Chap 1


"So you're okay. I mean, we both knew it was just a summer fling. I was actually into it for once though, you know? But we're cool, right?"

And what really could I say but Sure, it was fun? It had been fun, but I also thought, at the time anyway, that it meant something. Maybe even now I felt like it did mean something. Of course, that could be the voice that told me to hook up with him in the first place. Who knew a short romp in the hay could turn out to be such a failure?

"I just…don't get it."

"Just…all things comes to an end, right?"

"But-" I cut myself off and nodded. No need for me to dig the knife deeper for him. "True. So, I guess it's bye then?"

"Yeah. Maybe I'll see you again in college."

"Yeah, maybe," I said while praying for the first time in my life that I'd never see him again. Deep inside, something called me a liar and I told that something to go flush a toilet.

That had been the end of sophomore summer. Ronan Thomas went on to college while I began junior year in high school with his sister June. Lovely, ever-supportive June (I told you not to get involved with him!) who, sadly enough, continued to remain in the dark about what really went down with her brother and me. I haven't forgiven him for the secrets I had to keep from her, namely the sudden loss of my (Oh my god, you lost your cherry?) She still thinks I got drunk one night senior year.

We met each other in fourth grade when I told her shyly that I liked her hair, and she responded that she loved my shoes. Not surprisingly, to this day, her favorite pastime is shopping for shoes.

June and I entered different colleges-a shock to friends and family, we were so close. But really, I just didn't want to risk popping up on her brother one day. Do you smell cowardice?

I finished college in journalism and now worked for a small publishing company in Virginia. The location went well with June's new business at home. I'm surprised she didn't go into shoes, but she started a lingerie store.

"Wendy!" June screeched from the kitchen, and Logan promptly scampered into my room. We lived with a dog, too. The landlord was a friend of June's parents', because we couldn't find an apartment that would let us keep our German Shepherd; we're such cheaters (We're going to make it without my parents, June had said).

I scratched behind Logan's ears and left the room. "What?" I asked June, a little pouty, "you do realize dogs have much more sensitive hearing than us?"

She ignored me and flashed a smile, "Don't forget about the surprise party Jennie's throwing for me."

"Please, you promised you'd act surprised."

June waved it off, "Of course of course. Don't worry about it. I've got to go in and close shop a little early today. So we'll meet later at her party, alright? Be there by 9:30 at least."

I checked my watch and said idly, "You know, I was supposed to show up with you."

"I know. And I'm sorry you can't, but if you want to keep it a secret about my knowing, you can't come. It's too easy to read you. I can just tell by looking at you right now."

I looked at my toes. June had fought the secret out of me weeks ago. "Alright. 9:30. See you soon!"

June waved as she plucked on her platforms and flounced out the door. I doubted anyone would notice that she had her party clothes on. I hoped not, anyway.

The door suddenly opened again and June peeked in. "By the way, can you please dress nicely?"

I bristled, and June cut me off, "It's my birthday, Wen. Come on."

"I'll dress nicely," I said. June didn't look like she believed me, but I tapped my wrist to indicate time, and she closed the door again. Logan came trodding out of my room and butted my thigh. He was a pretty big dog, almost reaching my height when he stood on his hind feet.

"Don't you think I dress nicely?" I asked Logan and he sat on his haunches, smiling up at me. I poured some food into his bowl and left him alone while I sat back down to finish an article.


9:30: I decided I was a bad friend and slid on some jeans as fast as I could.

9:32: I phoned Jennie for directions, and then kissed Logan goodbye.

9:45: I arrived.

I made sure I kept track of the time so that if demanded to recite events and times to June, I'd be able to. The party reminded me of our college parties, and I figured we wouldn't outgrow them for a little while.

You could barely tell the party was for June except for the outrageous number of balloons (in the air as well as on the floor) and a banner that was beginning to sag with Happy 23rd Birthday! and JUNE scrawled onto an additional poster. I squeezed through some grinding couples in search of June.

She finally found me at 10:00 and yelled, "Where have you been?"

"I was looking for you!" I shouted back. She dragged me into the kitchen where she handed me a beer with a stern expression on her face.

"Drink up, we're legal," and downed her own.

I took a sip, a grimace appearing on my face, but I mangled it with a smile.

June scrunched her nose, "Don't do that. You look weird."

"So how was the surprise?"

June laughed, "I really should look into a career of acting; 'Oh my gosh! You guys!" She proceeded to imitate screaming.

I laughed and clicked our beer cans. Taking another sip, I concentrated on the burn down my throat rather than the taste.

"Better," June commented with a lingering grin. I stuck my tongue out at her, and waited for her to ask me where I had been, why I was late, whether Logan was in my room or hers, and the likely you call those nice clothes?

Surprisingly, she looked preoccupied.

"What's up?" I asked curiously. She quit scanning the area and turned towards me.

"Nothing, why?"

But to my surprise, she seemed to blush. My eyes widened and I leaned forward, "Who?"

June sputtered and took another drink of her beer before shaking her head, whipping her hair about. I envied that mass of midnight hair. Few girls had pitch black hair such as June's-not even me, and I had Asian in me.

I frowned. "Tell me later?"

She nodded, "Yeah. Later." Then she pushed past me out the kitchen. I stayed in there to finish the beer, but before I could, someone convinced me to dance, and I willingly relented. But I could feel my stomach rebelling, and knew the beer wasn't sitting well. In search of a bathroom, I traveled the hallways of Jennie's amazing house, passing her indoor pool and shaking my head at the luxury of it all.

I tried to open one door and found it locked. I tried another to see that it was a closet. Third time's the charm, wasn't it?

I opened my third to find a room with –hallelujah- a bathroom. I quickly entered and flicked on the lights. There was, I wasn't sure whether to be surprised or not, a hot tub, but I coughed up my contents into the sink. I brushed my bangs back as I washed my face.

"But damn, you're a lightweight," he'd said as he held back my hair while I vomited into the sink."You can't hold your alcohol, babe."

"Oh. Well. Yeah. I guess not." I sat down and he joined me on the rug. We conveniently forgot that at 15, I really shouldn't have been drinking in the first place.

I smiled gratefully as he brushed my hair back, "Alright now?"

I nodded silently and leaned against his shoulder. He held my head against him for a few minutes and I rested.

"I feel…content," I admitted.

He remained quiet for a few seconds before chuckling rather ruefully, "That's not exactly what I want you to feel around me."


"Come on, babe, let's get you home."

"Wendy," I corrected him stubbornly.

He nuzzled my hair and said, "Wendy-babe, then," and I laughed, letting him carry me out of the room.

I finished toweling my face dry when I became aware of voices. Well darn, I thought viciously and flicked off the bathroom lights. Rustling and maneuvering commenced on the bed. I really ought to intervene and have a chance to leave the room before the couple got any further.

I took a deep breath and plunged out of the bathroom. Maybe they wouldn't see me?

The girl froze underneath the guy, who was half naked, his pants falling low on his hips, on his hands and knees above the girl, whose breasts I could see quite clearly.

I squeezed my eyes shut and said, "I am so sorry. I was in the bathroom. I didn't mean to intrude. I was just leaving and you can carry on with- or just, I just need to find my friend- June! June Thomas. June, it's, uh, this is her birthday party, and I'm- Godless, I'm sorry."

The girl laughed and covered her chest with one arm, the other swinging up and down the guy's arm. "Wendy? Gosh, I didn't think I'd see you here, especially when June said she'd be showing up without y-"

She was interrupted by the guy swiveling his head around, black hair sticking with sweat. His voice was deep and sounded much too husky. My body tightened and I bit down on the shock of my reaction. He was in the middle of hot monkey sex, of course he'd sound sexy right now, I reasoned.

I looked at him, but forced myself to keep my gaze trained on his face in the darkness.

"Wendy?" came his voice, and my world reeled to a stop.

His name came surprisingly easy off my tongue as I breathed, "Ronan?"


A/n: I have a confession: while this plotline (guy meeting girl after breaking her heart years ago) is not the most original, I'm pretty sure I held onto it for years from this one fanfic I read once. The problem is, I don't remember the title, or who authored it, and I also can't remember what is my own idea or memory of that one chap. The author never posted past that, and I suspect he/she took it down b/c I couldn't find it. But I wanted to make peace with that, and if any of you know it, let me know. I should recognize the name if I see it.

But I can tell you that past the plotline, the rest is mine (=

Thanks for reading! :]