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Long ago, when the seas were merely rivers and the mountains only hills, there was a woman. She was the most powerful of the earth's children as well as the first. Her power was renowned across the earth, her wit and intellect rumoured to be sharper then the greatest minds on earth. Her beauty was impossible to describe, magnificent and powerful yet demure and soft, otherworldly and radiant yet calm and serene.

This woman was called Hanallia.

Hanallia was the only one deemed worthy enough by the earth to be made a ruler so the earth announced that she would be the eternal goddess of the world, the ruler of all. For many years, the Great Goddess ruled fairly and justly, the earth and its occupants flourishing under her tender care. She was able to calm terrible storms with a wave of her hand, cure famine and disease with a blink of her eye and create peace with just her smile.

She was renowned across the land, every woman wishing themselves her and every man vying for her attention. One man, by the name of Hector, was more determined than the others to have Hanallia as his lover. He travelled far and wide for a glimpse of her, declaring his love for her to anyone who'll listen. Eventually word of his apparent love reached Hanallia's ears and, curious, she appeared before him one night, confronting him. Hector, realising his chance, assumed a charming and flirtatious manner, flattering her with carefully chosen words and gestures. She was allured by his charm and promised to return the next night.

She kept her promise and, as the days turned into months and the months turned into years, she came to realise her love for him. One night, she declared this to him and Hector, feelings of victory and triumph running through him as he had conquered his goal, said he returned the feelings. The next day, Hanallia discovered she was pregnant.

The child, a baby girl, was born the following year on the first day of spring. Hanallia, overjoyed that such a child could be the outcome of love, called her Rena-Jay and gifted her with the innocence of love and peace.

Hanallia, still thrilled about her child, arrived at Hector's manor unannounced, surprising him as she burst into his room. However, in his arms and to the utter shock of Hanallia, was another woman. A fit of rage possessed her as she realised that she had been used, that Hector only wanted her for the thrill of the chase and as a trophy. Placing Rena-Jay to the side, she slit Hector's throat, watching as his blood pooled at her feet with a savage satisfaction.

From then on, Hanallia cut herself off from all emotions of love, losing herself instead with her love towards her daughter. Rena-Jay was her pride and joy, as well as her only escape from the world. She made contact with no one, only conversing with others if it was deemed absolutely necessary. There was one man, a dark, cunning man called Satan, who had been tasked by earth to control the underworld and the souls that had been sent there.

He saw how Hanallia's heart had been broken and used her for his own purposes during a business trip she made to see him.

Not long after, Hanallia, once again, discovered she was pregnant. Rena-Jay was only a few months old at the time.

This child, another girl, was born on the Winter Solstice, and was given the name Fierra as her father was God of fire. She gifted the small child with bravery, courage and the ability to withstand anything thrown her way. Hanallia, however, was furious at Satan for using her and decided to punish him by burdening him with the weight of a child, of Fierra. Though she ensured Fierra's safety often, she didn't give her the tender touch of a mother as often as Rena-Jay. Once, during another unexpected visit to the underworld, Hanallia discovered that Satan had been abusing Fierra and, in her fury, threw him in one of his own pits of hell before whisking Fierra home with her.

Hanallia once again retreated within her palace in the sky, emerging only to tend to the world. After hearing word of a generous, kind King, Hanallia decided that she would allow herself to visit the King, to congratulate him on winning the trust and loyalty of his people.

Before, though, she viewed him from afar, watching him as he showed considerable compassion and kindness to the nature and animals in the forests as well as the animals in the Sea. She found it alluring that he was protective of the animals, refusing to eat meat and announcing it illegal to hunt sacred and innocent animals such as deer and wolf.

Gradually, she fell in love with him for these reasons and took King Anall as her lover. Like the men before her, she discovered she had been gifted with children again. This time, however, in the arms of a lover, she found no reason to be upset with the birth of the child. Hanallia was delighted to discover that she was carrying female twins when they were born in the middle of summer, one born at midnight, the other born a few moments later.

She called the eldest Chaina and gifted her with peace of mind and wisdom as well as the ability of being a formidable foe. The youngest she called Deanna and gifted her with playfulness, mischievousness and cunning.

Rena-Jay was older by only two years, Fierra older by only one. Delighted with the twins, Hanallia sent them to her palace before preparing to visit King Anall. Where she found him, though, sent dread through her heart. She found him hunting and torturing the young child of a wild boar and, in the instant that she realised the man she loved didn't exist, proceeded to chase him, livid. King Anall, terrified of the wrath of the beautiful goddess, threw himself off a nearby cliff in his attempts to get away from her, believing death as an obstacle she wouldn't be able to overcome. Instead, Hanallia sentenced the then dead King Anall to an eternity of torment and torture as his punishment for breaking her heart.

Hanallia then decided that, no matter the consequences, she would find the man she truly loved, the man who would be her perfect match. Ignoring her rightful duty as protector of the earth, she searched far and wide for that man, moving mountains and parting seas. Many men, like once before, heard of her intentions and attempted to gain her love but she ignored them. Though it took many days and many nights, she came across a man, an honest, hard working man, called Mares.

She fell instantly in love with him and, ignoring the warnings of the earth, she took him as her husband, believing he would come to love her within time.

He gave her a gorgeous young child, a girl they called Elexis. Hanallia gifted the child with beauty and the ability to gain the love and respect of many.

Chaina and Deanna were only one year older then her.

Time passed and, in the arms of her lover, Hanallia found true happiness. She believed that Mares did truly love her as much as she loved him. Her five daughters grew up to be incredible Goddesses, their beauty, talent and power renowned over the lands and seas of the earth. She trusted them to tend to problems while she was busy, immensely proud that the five of them had grown to be so responsible, so perfect.

Rena-Jay was known for her kindness, her calm voice and soft eyes soothing wars with a mere look. Fierra's courage and bravery was known by every soldier and she became one of the greatest warriors to grace the earth, often the one to begin the wars Rena-Jay tried so hard to tame. Chaina was known for her wisdom and her ability to do anything for the poor and unable, taming seas and defeating entire armies herself if it meant that her people could live better. Deanna's child-like wonder was at odds with her maturity, taking great delight in tricking evil men out of their money and humiliating them in public. Elexis' beauty was known to be compared to the angels of heaven, her radiance attracting many suitors and men.

Her eldest, Rena-Jay, had reached the eternal age of twenty four when Hanallia's peace was disrupted. Over the years, she had come to believe that Mares had loved her but, one day, he came to her with another woman, saying that he had never loved her and wished to marry another woman instead.

Heartbroken for the final time, Hanallia left the earth rapidly, her tears flooding the earth. She retreated within her palace, announcing to the world that she had sworn off men forever and was not fit to rule as the eternal Goddess any longer. Instead, she named her five beautiful daughters as shared rulers of the Earth, gifting them with immortality. Innocent, tender hearted Rena-Jay was named Goddess of Love, Peace and Life. Tough, fiery Fierra was named Goddess of the Underworld, the Dead and Fire. Cool, collected Chaina was named Goddess of the Seas, Water and Ice. Playful, trickster Deanna was named Goddess of the Earth, Animals and Nature. Finally, enchanting and lusted after Elexis was named Goddess of the Skies and Space.

Hanallia, trusting her daughters to rule wisely in her stead, retreated into her palace, only to be seen in dire situations. Besides those, she was never seen again.

Thus began the new era of the Bapylian Goddesses.

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