"Mandy, let me in!" The door pounded three times, each kick more deafening then the last.

Lips trembling, Mandy shook her head trying to clear his voice away. She couldn't deal with what was outside of the room right now- she refused to listen to what was real. She leaned her head into her hands, taking in a deep breath and then another. The room was too cold and she could feel its white tendrils creeping into her skin, causing her to shiver from its touch. Touching was something she could not withstand.

"Let me in!" The voice begged. "Please let me in."

Mandy raised her head from her hands, looking towards the background in the mirror. There was a spotless toilet in the back right corner; a shower on the opposite side which was decorated with stylish artefacts. The floor gleamed in the sunlight's rays that passed through the window, the white bouncing off all the walls producing a firework effect. Mandy wondered what would happen if the contagiously white room was suddenly dripping with blood- her blood.

"Mandy." Defeated. Already the voice was defeated.

Eyes the colour of dirt bored straight through Mandy as she looked past the background and back to the person standing right in front of her. She didn't enjoy what she saw. The once luscious brown hair replaced by small prickles that never grew. Her pasty white skin always seemed to be the same shade, forbidden to change to its natural olive tone. Bones protruded out of her skin, showing her insides to world. Scars scattered along her naked skin, showing her past under the knife.

There were surely other people out there that thought she was a monster. It wasn't a known fact to walk around with blemishes and your past written along your skin within this twenty first century world.

"Mandy, come on. Please let me in." The voice was sobbing now.

She glared, her silence almost shattering as she heard the words escape his lips. Mandy didn't need anybody and she definitely did not want her twin brother trying to break down the door to get to her. She didn't enjoy the bond as much as the next twin, especially when the person inflicting pain on the other was always her.

"Mandy, just open the door," the voice demanded, kicking the door. "Please, just open the door."

Her twin, Brandon, hated being in pain as much as Mandy did. He always seemed to pass pain in a blink of an eye, which caused Mandy to go through pain that was two times beyond its natural limit, paying his price for his brick shield. She didn't know that she was his weakness and that if his twin were to suddenly go, he'd be a target for every living soul.

"Bloody hell, Mandy," Brandon almost yelled. "Just open the door."

Opening the tap, she placed a plug within the white sink, filling it to the brim with scolding hot water. She opened the medicine cabinet, placing her thoughts within the silver cage and reaching for the knife beside it, she locked it securely. Closing it, she shared a smile with the monster staring back at her and began to trace the outlines of her old wounds with the end of the sharp knife.

Blood began to contaminate the water that was pooling at her feet and Mandy wiggled her toes as she felt it tickle the soles of her feet. "Mandy! Mandy what are you doing?" Brandon's voice raised, scared he furiously began to kick the door, willing it to open. The water that was sneaking outside the gap in the door had an opposite effect on Brandon.

Halting the water by twisting the knob, she looked once more at the mirror and then lowered her head to the water, breathing in the water enthusiastically.


Black reached her as quickly as the water had consumed her wholly. Her eyes opened and she squirmed as the ropes dug into her skin. Mandy couldn't see anything, but she knew that she was tied to a chair, in the pits of Hell.

Squirming, her hair raised on ends as she looked towards the light. A door had opened, footsteps booming as a man walked towards her. His eyes stood out as they examined her body, sympathetic as he took in the bruises and cuts that could be seen. "Name," he barked.

She kept silent. Mandy couldn't see anything but his eyes, his clothing and hair camouflaging with the dark walls.

"Name," he barked again, ordering her to speak.

Mandy shivered as he stepped up to her side, willing her to speak but her mouth was sewn shut.

Shock waves ran past her skin as the man's right hand shot out and grabbed her by the throat. His hold slackened as it made contact with her, smiling. "Mandy," he answered. Trailing the fingers of his left hand across her cheek, Mandy edged backwards, writhing from his touch. "Age eighteen; twin of Brandon; cancer patient."

She swallowed a lump within her throat.

"Tumours as big as plums," he quoted, as if he had her whole past and thoughts within the palm of his hand. "Ah, attempted suicide."

His fingers passed through her hair and she sobbed from his touch.

"Also doesn't like people touching her, is there a reason behind that?" He asked, searching her eyes for a response. He answered himself in a flash, voicing it to her, wanting her to see that he knew anything and everything about her. "Monsters don't touch the living. You're scared of them being hurt, I see." Laughing, he shook his head. "I've never heard such idiocy!"

She raised her foot and kicked out, trying to hurt him. He smiled, grabbing her foot. "I see the ropes haven't been knotted tight enough." He released her foot and reached into his pants pocket. The little amount of light from the opened door reflected the sleek, shiny, steel knife as he retrieved it, his hands easily fitting the handle. Mandy's blood quickened as he stood behind her and raised the knife to her throat. "Do you have a reason to live, Ms Sucide?"

She shook her head, not to answer the question but to try and get away from him- his touch.

"You wouldn't miss anybody? A parent? A friend? A boyfriend..?"

His hands weren't touching her and somehow she though that that had an effect on him being able to read her so perfectly.

"Now, now Mandy, come on why don't you answer?"

Her lips escaped a shaky breath as she felt the stiches being torn out. "Because… Go to Hell!"

His mouth touched her ear, the wind from his mouth echoing through her mind. "The first step is always to admit you have a problem Mandy; what is yours for living?" She was about to answer, when she felt his fingers trail across her lips and slither down her arms, making her believe that his fingers were feathers. "Ah, don't tell me. You don't like pain and loath it when people feel it as well, especially if it's caused by you."

The knife's sharp point was raised to her throat again, she swallowed as she felt a bead of her blood trail down and past her heart. He removed the knife before it could hurt her anymore, placed it back into his pockets as he walked to the front of the chair. He crouched down, their eyes connecting as he cupped her chin with his hand, stroking an old scar on her cheeks. "Don't do anything stupid while I'm gone," he ordered and leaned forward, kissing her on the lips. He rose and began walking towards the door, only looking back to close the door.

The room flashed white and she caught sight of the crystals and diamonds that were imbedded into the door. Her eyes bulged as she noticed it as one of the doors to heaven; as she noticed that she had just had a conversation with God about her death. She shivered and closed her eyes.

"Mandy, Mandy, please just open the door!" Her twin begged from the door.

She opened her eyes and looked towards the mirror. Raising a hand to her lips, her features relaxed. Mandy walked towards the door and unlocked it. Before she could have a chance to lock it again, Brandon kicked it open and quickly scanned her over. He raised a hand to her wrists and scanned her skin. "Mandy-" he began to say.

"I didn't want –"

"Mandy, your scars they're- they're not there anymore."