Mel Rizzo was a disgruntled racist office worker who would often arrive late to work. The reason for his tardiness isn't due to a broken alarm clock or anything, what happened is that Mel would spend every night attacking minorities for no reasons other than not being white. Little did he know, his tardiness would soon come to bite him in the end as he'll soon find out.

One morning Mel woke up and took a look at the clock...

"8:57! SHIT I'M LATE!" he screamed.

He jumped out of the bed and started to head to the bathroom when he stumbled due to his leg getting caught by the bed sheet. After freeing himself, he sprinted to the bathroom, hastily brushes his teeth while taking a shower at the same time. Once it's done, he quickly gets himself dressed while still wet as he didn't bother to wipe himself dry and his work clothes became soggy as a result, but he knew this is the least of his worries anyway.

"Can't believe I'm gonna be late, my boss will kill me for this!" he yelled.

Then he rushed to the kitchen and took one huge gulp of milk straight from the carton!

He threw the container aside and puts on his shoes. Afterward Mel then walks out of his home and locks the door before leaving to work.

He saw couple of Hispanic kids playing on the street. Disgusted by this, he then mutters, "There goes the country, pandering to niggers, spics, kikes, and gooks, may they burn in hell!"

The racist office worker then runs to the elevated train station only to find it packed!

After few minutes, he finally made his way to the platform waiting for a train to arrive. He heard a rumbling noise and wondering if it could be the train, he grabs and show an elderly man out of the way and stuck out his head to s-