Chapter Two: All signs point to Lauderdale

I can't live my life always backing down
I got to do this right, then make it make a sound
Cos I'm not here for nothing.
At least I can say I stand for something.

You and me we stand for something.
- A day to Remember
What was going on here?

The leader of the boys facing Travis followed his wink and saw me standing amongst the crowd. His flawless features scrunched angrily into a scowl.

Oh Mama

Alexander Dylan Michaels. The King of West Shelly High, the man, the myth and the legend. I kid you not; he is practically worshipped as royalty in this town. His rugged, good looks could woo any one of the female species, whether it was your aging grandmother or your homicidal cat Fluffy. His charm was uncontested, his reign over Shelly High unchallenged and his talents unquestionable.

When people found out that we're siblings, that person usually receives a severe case of whiplash from yanking their head back in shock. The demi-god himself Alexander related to this loser. How is this possible? Well I don't like to think of it like that. More so, how did I turn out this normal considering what my family is like? Normal being used lightly ofcourse.

Alex, like me, had midnight black hair. His hair was cropped short but still gave off a tousled appearance and his eyes were a hard blue that any girl would swoon over just from a glance. He was athletic; his body was fit and suited for his number one sportsman at Shelly's and he towered over the school body like a rising skyscraper. Alex was never the touchy feely type, even as a kid. He was naturally cold to everyone, so I learnt not to take it personally.

Alex and his friends were among the elite of this school. Stunning looks, amazing talent and in some cases the brightest in the school. But that alone wouldn't land you the spot in the lime light. They're also the most conniving and cold people you will ever be unfortunate enough to meet. My brother included. They paid a price to be on top, and by George now they're getting discounts.

The second in command to Alex's reign and the brawn of the five was Fletcher Clark. A lot can be said about Mr Clark. From personal experience I have found that Fletcher is your cliché footballer down to the lone, suicidal brain cell. Arrogant, stupid and enjoys being the top bully in the school. But even though he may be the second most powerful person in the school, he is first and there most Alex's lapdog. Always has always will be. I may be a little bitter, but when you have known someone practically all your life you truly get the gist of their personality. Or I'm still pissed about 3rd grade when he flushed my New Princess Barbie down the toilet. A girl never forgets things like that.

Standing next to Fletcher was Dane and Aaron Fillmer. Joined at the hip practically, Aaron and Dane were always together, if one was doing something the other was automatically involved. Such as now for instance. Dane Fillmer was every teacher's nightmare. His rebellious flair stuck him out from the crowd. If Dane Fillmer didn't like something, you were going to hear about it. He was feared by most of the students and I think even some of the staff

To understand why they're afraid, I'll elaborate upon his appearance. Now, imagine a truck with legs and arms then your halfway there to picturing him. His body was that of an Olympic Bodybuilder, his arms alone were thicker than my head (And I've been told I have a very thick head) and his calf muscles were like that of a tree trunk. It's impossible to know just how many times he was begged to join our schools footy team but even now he's remained aloof to contributing to the community apart from his hours of community service. But they made him do that.

His twin Aaron was a polar opposite. Quiet, compassionate and gentle, they may share the same appearance but it's easy to tell the difference. Aaron was tall and lanky instead of pure muscle. He hung around the library at breaks and had a small group of trusted friends. He was the type to wave sheepishly at people he knew, suddenly shy at the attention. His one weakness was always his twin brother Dane; he would protect him from anything even if it meant getting his lights knocked out of him. He stood awkwardly next to his beast of a brother and tried to look intimidating

Zach stood on the outskirts of the five, leaning nonchalantly on supporting beam, arms typically crossed upon his chest. His dark clothes matched his clouded face. He looked the part of a typical Emo if you didn't know him. For the past years, since the beginning of high school, I don't think I've ever really seen him truly happy. Before high school, Alex and Zach were like blood brothers. From playing Power rangers in the back yard, aged five, to protecting each other from bullies, they always had each other's back. But the Alex became Mr Popular and Zach was pushed to the shadows where he's stayed. He was Alex's back up it seemed, he showed even now through his stance that he was being dragged into this mess. But when Alex wanted something done, it usually happened

Travis still had his original cool composure. The prospect of the getting beat up probably hadn't even reached his mind. He stared evenly at the five, his eyes light with amusement.

"What Michaels, don't you fight your own battles, do you need your posse to protect you" Travis mocked lightly. The crowd murmured amongst each other. Scarlett was practically cackling evilly, foretelling the amount of gossip she will spin to the others.

Alex narrowed his cold eyes

"You're new here, correct? You don't know how things are done here. It all comes down to status, you're a nobody who no one cares about, and I'm top dog. But don't worry, "His face opened into a cruel smile. He didn't seem like my brother anymore but come to think of it, he hasn't been like my brother for a long time, "We're here to educate you".

Alex inclined his head slightly to the side but that alone was enough for his friends to make their move. Fletcher charged first, but that was to be expected from him as the muscle of the group, only to be beaten back by Tristan. Throughout the stare off he had remained silent but now he let his presence be known. I think he was even enjoying himself. It's not every day you get a shot at Fletcher Clark. Tristan was trying to hold off Fletcher, who attacked with the fixed intend on breaking bones. Fletcher struck Tristan along the jaw line and paused to smirk at the damaged he had caused. That small pause was enough for Tristan to bounce back and elbow Fletcher straight at the nose and kicked him down straight to the ribs, landing him gracefully on his arse.

With Fletcher down Zach moved towards Travis. Zach threw his clenched fists directly towards Travis's exposed face but stumbled when he met dead air. He looked blankly for his victim. Travis emerged from behind and exchanged his own punch. It connected, dropping Zach heavily to the floor.

I know I wasn't the only one in the crowd who look on with wide eyes and comically raised eyebrows. The gang of five was being beaten back by just two boys. Tristan was now taking on both twins who charged together and suddenly, struggling slightly, receiving more damage than he inflicted. Travis moved to help but Alex stood in between


Travis clutched his nose from the impact of Alex's punch. Alex radiated smugness from the impact. Travis dodged another attack and threw all his power into the momentum of his own punch. Alex staggered but came back. The twins were down, courtesy of Tristan, and the crowd was watching Alex and Travis intently. Then


There was dead silence throughout the courtyard. No one moved, no one even dared to speak. Alex was thrown back by Travis's punch and scowled darkly from the ground. Tristan stood hunched over, puffing violently from the two on one attack. Travis wasn't in much better shape; I know that when Alex put his full power behind something it usually hurts. His lip was busted, his nose bloodied and his jaw was already forming a vicious bruise. But it seemed he hadn't noticed. He was staring challengingly at Alex, now standing and surrounded by his followers, shocked beyond belief

"Thanks for the lesson Michaels but I think we'll survive how we are", Travis and Tristan smirked at the five .We stared on dumbstruck and parted numbly as the pair strolled casually from the courtyard. I turned to Scarlett next to me. Her eyes were wide with shock. We both had things to say but it was like our brains had turned into mush. The crowd began to disperse like mindless drones half aware of what they were doing. We began to shuffle towards our group and with a parting look I glances back at Alex and his followers.

His face was clouded and dark but from knowing him all my life I could tell the clogs in his head whirling at maximum speed, already formulating revenge plot. The others included in the fight us standing in the shadows, nursing their wounds. Zach saw my look and poked his tongue at me, his face was beaten as hell but he still was in good humour. I think it's safe to say that Zane was always my favourite, the fact that even half-beaten to death he still looks fine as a parking ticket tells it all.

We found the rest of our friends at the outskirts of the crowd and told them what we saw. Shelly's High School was one of those schools with the clicks and the stereotypical groups. From the cliché Popular's to the Teacher's Pet, Goths, Weirdos etc. etc... It was an unwritten rule that the popular's ruled; they had the power and the strength. Most of the clicks didn't really take much notice of them but there was always a small inkling of their superiority. Well now they were beaten, and by the looks on their faces, they didn't like falling from grace very much.

Well that was my brother, just wait until you meet my sisters

Travis's POV
I stared after that crazy chick from class. My hand where I touched her shoulder was still getting jolts of shocks. I didn't know what that feeling meant, but after the last encounter with her (aka her landing me on my arse) I didn't want to know. I walked towards what I thought was the year eleven hangout only to be sarcastically informed that I was a retard and that the hangout was on the opposite side of the school by a year sevener. Kids these days, I swear.

I walked through the arch connecting to the courtyard. Okay not walked, strutted. I was the new kid; I had to make an impression. I passed a table of girls, one catching my eye. She was the typical popular blond, skinny and curvy who packs on the make-up like there is no tomorrow. She was fluttering her coated eyelashes at me suggestively. I smirked and sent a sly wink in that general direction. I didn't mean it was just for her though. The girl behind her was fine as well. Ahh: new school, new location, new babes. Not like that insane chick from class. Wait, why am I still thinking about her?

There was a group of people crowding up the walkway. They were standing straight bang in the centre of the path, talking amongst each other. Who did they think they were? The other students skirted around them or all together avoided that pathway all the while shooting them nervous glances. I didn't know what was up, but those people were blocking my way and I was going to pass.

"Jack arses", I muttered as i pushed through the wall of people, nearly five metres from where my old friend Tristan Blake was sitting. My shoulder was grabbed from behind me and I was spun around.

I faced a pissed of male, a head taller than me. The guy glared at me with cold blue eyes. I don't even know what I did, but I just wanted to plead guilty just to get away from his stare. He seemed like the King of the Jungle type. Students edged away from him and looked on with wary eyes. He had his group behind him who looked like the Jocks and Cheerleaders of this school. By his continuous glare I'm guessing we're not about to become best friends. What a loss

A typical jock rushed towards me and pushed me back.

"What did you say freak"

"I said Jack arse, next time down crowd the damn walkways jerks"

I turned to leave again but this time the jock blocked my path. I skirted around him but two more people stopped me, I think they were twins actually. The rest of the popular crowd moved away, leaving another random guy leaning casually on a wall. They nodded towards the Cold glare guy (I really need to get his name). By this stage you can imagine how I was feeling. I was just over the moon really, I already made some great new friends, oh and they're forming a circle of friendship around me. I sense a song coming on.

Yeah right. I looked around me, okay Travis you got this, just sweet talk you way out of this. One oversized jock, check, a set of twins who could become professional wrestlers, a strangely calm emo I think and Cold eyes Guy. Triple check. Relax, you got this.

"Okay maybe you guys have this territorial, I am the alpha male kinda thing going on and I think it's really working for you but I just wanna go eat so maybe you can borrow a crane and get your friend out of here so people can actually walk through "I gestured towards the Jock, who probably really didn't like me by now. He started forward but was stopped. They all looked towards him to calm him down. He glared at me, in a you are a dead man kinda way. I stuck my tongue out at him and laughed. Not helping your position Travis.

"Prissy boy, I suggest you start begging for forgiveness or else we'll whip your butt", Ah the Jock speaks.

"Beg", I scoffed, "What by the looks of you five my ninety year old nanna could do the same amount of damage while knitting me a sweater", I smirked towards the jock, who frowned in concentration, trying to figure out whether he was being insulted or I usually bring up my seventy year old nanna in normal conversation.

"Hey", Bingo, he's not as slow as I thought he was

"Look I just wanna pass through" Holding my hands up in surrender, already thinking about the sandwich my mum made for me. Mmmmmmm

"Hey dumb and dumber, skootchy, skootchy" I gestured to the twins in my way. They glared back but one looked uncomfortably and kept shooting uncertain looks at the other twin. Trouble in paradise I see

"There's no point in trying, they're not going to let you pass.", the emo guy pushed off from the wall and stood in front of me

"Thanks captain obvious for that observation but could you perhaps tell me why, and say it slowly so jock boy over here doesn't get lost"

"Simple, we were in the right mood and you pissed us off" He smiled coldly and nodded towards the cold glare guy, "See him, that's Alex Michaels, he's practically the God of this school and lucky you the guy you just pushed through and called a jack arse. Not the best way to get not his good grace, and I suggest you get on his good side if you want to exist smoothly. Now why don't you apologize while you can still breathe properly"

"Great, crazy chicks and egotistical alphas all in one day", I muttered bitterly

"Look man, get rid of that pole up your arse and let me pass before I make a total idiot out of you and your little friends here", I said to Alex harshly. I sized him up, I could probably take him but not without serious injury.

Alex stepped towards me. I saw Tristan push his way towards us from the corner of my eye. He came between Alex and me.

"I don't know what's happening but Alex piss off, we've all been putting up with your crap since you got here, and Travis", he turned to me, "Bro seriously it's your first day here and you fought out this guy". He signed and stood beside me

"But I can't let you get pummelled into the ground by yourself". I smiled in thanks. Tristan and I grew up together as kids and we're closer than brothers. When he moved with his family about five years ago but it was like losing an arm and we kept in contact. He was always the goofy six year old with his front teeth missing in my eyes and I treated him like an older brother.

With Tristan besides me, the four stood closer to Alex. By now we had attracted quite an amount of attention from the lunch groups. A crowd surrounded us and I saw the crazy girl from class being pushed through the crowd by a sporty looking girl. We locked eyes and I cheekily winked. Michaels followed my look and his face darkened. Damn, please don't tell me I just hit on his girlfriend. Great now the only way I'll leave this building is via a wheelchair. Now that i looked hard enough they did have the same dark hair and facial features but his eyes were much colder than hers. I shook my head and faced Michaels

"What Michaels, don't you fight your own battles, do you need your posse to protect you" I was egging him on to fight or to walk, I was done with all this drawing on

"You're new here? You don't know how things are done here. It all comes down to status, you're a nobody who no one cares about, and I'm top dog. But don't worry", he paused dramatically. His voice was deep and harsh. He smiled callously at me. ""We're here to educate you".

His friends moved to fight. I didn't think they would actually do it. The first thought that passed through my mind was, my mother is going to kill me if I lose this. She'll kill me first for actually getting into the fight in the first place but she'd be extra mad if I got my arse kicked.

The jock charged first. Tristan easily took him down. After years of being the punching bag while Tristan practiced karate, I knew he wouldn't get up for a while. The emo came at me, but I quickly dodged. He stood confused at where I last stood but soon dropped to the floor from my strike. Two down, three to go.

Tristan was taking two on one. The twins were attacking together and he was getting smashed. I rushed to help him but the bastard Alex smugly steeping in front. He was quick and lashed out with a punch. It connected heavily with my nose. I clutched my aching nose swearing like a sailor in my head. I kept moving, I didn't want to be hit by another one of those punches, and it was a like walking into a steel door. I landed my own punches too, I wasn't about to give up yet. Tristan behind me finished off the twins and I swung all my strength into my last punch. It landed square on the smug bastards face and suddenly it was over.

Tristan wasn't looking so hot, well I probably didn't either. One thing was sure, we took down the top dogs of the school and they didn't look very happy. The crowds were stunned, it's like the popular crowd were like immortal gods that shouldn't be angered. I smirked and I sure as hell knew Tristan was thinking the same as me.

"Thanks for the lesson Michaels but I think we'll survive how we are" We both turned and walked through the parted crowd.

We strutted pass dazed students arrogantly, playing the whole bad arse card. As soon as we turned the corner we pissed ourselves with laughter and high fived like the true five year olds we are. That was enough drama for me period, but apparently it can't get enough of me.

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