You know how it feels when you're so sad or upset you just want to curl up and cry? That's how I feel.
My name is Danielle. Danielle Emma-Lee Henderson. I was named after my grandmother, after she died of a heart attack at only the age of 60. I never even knew who she was. Anyways, I'm in 10th grade, and attend Riverview High School in my hometown; Springfield, Illinois.
I've lived here my entire life with my father, mother, my older brother, and my younger sister. I have long wavy brown hair, and grey eyes that shine a nice blue when in the sunshine. I have freckles on my face from my father, and pink cheeks from my mother. My skin is fair, but tans well in the summer. So, my family. My parents met in high school and married in 1992.
My father's name is Ryan Daniel Henderson. He works as a chef with to-die-for Fettuccine Alfredo. He's got brown hair as well with greenish-grey colored eyes. They're beautiful; no wonder my mother loves him. His hair is shorter in the back, but longer in the front. He's got freckles on his face that all 3 of his children have as well. He's easygoing, but can be hardheaded, like me. I love him to pieces; Daddy's little girl.
My mom's name is Veronica Cherie. She's got a lighter shade of brown hair. Nowhere near as dark as my father's. Her hairstyle is long with lovely curls and bangs. She's got grey colored eyes like mine. She's got pink colored cheeks that we've all got too. She's very black and white on things and knows what she's doing. I love her a lot, too. She's been there for me for almost everything. She taught me wrong from right. She's the one who helped me through my awkward teen years, boyfriends, friends, enemies, fights between my brother and I, when my little sister came about, and now still getting me through my High School years. My brother's name is Jonathan Kyle. He has brown hair that you can spike up and lovely green eyes. His freckles and cheeks just perfect him that much more. He's 18 years old and graduating soon. I love Jonathan so much. He's my protector and has always been there if someone was bullying me on the playground in elementary or verbally abusing me in the halls of high school. He's very smart and handsome; a lot of girls like him, but he's got a lovely girlfriend named Rebecca, and you can see the fireworks and sparks when they're around each other. I'm going to miss my brother so much when he's off to college. My little sister is Rosalie Mae. She's 7 years old and intelligent as well. She's cute as a button with her long, straight brown hair and her lovely blue eyes. She's got the most freckles out of all 3 of us and those pink cheeks you'd want to squeeze. I love that little girl so very much and I'm not sure what I'd do without her. I'm there for her like Jonathan was for me.