Tribute to 9/11

Here is a tribute poem that I wrote for 9/11 a while ago.

That day we never knew

That day would leave a scar

In the hearts of everyone

That day lives would be


In the twin towers that

Were hit

The planes that were


The pentagon that was


There would be empty

Seats at the dinner table

Someone would miss

A kiss tonight

Broken hearts are missing

Someone tonight

That day we will

Never forget the lives

Of those who were lost

On that day

For years to come

We will never forget

The tragedy that will

Always be in everyone's


That day will never

Be forgotten

The tragedy that happened

In 2001

That day will always

Be in our hearts forever

That day that tragedy

Was 9/11

This is a poem that I have written a while ago. R.I.P. the victims of 9/11.