Liberty on four wheels or gigabytes

The internet and cars not 2 things you think of as connected, but they are the 2 greatest gifts to freedom in history. Think, about cars allow you to go were you whenever you want. The internet allows you to say what you want and read what you want without fear of anyone finding out. I am only 14 which has hurt my involvement in the black bloc movement, as I can't go to a protest that is not with in walking distance or that a friend with a car is going to. Of course I could take a bus, but I have limited budget and I can't afford it often, and try telling my parents I'm taking a bus, you know the questions they will ask. I could lie about taking a bus I'm gonna be gone for several hours and were would I go in my town. Then I ask for cash what do you expect them to give to me with know question.

But the internet opens a whole new world of opportunity; I can help the black bloc in a new way. I can hack with project anonymous with limited knowledge of programming. Learning and discussing ideas and tactics with fellow anarchists. I can write articles like this to spread word of anarchism. I can listen to the music I love without outside judgment. I can play games for free, watch movies for free, and talk to my friends anytime we want.

Once I get my car I will be able to go to almost any protest I want without the problems I face now. I can stop being an armchair rebel and get into the action. The car frees me to go anywhere I want when I want, without paying bus fairs or worrying about getting there late and having to put up with bus drivers saying that they can't drop off minors in dangerous areas, of course if I am to late the cops are there.

The internet lets me plan riots and serve as a messenger, tactician, and many other positions. I an talk to I Chinese dissident or a Argentine collectivist. I can moderate a debate between a mikeshanklin (a market anarchist on YouTube watch his video's) and mr1001nights (an anti-statist syndicalist watch his video's as well.) or I could plan a strike in Germany. I can use my extra bandwidth to power the bloctron a supercomputer under programming in Belgium. If I knew more about I could he programming I could help remake Linux. I can up load this to any number of web sites. And make it free to share and alter on the creative commons.

The internet lets my ideas be free and the car makes my body free. Together they form the basis of an anarchist society. In the past anarchy might not work but now it will. Personal freedom to travel, and personal freedom to share your ideas, the 2 greatest freedoms in existence. Now easier to practice than ever.