My amazing Neelam is 25 years old!

I had such an amazing time celebrating your birthday! We played golf together for the first time! Even though COVID is still going on, I hope we can do lots of new things together for the first time!

I'm extremely thankful to have you in my life. This past year was extremely challenging for me and I would have never made it without your love and your support.

I am so glad to be back in Vancouver and closer to you. I know you loved me when I was in Ottawa, but it's just better when I'm closer to my Neelam. When I can hug her and feel her.

I hope we're there together doing something new at your 50th birthday party! I hope things can go back to normal so we can go out and hoe dance.

I love you so much and you deserve so much. You're such a wonderful person. So kind, so thoughtful, so smart, so loving, so strong, so brave, so cute, so amazing. I. Love. You.

Thank you for being my friend and sticking with my psycho ass. I don't understand it, but I'm happy you still love me.

Happy birthday my love, hope you have an amazing year! I'll be here for you forever!

Your friend, your sister, your Kitty.