To you because I will always love and miss you! :

Hoping to see a sign, of any kind, but can't see for my tears.

It's like he is so close, but still not anywhere.

like if I just open his door, he will be on the other side in his chair.

Just waiting for me to say "hello", waiting for me to take of my coat.

Sitting down and tell a tale, about my oh so boring school day.

In the chair that used to be hers,

the women with a smile so bright and a voice so mild.

A women that could only make you smile and make your heart fell light.

They belonged to each other like one, still she was gone before his time had come.

But at least now they are together again, in what I believe to be a form of heaven.

Some times when I look at my mom:

I can still see her on the other side of his bed, she looks at me trying to smile,

and that just makes me wanna cry.

Seeing that she can be so strong, even now when she have lost a second one.

Feeling the need to scream, but no voice comes out,

so I end up just closing my eyes, while I silently cry.

Even now when I have had some time to cry out loud.

I still don't know what to say, when people ask if I'm okay.

So I just lie and fake it, for a while.

Because I know that one day I will for real, be alright, and then its no longer a lie.


Author Note : Made this poem, right after my grandfather died, felt kind of lost at that time, didn't help that my grandmother died 8 months before him. Loved them more then everything on this earth and this was my way of getting at peace with my sorrow. Writing this poem and painting a picture. Please let me know what you think? and sorry if there are any misspellings.