A/N: It should be noted that none of this is being edited as I go along. By edit, I mean I haven't changed original dialogue, characters, or sentence structure. Basic grammar and spelling is something I always do (cuz its anoying 2 read? like dis!1!), so don't have a bitch fit about that.

I'm just saying, this is the first draft. Overall criticism is welcomed. Nit picker's can kindly go pick their own noses. I will, in the end, accumulate the better suggestions, and do another draft. Posting this story online is just a way to keep the first draft going.

So...yeah. Please review and junk.

Prologue: Dead Girl

Cake shopping had never been easy for Samantha Revelle, and she guessed if it had, she would have been home instead of looking down the barrel of a gun.

The chocolate cake that had previously been in her arms was now splattered across the bakery floor, the terrified cashier who had been robbed not sixty seconds ago gaping at the thief in horror. This was a robbery, not a murder. Wasn't it?

What did this person want with her; a sixteen year old girl with an attitude problem? A person didn't rob a bakery and then shoot a girl for no reason. He was insane! She'd never done anything especially horrible, at least, nothing to deserve an immediate and senseless death.

What the hell was going-

Bang. Bang. Bang.

A scream. Pain. Crippling pain. Red. So much red. And cake. There was her cake. The last thing she'd ever see.