The Battle

There is a secret darkness
Armed and dangerous
Aimed at the light in my heart

Bruised, broken, bleeding
Am I truly righteous
Or merely without opportunity?

The battle lines blur
Weapons drawn in the fog
Killing anything in contact

Do I have the strength
To choose
To call cease-fire?

I can't wait
Until I'm irreparably destroyed
Torn apart by the forces

Imploding from the irreconcilable
Racing toward enemy territory
If I can still tell where I stand

No, I can't wait
Until I'm no longer myself
But a casualty of war

I've been going through some things recently and just wondering who I am. I always feel like I'm fighting a bloody war, not with the world, but with myself. Anyone else feel that way? Feel like you're never sure if you're good/bad, beautiful/ugly, leader/follower? lol, Maybe it's just normal teenage angst.

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