels and demons. Something that we can't stop." Rachel said in her soft bell like voice. Her wings had spread out behind her and her golden hair was flowing in some unknown wind. She looked like a demon with her sword and her face a mask of determination.

Rachel moved to go back through the burning black hole as the lesser demons tried to creep closer but a dark voice stopper her, stopped us all.

"Ralph, is this your mate?" Turning I was met with the sight of the devil; of my father.

I bowed my head in respect before looking back up into the hard black abyss that were called the devil's eyes. "Yes, father." I murmured.

He chuckled as he leaped over the Greater demon table. He towered over me barely fitting in the chamber (for I was in my human form). He had horns like a goat that curled back and his nose wasn't even there, his skin was red and if he exhaled hard enough you'd smell rotting flesh. He had rows and rows of sharp fangs and long claws that were covered in grime and blood. In a swish of black smoke he was in his human form. Still as tall as ever with long white hair and a pale face, his fingers were still claw like and his teeth were sharp.

"Well isn't she a beauty?" he asked moving closer to Rachel who was frozen in shock. His sharp claws trailed the edge of her cheek as his snake like tongue flicked out to lick his lips. "Almost as beautiful as mine." He purred as a flash of black smoke brought his whore to him. The smoke vanished from around her and I heard Rachel gasp as I stared emotionlessly at my daughter.

She was dressed in a tight white see-through dress that hugged her body so tightly, it looked like she was going to pop. Around her neck was a chain that led to a leash that was clamped in the devil's hand.

"Lauran, what have you done to her? How did you get her?" Rachel asked in fury though she sounded close to tears.

The devil chuckled again, knowing where this was going as I avoided looking at Rachel. "Didn't you know Ralph got her for me?"

I felt Rachel's eyes on me and heard her whisper how could you. I felt her heartache as she stepped through the portal and I nearly cried out in pain. The devil chuckled and everyone was dismissed. I stood in the room with my father staring at the ground until he called for me.

Looking up I stared at his empty eyes, "Fear not son, I have retrieved some whores for you as well." He said his voice full of mirth as he waved his hand and filled the room with virgin girls. Some were bound, some were white, some were black, but none of them were Rachel. I stared at them trying to hold back my instinct. "Go on son. You know you want to." With those words I felt my fangs rip into my lip as I pounced on the girl closet to me. I tore it her neck feeling the blood trickle down my throat making me moan as my demon took over. As I fell into the dark abyss that raged inside me.