By: DorkExpress

Summery: Joe and Marie are the best of friends since childhood, but one day she overhears what he really thinks about her, and t tears her apart. Years later they reunite, and not because Emily Marie De Lioncourt wanted to do so, no it was because Jonathan Andrews' half sister makes a party for his return from the Marines and guess who happens to be the party planner? Will Marie get over the fact that teenage years weren't her best ones?(Cliché, yes, what more do you want?)

"Everything has a reason."

I never understood that when I was a child.

When I was a love-struck teenager I supposed it meant that all the things my crush did were meaningful to "our future".

As a "responsible adult", I disregarded it completely. I had no reason to believe in stupid phrases that just deluded our minds and make us into fools.

Everything does happen for a reason. But usually, it happens for the worst.

That's my case anyway. Everything happened and I just couldn't go against fate. How do you go against fate, anyway?

It doesn't matter now.

I couldn't fight for Jonathan.

I couldn't fight for my dad.

I didn't fight, but I still lost.

Lost my dad.

Lost my best friend.

What doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right?

…who comes up with these phrases anyway?

A/N: Okay, so I edited this chapter… or prologue, whatever!

What do you think? The only thing that's the same is the first three sentences. Everything else is changed; I didn't think it made much sense.

I'm not going to change the plot… much. But there will me more or less chapters. I'm still thinking on that.