I turned around to see someone who looks familiar also..

The Crips.

I looked at a guy around my age stare at me suprised. He opened his mouth and shut it a few times, "You-Your up!" He pointed at me.

I raised my eyebrow, shocked, 'How in the world does he know me?'

I heard some shouts, "Carly-Jane!" I heard Kevin yell then some running footsteps.

He ran in with another guy, who didn't look familiar, "Carly-Jane!" He yanked the guy who pointed at me backwards with fast-like reflexes. I squeaked and stepped back.

He through the guy in the hall towards the guy I didn't know and rushed to me, "Are you okay? I heard you scream." He noticed I was half-naked and stood in front of me putting his arms around my neck and looked over his shoulder, "Stan, get Zack away from here, and go get Mayble. Shut the door too!" Then he grabbed a nearby towl and handed it too me.

I wrapped it around me shakely, "He-he scared me" I explained, voice wobbly.

He made me sit on the tolet seat and crouched in front of me, "You okay?"

Not trusting my voice I nodded. He sighed, then started chuckling, "That was Zack. He was the one who brought you here. So you say he scared you? Well, I'm sure he didn't mean to scare you." He said calmly.

I nodded again and took a deep breath to calm my shaking down. I slouched, embarrissed to cause alot of trouble.

I always end up getting in alot of trouble lately.. Why am I so jumpy lately too? I wonder..

A sudden pang hit me, Chris. Where's my brother? That's probably why I am so jumpy. I have never been with out my brother around other guys..

A knocked sounded at the door, "Who is it?" Kevin asked.

"It's me. Who else?" snapped Mayble. Kevin stood and went to open the door.

She came in with some more towls and an extra set of clothes. "What happened?" she asked worried.

"Zack barged in here while she was in the middle of undressing and scared her." Kevin explained to her edging out the door.

She nodded in understanding, "Oh okay. Well.. Go on get out." She shooed him out then shut the door in his face.

I looked at the floor. "Poor girl, don't be shy of anyone here. We would never hurt you." She put the towls on the floor and started running some bath water. She motioned for me to take the rest of my clothes off.

I turned around so my back was to her. I undressed but slowly, trying to ease the small pain in my side. I turned back around to face her and her eye's went wide.

"What?" I asked confused. She rushed to me, "My poor dear child!" She grabbed a towl and through it at me, and rushed to the door. She opened it and yelled out, "ZACK! TYLER! KEVIN! SOMEONE!"

She slammed the door and rushed to the bathtub and shut the water off. "Carly. Can I call you Carly?" I nodded. "Okay Carly, get in the tub slowly and please be careful."

Confused, I did what she said to do. I heard footsteps, "Mayble? What's going on?" asked Kevin through the door.

She opened the door, "Zack go to my room and get the sewing needles and thread. Kevin get your ass in here. Tyler, go get some bandages and tape." They stood there, "GO ON!" she yelled.

Kevin came in, not looking towards the tub, Zack and Tyler walked away as she shut the door...

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