"You? Kill? Us?" then started laughing again.

The Crips.

I got even madder, 'How dare them laugh at me. Just because I am short doesn't mean nothing.' I growled.

I stomped my foot at the laughing guys, "Shut up you morons! This isn't a laughing matter and I do not like to be laughed at!" I shouted, stepping towards them. Still laughing they stepped back a step.

"Carly-Jane! Where are you?" yelled Chris starting to get worried.

"I'm here Chris! These stupid guys won't let me pass them!" I yelled back. He was somewhere behind those guys. I need to find a way to slip past them while they are laughing.

One of the guys choked and fell to the ground, shocked I screamed, "OH My Gosh!" I jumped backwards in order to keep from getting hit. I landed on someone who yelped in suprise.

I saw a glimpse of someone running towards the person who caught me and I, with a knife. I screamed, "Look out! He's got a knife!" The person tries to pull me away from it, I shook him off and ran towards the knife guy.

I punched him in his gut with fast reflexes, also grabbing the knife in the process. Another person ran at me, I kicked him in the shin right as I felt a sharp pain in my stomach, then slammed my hand into his face. I whirled around to find Chris running towards me. Suddenly, someone ran into me, knocking me down. I heard sirens and a bunch of screaming and lots of pain right before I blacked out.

When I woke up, I was in a strange room. I got up off the bed and walked towards the window, shocked to see what I found. There's bars across the windows and another building on the other side of the window with graffiti all over its walls.

There was a sudden knock at the door, I jerked around to see a tall, leanish built, male that looked familiar. I squeaked and ran/jumped across the bed to the other side of the room. "Who are you? Where am I? What do you want from me?"

He snorted, "Where you are doesn't matter. I personally, don't want nothing from you. YOU don't need to worry who I am."

I narrowed my eyes at him, my nerviousness and frightness gone, "Well then. Nice to know I ain't in any danger. But I think I should know where I am.." I paused then, "Wait! Where's Christopher? Oh god!" I started to panick.

He rolled his eyes, "I'm sure this 'Christopher' is fine. Fortunately, you are in danger but I wouldn't care less if my damned brother always gets in the way." he growled at that.

I froze, Where am I? Are they going to kill me? Oh god, I am going to be in sooo much trouble if I get home..

I heard someone calling out to someone else down the hall. "Tyler! Honey, it's time for dinner come on."

"Okay mom!" said the guy that was talking to me, called Tyler.

I heard someone coming up the hallway, "Tyler, Dude." a deep muscline voice called out.

"In here Kevin." Tyler said calmly, staring at me, like he was trying to figure out where we met before.

He looks like that guy off the plane.. Hmmmm..

Then a look of regonisation lit up his face. "Hey your that chick off the plane aren't you?" then he growled, "Great."

Then the person who called out to Tyler walked in, "Hey Tyler..." He paused looking at me, "Wait, whos the chick?" he asked confused.

I cowarded against the wall, "Who ARE you people?" Okay. I am scared now. Two big, scarey, dangerous guys are staring at me, What did I deserve to get punished like this?

"Tyler! Kevin! Dinner NOW!"

"Grab the girl Kev. Bring her downstairs so my mom can look at her." He flicked his wrist at me and left the room.

I ran towards the bedside table and picked up the lamp, "Touch me and I'll throw this at you!" He stepped towards me, "Leave me alone! You big, scarey CREEP!" I threw the lamp at him, he easly dodged it and it smashed against the wall.

He looked amused, "Now there, I won't hurt a pretty lady like you." He put a hand out in front of him like a shield. "Are you hungry?" I didn't answer.

He dropped his hand and stared at me, inching closer, "I won't hurt you I promise. If I do you can drop-kick me in the face. You can trust me not too"

I stared at him, he was like Tyler, Tall, lean and built. But he had a better tan. He had a tattoo on his left fore-arm which caught my attention, It was writing.

He caught me staring, "You wanna look at it? You can if you want." I inched closer to him.

I coughed, "You promise?" I asked weakly.

He nodded and held out his arm, I got closer to look at it. It said 'Protect The Innocent' in crusive.

I backed up a little and looked him in the eye. "If you hurt me I swear, can I ask you a question?"

He nodded, "Sure, shoot."

I cleared my throat, "Okay so since I don't know where I am or who all you people are.." I cleared my throat again, "Okay well.. Um.. I can say I trust you right now and I don't like the looks of that other dude.."

He looked confused, "Okay! On with the question, can you stay near me downstairs? Please?"

His eye's lit up with amusement again, "Sure thing pretty lady." He held out his hand to me, I latched onto his arm. He led me out of the bedroom and walked me down the stairs to the dining room. I clenched his arm tighter, scared.

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