Andy and I have always been best friends. We have been inseparable since the first grade. On the first day of school, I forgot my lunch at home so he shared his lunch with me. At recess he fell from climbing a tree so I patched up his scratched knee. We have been going to the same school together ever since our parents met and became friends too.

Even now as seniors in high school, the two of us are inseparable. We go to school together, live in the same neighborhood, and go running together every weekend morning. There's nothing about me that Andy doesn't know and there's nothing about him that I don't know. We tell each other everything. We even help each other out with our love lives. Yep, inseparable.

I woke up to the sound of knocking on my door. "Wake up, Faye! And get your running shoes on," Andy said and opens my door as if I welcomed him in my room. "What time is it?" I rubbed my sleepy eyes.

"Seven Thirty."

"Okay, I'll be down in two minutes. Help yourself to some breakfast downstairs. My mom probably left us both a plate of whatever she made this morning."

"Alright, cool. See you in a few."

After he closed the door, I walked to my bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. I gathered my long, reddish brown hair into a high pony tail and tie it loosely. After I brushed my teeth, I slipped on some running shorts and a tank top then headed downstairs. When I walked into my kitchen, I saw Andy eating a plate of eggs, bacon, and toast with a glass of orange juice.

"Smells great," I said, taking a seat at the table across from him.

"Tastes great too," he said, looking up from his plate. "So, how many miles this morning?" his eyes were looking directly into mine. Andy has the prettiest eyes I have ever seen. Hazel with specks of green.

"I don't know. Five? Or until we get tired I guess."

"Sounds good. So what's up? Has Brian been behaving?"

"Yeah, things have been great. He's being recruited by a lot of colleges for scholarships and stuff." Brian is the quarterback of the football team. We have been dating for about four months now and things have been going great between us.

"Wow, go Brian," Andy said as he takes his last bite of the toast.

"How's Stephanie? Bought any new clothes lately?"

"Ha-ha. You're hilarious. And yes she probably has. That girl has a shopping problem. Recently, she hasn't been talking about anything but these new leather boots she wants. If I have to hear her say 'Andrew, you don't understand how beautiful these boots are. I need to get them' I will probably go insane."

"Sounds tough" I said, actually feeling bad for him. Stephanie, who Andy has been dating for almost a month now, lives for shopping. She literally talks about nothing but clothes. You will never see her wearing the same clothes. It's like once she wears an outfit, it disappears the next day and she has to buy something new.

Once we finished breakfast, we went on our daily run.