An: Hey I know I haven't written in forever and I'm truly sorry. I hope you all like where this story is going haha :P same warnings guys, and remember, I'm not making you read this. –Angel

I woke up to the gentle stirring of the girl next to me. I looked over saw her gorgeous gray eyes looking back at me softly.

"Morning love, sleep well?" I nodded and stretched on the cramped couch.

"Good, we have alot of work today so get up and dressed." To others it would have seemed like a command but I knew better, I knew her. She meant it in a 'lets get the day going' kinda way. I nodded and got up, and she walked me to the door.

"I'll see you in a little bit." She smiled and gently closed the door. I knew that it was a work day so I found my way to the costume room and saw the other girls in various steps of getting dressed/undressed.

"Look who it is, Ms. Priss." A girl who was about an inch taller than me with honeycomb hair cross her arms.

"What?" She snuffed her nose up at me and smirked.

"You heard me, we all know you're her favorite, does she pay you? Or do you just like it." I lunged at her and pushed her to the ground; my fingers finding their way around her neck.

"Don't ever fucking talk to me like that again!" Her eyes bulged from lack of oxygen, my fingers not responding to my brain; screaming to let go before I killed her. My eyes burned into her soul and all the pain from my life flooded into my fingers.

I felt someone trying fruitlessly to pry my body off of hers, I saw her eyes widen and haze. It scared me…and I let go. She gripped her throat and rolled onto her side coughing for air. I felt someone roughly grab both my shoulders, lifting me off her legs. His breath ran sharply on the back of my head, sending shivers through my body.

"Well now, that wasn't nice." His voice was covered with sarcasm and anger, his disappointment evident. Kyle.

"I expected better from you than this Cade." He set me down and pushed me out the door, each step I took hurt from tripping over myself. The more I stopped the harder he pushed me until we ended up outside the door to his room.

"Stay in there till I figure out what to do with you." He shut the door and left me alone; soft. Always has been. Nothing Kyle could say or do would affect me, it was all for show. And everyone knew it, he was nothing like his father and all his mother, Gray. A frail woman Ben pushed her to her limit, and a son resulted.

The light from the upper windows lining the ceiling started to fade, the sun setting on another day. It was… June? July? It's always been hard to tell. I've even forgot some of the months. January, February, September, November, July, December, June, and February right? Yeh, that's right.

It's times like these (which I almost never have) when I sit down and actually THINK about my life. Everything that I've done, my sexual endeavors no matter the willingness, loss of friends, and just the abuse my body has taken as a whole. Sometimes it truly amazes me I'm still alive. Lately my body has been feeling different, like I'm missing something I need. Every time I have 'kid duty' down in the maternity floor I feel the closeness, I want a baby.

But, how can I have a child on purpose here? Bring a son or daughter into this Hell? It would be horrid, inhumane and a selfish move. With all the abuse, rape, and unnatural things happening here? Especially if I had a daughter, I couldn't imagine watching her grow up being hurt every single day, her eventual fate in a body bag or noose…

The door opened and there she stood, my amazing love, perfect in every way. But… her face was contorted with anger and I knew right then, just knew, I was in for it.