Worst Enemy

I am self-destructive
Boot-shaped bruise
In the middle of my back

It was me
I have hurt myself
Stuck my head back in the water

I will suffer
Because I want to
Because I need to

I kicked myself to the ground
Hoping I'll stay
So I can't return

I hold my head under water
Hoping I'll give up
And just wash away

This is just one of those times where I feel horrible about myself. It seems a bit blunt, but so were my feelings.

Note: I don't actually "hurt" myself physically. This is just how I feel when I make a wrong decision - I tend to do so especially when something could possibly help me. I shoot it down and make myself 'suffer' in that way. Its more metaphorical than anything. Just so you know. ;)

Sorry for the angsty-ness. Sometimes it just needs to be said.