Author's Note: I removed this story along with several others from Fictionpress sometime last year. Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to explain why I did this and although some time has passed since, I thought I would take this opportunity to clear the air.

I had a lot of personal stuff going on last year. After a lot of thinking, I decided to go abroad and stay with family.

About a week before I was due to leave, I found out that one of my original works had been plagiarised. Since I was about to leave the country, I felt the only way to safe guard my work whilst I was away was to take down all my work. My decision to go abroad was a spur of the moment thing so it meant there was little time to get everything in order.

What was originally supposed to be a couple of months away turned into a longer period, which is why there have been no updates from me.

I hate that I had to take this course of action, but I couldn't risk having my work plagiarised when I wasn't around to deal with things. I apologise to all my loyal readers for leaving you hanging and not explaining my actions.

I plan to re-post Erase & Rewind on FP and I will also be uploading it to my LJ account. I hope to have this done asap, but before I can do this I need to adjust the timeframe of the story. This also gives me the perfect opportunity to edit the story as I re-upload chapters.

For the record, I will only be posting Erase & Rewind, all my other stories/one shots are permanently removed.

I'm grateful to everyone who followed this story and for all your support. I'm disappointed things turned out this way, but hopefully you can understand my position.

Now on with the story...

Erase and Rewind



When Connor Thompson was 8 years old he had known Mary Davidson was the girl he would marry one day. She was the first friend he made when his family moved into their new home. When the anxiety of starting all over again had been difficult for a boy who didn't like change, she had been the one to help him start afresh. The pair had hit it off immediately; all it took was a radiant smile, some kind words, and their friendship had been born. While all the other boys thought girls had cooties, Connor was happy to spend his time with a girl even when said girl wanted to play tea party games with her cuddly toys.

Mary Davidson was a sweet girl who was the apple of her parents' eyes; she was two years younger than Connor and as innocent as a newborn baby. She was his best friend and growing up Connor had made it his duty to always look out for her, to make sure that smile never left her face. He was the one who was there to protect her from the school bullies, he was the one who would throw the spiders out the window when she called him round—spiders that she refused to kill—and he was the one whose shoulder she would cry upon.

Each time Connor looked into her eyes he could see his future staring back at him, and with each passing year that feeling grew stronger and stronger. Their story was set, and it might have been a beautiful fairytale in the making if I'd never entered their lives.

Being the kind-natured person she was, Mary was the first person to welcome me into the neighbourhood; a tentative friendship was formed and here a new story began. Unlike Connor, Mary liked change, she revelled in new experiences, and I was the breath of fresh air she lapped up with a vengeance. She took everything I had to offer, and I offered it all.

I showed her everything I knew. I taught her to break curfew, I taught her to smoke, I taught her to steal, and I taught her to lie. I introduced her to my world, and in the process destroyed Connor's.

Little Mary was no more.