i don't yet have words for your flesh,
but i have a few sounds for the way your lips taste,
and your hair smells,
and your skin feels on mine.

i don't yet know how to explain that 4 years isn't all that long,
but it's long enough for you to know me,
and for us to get each other,
and me to feel you in my soul.

i'm not quite sure how to protect myself from this.
fool me once, shame on you,
but i'm worried that we're further down the list than just twice,
and where does the shame go then?

i'm not quite positive that this will work,
or last very long if it does,
or make me as happy as i think it will,
but shouldn't we at least try?

i do not know
why the night comes,
or why i still want you,
but i do -
and i do not know
why that isn't enough.