Bonjourno, all. I know I'm knee-deep in all of my projects, but I have mucho more time now. STW is coming along well, and on my FF account (if any of you guys follow that) I have created an apology chapter. It is hopefully quite funny.

And without further ado, here is the prologue to my newest story.

Cat People

I love my mom. I really do. It's just that the behavior she usually exhibits is not this… well, reckless.

Maybe I should explain. So, a couple of days ago, our town and the ones around it were hit by a tornado. F4. Pretty serious stuff, and it's a miracle we didn't get hit. So mom announces the day after that our house is going to be invaded. But not by building inspectors or renovators or anything, no. By her godmother and her godmother's grandkid. Their house wasn't completely demolished, but it's pretty unlivable, as far as I can understand.

I guess it sounds less sympathetic when you're hearing it after you're school's destroyed and stuff. But now, as I'm waiting for the doorbell to ring, my mind starts wandering. Does she like the same stuff as I do? Does she hog the bathroom? Can she put up with our dog? Most importantly, is she boy-crazy? I certainly hope not.

I hear a bell and my mom comes rushing down the stairs, ecstatic. I walk over to the door as she opens it and an older woman, maybe in her late sixties to mid-seventies drops her bags and the two embrace.

"Shirley! It's been so long!" the older woman exclaims. But I'm not paying attention to that. I'm fixated on the kid carrying the cat carrier.

Specifically, the teenage boy.

…holding the cat carrier.