today is yer burthday! happy 16th neelam.
over the past three years we have gotten closer, and farther, and closer, and distant. But in a sort of way, we always picked up where we left off, and for that I'd say that you are one of my best friends. I love you neelam!

We hardly ever fight...besides that one time! IT WAS FUCKING ORANGE! lmfao
We do stupid shit together, actually I do stupid shit and you just watch me be stupid and phail knowing that I will already phail. Then we encounter cool people like that Juan guy on msn that you were going to 'ass'. I totally wish on that day I could wear my headband thing but my mum wouldn't let me, remember?
And we brought that shopping cart home and my grandma freaked out on me.
Then in my room playing shoot, marry, sleep. HER BOOBS! ahahahaha
And my fucked up dream where always changed into that andrew guy haha.

So much fucked up shit...I hope I don't forget it all. Imma tell it to my kids and our kids should play a non-sexual way. But if they played in a sexual way we can be in-laws. That's fucking fucked up yo!

Sometimes I look up to you for inspiration, you Sam and Doris because you guys take courses in the summer and it's hard but you guys were committed and that some how made me try harder when I skate.

Neelam, you are my special Cuddols. I like how you tell me how stupid I am, and how you give me suggestions, and point out what is wrong about me, and how I can talk to you about random shit, like and how I wanted to throw him to the other side of the skytrain station. (if he reads this I'm going to drown laughing)
And I am glad that you shared how you felt and I feel that made us closer from our distant state before summer. No one can replace you because no one will be Cuddols and they won't sing Helena and Scream with me down the halls. And no one will get what "CUDDOLS IN PUDDLE!" means either hahaha.

oh oh and and