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Tara circled around me, the table to the left with all of her toys. Her audience putting money up to the bin, her men taking it out counting. They were bidding on how long I would last. Tara held up her machete and brass knuckles in separate hands. The crowd cheered to the right hand, the knife. She gave a slight smile, a satisfied evil one. She wanted to carve into me, torture me, not punch me until I pass out. It's not as fun to her. The men roughly grabbed my shoulders and shoved me into the wooden chair, red with fresh blood. Not mine but Nile's… My best friend. I let one tear quickly slip for her, making sure Tara didn't see it. I heard her screams as they marched her next victim down the dim halls. When the door's opened to let me in Nile's body limp and mangled was being carried off, piece by piece. The smell was horrid and my stomach turned and my pitiful lunch almost came back up.

The twine dug into my wrists, blood dripping down my fingers. Feet being secured to the wooden legs, waist to the back of the worn thing. I didn't struggle against them because I knew it was a losing battle. Tara kept going around me, like a viper eyeing it's prey. As quick as the striking snake she flicked the blade across my face. A searing pain flew up the side of my face, a gasp escaping from my lips and she smiled. I had given her the pleasure of a reaction. My eyes stung and watered from the severed nerves, the wet sticky blood ran down into the provocative shirt I was forced to wear.

" That was a little quick, hm?" Her voice was sickening and covered with venom. I stayed silent, my cold unchanging eyes following her every move.

" Answer me!" A slap fell across my cut face and a cry threatened to escape but I held it in. Just the tears betrayed me.

" Yes." I said in my most hard calm voice that I could muster up. My eyes were bright from the tears I let my deep blue eyes stare through her. Trying fruitlessly to break down a few of her walls.

" Ha. Staring, really? That's the best you have? Pathetic Cade. Cade… Yes, my favorite prisoner. I remember when we took you, your small body perfect for my boys. You made me the most money I ever got out of a eleven year old. Cade, your name means pure, right? Well I guess your not so pure now." Her voice was like honey and I wanted to listen to her, please her. I didn't know why, it was just the demanding way she spoke I wanted to fulfill her every whim. It was the same feeling I had when I was happy to go into the room for her. What was waiting for my small body would scar me for life. Snapping out of my memories I felt the blade scrape slowly across my abs, the ones she made sure I had so I was pleasing. The pain was to much I didn't care, I cried out.

" Oh, does that hurt?" Her taunting just made it more degrading. Desdemona, her right hand prisoner had a sympathetic look and I hated her for it. Who was she to pity me? She made sure I learned how to make them happy. Not Tara. Tara, tired of the knife held up two more weapons, each with their own cold abilities. One was a whip with spiked ends, the other a hand saw. I wanted to scream and hide but I was trapped. She saw the slight fear in my eyes and she chose the hand saw.

" Looks like this will do." Slowly walking over I knew my hours were few and painful. She looked down at my tied wrist and smiled sadistically. Raising the saw she laid it gently on my wrist, motioning to the man behind me. He took one handle and her the other.

" Now be slow and careful." He nodded and looked down at me. His face blank I knew he wasn't one of the men that knew me. I gasped when the pain started to form. Slowly the blade grinded into the top of my wrist. Unable to move it I started to panic and screamed. The pain became harsh and unbelievable. My lungs hurt from the forced air streaming loudly for all the room to hear.

" Stop! Please!" I looked down to see the blade moving slowly back and forth, blood gushing as my veins and nerves were forced apart. Slowly oozing out of the opening I saw my muscle and blood cover the already wet chair. I was never one for blood and my world dimmed, turning black.

- Tara-

The pathetic girl slowly passed out, her screaming fading. Why couldn't she stay awake? It's not personal I just want to keep the show going, or my audience will leave. Stupid girl. I wanted her to be my heir. But they pushed for her to be after Nile. Nile I hated, I was happy to tear her apart bit by bit. But Cade… The people started to groan when Cade's world had faded. I have to get her awake. Slapping her she wouldn't wake, pulling my knife out I cut off her wrist, or what was left of it. She still stayed asleep. I put my fingers to her throat and I checked her pulse, it was throbbing slowly. But it was there. I faked her death and turned to the audience a sadistic smile wrapped my face.

" The girl is dead." Some laughed, others groaned at lost money and not a very long show.

" You may go now, fun's over until next week." Most nodded and walked out the door. Others collected gained bids.

- Cade-

Six years earlier….

" Cade! Come on were going to be late!" I ran down the stairs, thudding with each step closer to my smiling mother. We lived in a suburb and I had everything I ever wanted. Except a loving family, or a happy life. My father was a rich lawyer who fathered so many children they were everywhere in the world. My mother was never the same when he near killed me, his thirty- fourth child, and ran off. She turned to sex, drugs, and alcohol.

Sadie, my mother, had so many men over I never knew if she cared that she could die. Her drunken rages happened the most when my birthday and things like that rolled around. More then once I was slammed against walls, punched, kicked and shoved into the marble counter. My mother let me drink and do drugs if she was on a good high. I had done more things then any eleven year old had at my school and I was proud of the fact. Besides that I was a pure child, an obedient one. On March 17 it was the day my father had left eleven years before. I had my first taste of death, mother yelling and screaming shoved me onto the counter and turned on the stove.

" Now Cade, you've been bad. You made your daddy leave." My body trembled and she lit the gas stove. Holding the back of my head over the stove she slammed it into the metal and flames. I passed out and saw white… A small voice willing me to wake. Opening my eyes I saw the nurse standing over me.

" Well your awake little one, I'll go get your mother." I tried to scream no but I was helpless, I couldn't speak. My head was wrapped in white gauze and I couldn't feel anything. I laid there and watched as my tear faced mother walked in with her mask on.

" Oh Cade honey! I'm glad your going to be okay." She bent over and hugged me, her breath in my ear. She whispered to me and chills went up my spine.

" Now, you fell into the stove when mommy was cooking, right?" I nodded slowly, my mommy couldn't hurt me… Could she? Yes. And the sad truth is, she did. And she's lying about it. At that moment the seed of hatred I had for my mother sprouted and I knew I would never forgive this woman, never.

Present time…

Something, or someone kept me alive that day, so why not now? I struggled with myself to try and wake up. Wake up! Come on! A white light slowly appeared brighter and brighter until my eyes fluttered open and I saw her, her sadistic smile now one of genuine concern. One of the girls they used as a nurse, she had been through medical school before she was taken here, to this hell hole.

" Dina, she going to be okay?" Tara? Asking if I'm okay? She wanted me dead, right? She hates me doesn't she? My confused expression hinted to them I was awake, finally.

" Cade, Cade, are you awake?" I was on a metal slab and I tired to move my hand, no feeling, just sharp pains. I looked down and my wrist was held on by crude stitches.

" She'll live if that's what you mean, she might not have a hand that works, but at least you didn't kill her." Her angry tone was ignored by Tara as she made her way over to the slab and pinned me down with her face inches from mine.

" You are going to be okay, you understand me?" Through her demanding tone I thought I heard a crack. I thought I saw the beginnings of tears in her eyes, or was I delirious? I don't know. She pushed off of the slab and slammed the wooden door, leaving me and Dina. She whispered to no one in particular,

" At least she's alive…." Dina confused me with her faraway eyes and her slouching posture as if remembering something. What is going on? Tara caring? Dina, the most serious girl, zoning out? Nile dead? What is happening? And most important, why is my mom here?