I re-wrote this poem because after discussing it with a friend it felt necessary. I'm also feeling less like my poetry is crap now because I sent them to my old Literature teacher who loved them. And she's the person I care most about liking my poetry, because she's the reason I love poetry so much. Anyway here's the re-write:

The Tree in the Wind

Uncountable arms tugged in every direction,
some even pulled loose and left
to float free fall into the wind.
The covering of leaves desperate to stay put
and not reveal the baron bark beneath.

The body, the trunk, standing firm, standing strong,
determined not to move or be moved,
knowing itself and it's place.
Roots buried deep, in soil unfamilar and unsafe,
but echos of trees from times gone past remind it to be brave,
roots, still the backbone of this tree, making it what it is.