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My stomach grumbles loudly in complaint as I continue to walk through the thick forest. It seems like days ago I ate that rabbit, and my eyes are already beginning to droop. I will need to stop yet again.

I have no idea where I'm going. I want to find Dai's home, but I only know that she lives on an island in the center of the continent. I don't know even no where I am, much less Dai. The thought of wandering the entire world to find her is sends me into despair. I've waited eight years to kill her after what she did to my family.

I've been walking for a while, so the little pool I found is probably far behind. I need to refill my water supplies, but no way am I walking all the way back there. Another pool is just what I want, but I've never gotten what I want. Sometimes, it feels like fate enjoys picking on me.

Eventually, I have to settle with a small part in the trees as my one person camp. I have enough water to last me another day, and then I'll be out. I hang my back on a branch and pull out the bow and quiver. I plan on sleeping with a full stomach.

The sun has risen much higher than before. I'll be able to be a bit choosier when it comes to what I want now that I can really see where I'm going, but now I will have to be more wary of followers.

I keep my eyes peeled for any movement in the undergrowth, and also the skies, at last spotting a plump wild bird waddling on the ground. While it pecks at a patch of berries, I ready my bow and fire.

The bird caws in surprise and takes off into the air, narrowly missing the arrow.

I curse and glare at the airborne bird, retrieving my arrow. The stupid bird has most likely scared away the rest of the animals in the area with its cawing, and now I will have to search farther for food. I bend down and pick a few berries from the patch and pop them in my mouth. I know they aren't poisonous. I've eaten them before without a problem.

I stalk back to the small clearing and shoulder my pack. When all the world is pretty much forest, it's really hard to find a spot twice after you've gone far enough.

With an empty belly in a very foul mood, I tramp through the undergrowth, too frustrated to care whether I'm making a lot of noise. I'll be lucky to find food at this rate.

A rustle sounds behind me. I slowly turn, hoping the prey hasn't noticed me.

As I pivot, I don't see any prey. My gaze travels farther up directly into a pair of piercing blue eyes.

I have to cover my mouth to stifle the gasp that almost escapes me. No more than a few feet away is another Group, and a good one by the looks of it.

They have set up their camp in a large clearing. The area is strewn with sleeping bags, packs, and people. In the center of them all is a small tent, the silhouettes inside shimmering across the surface of the material.

My eyes wander back to the pair of eyes. They belong to a tall boy with dirty blond hair (emphasis on dirt). He absentmindedly chews on a piece of cooked venison that smells so delicious it causes me to salivate.

I quickly duck into the bushes as he rakes the area for movement. His eyes meet mine, and for a moment, neither of us moves. He studies me quickly, and blinks in surprise as he realizes who I am. But he does not pursue me. Now it's my turn to be surprised. "Go!" he whispers, "Get out of here before it's too late, Ruth!" Another member turns toward the boy. "Whad'ya see, Pierre?" The lean girl in black slinks over. "Nothing." he says, silently urging my frozen figure to move. My legs are stuck. I can't bring myself to move. "Wait a sec..." the girl squints into the undergrowth. "Oh Dai! That's Ruth! Get her, get her!"

The girl in black unsheathes her sword and sprints toward me.

The Group make a mad dash at me, weapons at the ready.

The boy who helped me dashes ahead. Perhaps he was pretending to let me go, and really had a ploy planned. I don't stop to ponder. I should've known my peaceful day of rest wouldn't last much longer. At least I'm relatively feed and rested.

My legs instinctively jump into action. My long strides carry me swiftly through the dense forest, but the boy is faster. He and I leave the rest of the Group in the dust.

He takes a step nearer and raises his weapon to strike.

"Kill her, Pierre!" one of his Group members encourages from a ways behind us.

"C'mon Pierre!"

Pierre's hands tremble as he holds his sword above my head. I can sense the indecision battling his urge to drive the point through my stomach.

"Get on with it!" The impatient crowd doesn't seem to like indecision.

His heart pounds so loudly I can hear it thumping against his chest.

Will he kill me for the fame and riches he and his Group would be showered with? Or will he not be able to withstand the guilt?

Pierre catches my chocolate brown eyes and whispers something almost incomprehensible into my ear.


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