Full Summary: When Felicity took a trip to London, she never thought a shady fortune teller who predicted she would be saved by her soul mate, would be involved. But when some of Lady Cassandra's predictions come true, Felicity can't help wonder if she was right.

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This chapter is somewhat short, but its only the prologue, I promise the others will be signifigantly longer :D


"Passport, check. Boarding pass, check."

Felicity smiled as anticipation and excitement bubbled up in her gut. Her mother told her this would happen, the pre-flight jitters. No coffee needed.

The air was thick with impatient muttering, antsy children and cranky old people. Yet, as Felicity waited patiently in line to board her plane, she felt elated.

Standing at a four foot five height, Felicity was often mistaken for someone way younger, while being sixteen. Her mother had finally let her travel alone without freaking out over strange people and the possibility of the plane crashing. The destination, London England.

Her dream vacation.

She wanted to see it all, Windsor Castle, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, everything. It one going to be a once in a lifetime chance.

Felicity was almost shaking in her sneakers as the line started moving. People yelling 'Finally!' could be heard a little ways down the line, and the sounds of squealing children. She had been counting down the people. 'Three to go, two left, one...'

"Please hand me your boarding pass and passport."

With wide eyes, she nearly flinched in shock at the anal voice. 'What a bitchy mood she's in..' Hesitantly handing over her passport and ticket, Felicity glanced at the woman's name tag. Judy (the bitch), tore part of the ticket off and passed back the other half, along with her passport and snottyly beckoned for the next person in line.

Felicity guessed she would have to deal with a lot of unpleasant people and that probably explained her behaviour. She still didn't have to act so rude.

Trying not to let the older woman's mood phase her, Felicity slung her purse over her shoulder and made her way to the plane. To anyone walking by, it would look like she was walking on air. But the walking on air abruptly stopped when she noticed the change in footing. Echo-y, grey metal now covered the floor instead of a puke green coloured carpet.

Felicity's excitement increased by a ten fold, when a flight attendant welcomed her aboard and to have a nice flight. Clutching her purse a little tighter, she went to find a seat. Gazing at the ticket, Felicity noted that they must sort passengers alphabetically, by how close she was to the front.

Her full name was Felicity Prudence Adams, inflicted by her mother. All the Adam's women in her family had Prudence as a middle name. Along with the traditional, bland, light brown hair and green eyes. Not that she really minded, but sometimes she wished she was more unique, minus the shortness, which was actually inherited from her mother also.

Sauntering up to her seat, Felicity checked with her boarding pass. '2-A, yes a window seat!'

Flicking a strand of hair out of her eyes, she hurriedly sat down, placing her purse between her feet, and buckled her seat belt securely.

Felicity emitted a long sigh while closing her eyes, reeling in on how tired she actually was. The jittery feeling leaving her body. Considering she had to get up at five thirty in the morning, check to make sure she had everything packed, drive for an hour to airport, have a lecture from her mother about there being strange people in the world, how she could get kidnapped. The flight was supposed to leave a noon and it was quarter to twelve now, it would take six hours to fly from J.F.K Nation Airport to London, so a nap would be much needed.

"Sorry! Are you alright?"

But she snapped them right open again when a deep voice came into her line of hearing. It was as if a ton of bricks fell into her stomach the same time the smile melted off her face like acid.

'Oh Damn. Christian Abair."

Apparently he accidentally bumped into an older lady.


And apparently, he had also just noticed her.

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