Your Bullet

It's something
I'll never understand
The way we clicked

Like the trigger
Of a loaded gun
As it goes off

Your bullet raced
And tore through
All my defenses

It hit my heart
Shocking how
I didn't even flinch

Looked down and oh,
There's the blood
Dripping down my skin

I've always been

You pierced right through
Me and
Left a hole

I opened up
Like I never even
Stood a chance

Now this wound
Has become infected
And incurable

No way I can
Get rid of you
Now you're inside

You're rippling through
My bloodstream
Like a disease

I'll need surgery
To remove
All you put in me

Without it, your bullet
Will surely be
The end of me

lol, Btw this isn't supposed to be creepy. It's just a dramatic view of the shock of finding yourself attracted to someone. The shock of making an instant connection with someone. :)

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