it is 1969
and we are not alive yet,
but the cells that will become my cells
feel a pang as they know that
you will break my heart.

it is 1992
and i am born;
shifting eyes make contact with others,
fresh from the womb and ready to see
who will stand by my side
when the pain sets in.

it is 2006
and i am in this new place,
and i do not know that we will
but i feel that it will hurt.

it is 2011
and i am broken for the second/fifth/onethousandth time
by you and your sweet smile,
and the way we danced to no music,
and the way you always break me.

it is 2011 and i wish i was done crying for you,

but it is 2011
who knows how much longer i have here?
and i fear that i may never be.