"Mommy look, birdies!"

"Okay Johnny, here are some crackers, try not to overfeed them or they'll get fat!"

Johnny always wanted to feed birds. Seeing them feeding and fighting over bread crumbs was a sight to see and he wanted to become a part of it so that maybe one of the birds would fly down and land on his arm, allowing him to show it off as if he's the master.

However, Johnny's life would change...

He came to the park where several large flocks of pigeons would gather from every direction waiting to be fed. Johnny took out a piece of cracker and crumbles it in order to make crumbs so he could feed them to the hungry birds.

"Here birdy, birdy, birdy!" said Johnny.

As he tossed the crumbs to the ground, dozens of pigeons came down to feed.

Excited with glee, Johnny then started to crumble another piece of cracker when some of the crumbs fell through his tiny little fingers and lands onto his shoes. Soon dozens of hungry pigeons came down upon Johnny. Seeing that the birds are coming down on him, the five year old kid didn't flee as he didn't think there's any harm the birds will do, I mean after all what's the worse that could happen? Little Johnny would soon find out.

"Cool, come birdies!" laughed Johnny.

Soon the birds starts pecking the kid...

"Ow, stop it, I got fo-ow!" yelled Johnny.

It gets worse...


His mother heard his cry and ran to the park to see dozens of pigeons gather in one area.

"Johnny!" she yelled.

She was restrained by a police officer who said, "Ma'am, you have to calm down, those birds will come after you if you bother them! I'll s-"

"I'm the boy's mother, I can't let this happen!" she yelled.

The police officer then takes out a pistol and fires into the air, causing the birds to flee in every directions.

"I was going to scare them off when you came in ma'am!" he said.

Once it's cleared, Johnny's mother walks toward the area and to her horror, she saw her son's eaten remains...