I made a dash to the left and did a quick duck. I decided to make a run for it, it was my only hope for survival. It was hard running with a Combat Rifle in your arms, but I managed. I looked back, hoping the nasty skinned monster was losing air, but lost hope quickly when I saw it was tailing my feet. I was out of air and I needed a rest, but I couldn't. I had to get away from it and find a safe room quickly.

The monster growled. It wanted me. It wanted me, bad.

I noticed a light up ahead and decided to go for it. I mean, it was the only chance I had, right? Right.

"I can do this!" Those words repeated themselves within my cranium.

I was only a few steps away from the light now. I had hope. A smile slowly spread across my lips as I realized this buffoon of a monster wasn't going to catch me. That's when a big, dark, monster jumped on me. I was dead, I was done. How could this happen? I was so close, so close.

I yelled in pain as the monster ripped away at my flesh. He was dark, and not like the others. He continued to shred my clothes and dig deeper within my body. Blood splattered everywhere as I tried to scream for help, but no one could hear me. No one was around.

I sighed deeply, as my television screen faded to black, and the words, 'GAME OVER' shined in bright, white print.

I threw my Xbox controller down. I was defeated. I had been playing, 'Zombie Uprising' for the last three hours. I decided since this was the fourth, 'Game Over', I've gotten, it was time to give up. "Today must be one of my off days," I said to myself, getting up. I never lost this much.

I grabbed another handful of Doritos before retreating to my kitchen for a shot of caffeine. I poured myself the fifth glass of Fanta Orange soda I had that day and drank it in one gulp. I had a class at three, and it was already two forty five. I grabbed my bag and headed out the door, still munching on the chips.

To be honest, I would have loved to continue playing, there have been times I've skipped class for it. Today, I had an exam though, and Professor Draspbine already hated me, so I didn't need another reason to give him. It's probably because I wasn't a dumb bimbo who let him take advantage of me. I was sure that he was having sex with his teacher's assistant. I was no fool! Besides, playing a Horror survival game was way better than listening to Professor Draspbine babble on about Psychology.

See, I was a Horror enthusiast. I loved anything dealing with Horror. Movies, novels, comic books and you guessed it - video games. I was somewhat of a nerd, but I embraced it. Being nerdy didn't get you many dates though. Most of your time is devoted to your nerdy pleasures and dates weren't exactly on your radar. It's not like I was exactly ugly or anything either, but I guess my style wasn't the hottest thing around. Simple hoodie, converse and jeans. Maybe a band/comic book/video game t-shirt. Hey! I couldn't help it, I had to represent for all my nerdy nerds out there. (How many times have I said, 'nerd'?)

On the way to class, I noticed a woman coughing horribly; I dug in my bag for a riccollo. I was always trying to be the good citizen of the town. I found an old, one and it had a little bit of dust on it, but with the way she was coughing I don't think she would care so much. I offered it to her, but instead she grabbed my arm and sunk her unfiled nails into my arm, coughing more as if she was dying.

"Hey! Take this!" I said trying to get out of her grip. I stuffed the drop down her shirt. She crouched over, puking up some weird liquid and I took a half step to the right and decided to walk faster. See, this wouldn't happen, if people just quit smoking or didn't start. Disgusting.


I walked faster because I thought it was the smoker lady. "Go away! I have no more ricollo!" I yelled back.


I turned around to see my best friend, Anna, trying to catch up with me. "Oh hey," I said, slowing down.

Anna looked like a harlot as usual. Booty shorts, baby tee and flip flops. Awful amounts of makeup, and she probably used ten cans of hairspray to tame that beast she called hair. Imagine Snooki, but worst. I wasn't saying Anna was ugly, but sometimes I wished she would dress like a normal human being.

"Hey girl," she hip bumped me (I hated that, what was this? A fictional story?) "What's got you spooked?"

"Oh nothing, some lady with a smoking problem nearly killed me," I sighed, catching my breath. That mild fast walk nearly killed me; I have to stop spending so much inside and start doing healthy activities. Did Wii Sports count?

"Oh yeah?" she pulled down her shorts, she obviously didn't care so she was changing the subject, "Oh, guess what?"


"Dallas is having an awesome costume party tonight! Oh! I love Halloween!" Anna enthused.

Oh jeez. She didn't really love Halloween, but I took the bait, "Why's that?"

"I get to dress sexy, duh!" Anna squealed. Okay, why were we best friends? "So, I'm assuming you're going to do that, right?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"Of course, and you're going to, too!" Anna grabbed my arm; she must have wanted me to walk faster, because she stepped up her pace.

"Uh no!" I gasped.

"What do you mean no? I have a costume picked out for you and everything!"

"Really? And what's that?" we entered the only hallway on our campus.

"Well, I'm going to be little red riding hood and you're going to be the wolf!" she snickered.

This. Bitch.

The look on my face sent her into hysterics, "Girl, I am only joking! You think I would really let you dress so ... Un-slutty?"

"Yes," I said bluntly.

"Why are we friends?" she asked.

That's why we were friends. We met in high school and realized we were brain twins. She was popular and I was ... Well ... not so popular. She tried taking me under her wing, but I was too busy reading, 'The Walking Dead' series and watching Takashi Miike films. Either way, we liked each other or decided to stick to the 'best friend' thing or whatever we had going on. We were total opposites of course (wait, did I just contradict myself?). She had tons of dates and boyfriends, I had... Well I had one if you count Danny Cramer. We kissed for five seconds at prom. Also, Mike James Bryant. The boy with three first names. Except, he didn't actually know I existed, he was only kind of my boyfriend in my mind. Oh! There was Carlos Gonzalez, but, never mind, he only asked me for a sheet of paper and when I had college rule instead of wide rule, he declined and asked someone else instead.

Alright, so I wasn't too familiar with the boyfriend thing, but I had time to learn. I mean, I was only in my second year of college, a fresh nineteen year old girl, I had lots of time to learn about boys. Besides, if I didn't focus on school my parents would kill me. Especially since I was here on their money and not a scholarship. I was kind of... was lazy during High School. You can imagine their reaction when I came home with a C+ one day. I thought I was going to die.

"Anyway, I was thinking, you could be a gypsy or a sexy version of Jason and I would be Cleopatra!" she gushed.

"Anna, you're Asian, Cleopatra was African-American!" I informed her.

"Cleopatra was white!" she argued.

"No, Cleopatra is black, because Egypt is in Africa, duh!" I said, sticking out my tongue and rolling my eyes.

"Well, whatever, as long as I look hot and get some!"

"You're just as bad as the men," I cracked. She didn't seem so amused with my comment, so I decided to bring up Dallas again.

"So, Dallas, are you two ...?"

"Dallas? and me? No ... no! Why? Do you ...?" she stopped walking and gave me a serious look.

No! I didn't like Dallas in the least bit. I'm lying. Totally lying. I loved that boy since I first saw him in Professor Draspbine's class. He smiled at me (or smiled my way) and sat two rows in front of me. I could smell his Irish Springs body wash as his strutted to his seat. Plus, he has a great butt. It's all nice and tone, and probably firm. Not like I ever touched it, or him. In fact, the most I've said to him was, "Do you know what time it is?" It was four fifty six. I remember it because that day he was wearing a Rocky Horror Picture Show t-shirt (one of my favorite movies) and his curly hair was straightened. Although, his hair was little too Jonas Brother for my taste, he still looked as hot as ever.

"No, no, of course not. I was just wondering ..." I lied.

"You never wonder though," her eyebrows rose.

"That's because you sleep with a new guy every week," I mumbled and headed towards class.


"Nothing," I stopped when I noticed Dallas leaning on the door, talking on his cell phone, most likely to some bimbo.

"Speak of the devil," Anna smiled.

I did my best to try to act 'cool' and not notice he was there, but with my acting skills, it was most likely an epic fail. Anyway, when I attempted to open the door to class, it was locked. That's when Dallas looked at me. Did you hear that? He looked at me! Then he clicked his cell phone shut and these beautiful words escaped those gorgeous soft lips of his, "Class is cancelled today."

I nearly fainted. Okay, so I was being dramatic, but still, it was a pretty big deal to me. Dallas and I were like on two different planets. I was on planet Nerd-ville and he was on planet I'm-totally-out-of-your-league-ville.

"Why?" I asked, flipping my hair back. Anna rolled her eyes at my 'cool' attempts.

"I guess his mom is sick or something. Said she came down with something real bad, we'll do our exams Monday," he hung up a sign on the door that pretty much said the same thing.

"Hey, Anna," he smiled at her. I think jealousy just smacked the crap out of me, "You coming tonight?"

"Of course," Anna flipped her hair back. Bitch stole my move!

"What about you?" he looked at me.

"Uh ..." Shit. Was I? I mean, I'm pretty sure this was an invite, right?


Dallas looked shocked. "Well, I mean, I kind of ... well, it's just that, I kind of didn't study for my exam and I should study this weekend and, well, uh, well, um, maybe, maybe I'll come." Well, that whole sentence took the life out of me.

"Cool, well I hope to see you there, it's going to be huge!" He smiled. His teeth looked like they were hand made by god. Like they were little white, minty, snowflakes waiting to sink into me. I know, I just got a bit sexual, but he was kind of turning me on standing there with his loose jeans, converse shoes and 'Alone in the Dark' T-shirt that hugged his muscles.

"Yeah, I'll try and be there!" I sounded a bit too chipper.

Anna laughed and grabbed my arm. We headed into the opposite direction and Anna was sent into hysterics.

"Well, uh, um, uh, um" she mocked me; "Did you hear yourself back there, Gia?"

"Oh, shut up! I'm not into boys like you are!" I shot back.

"Yeah, well, it's pretty known, Miss Virginity!" she teased. "Whatever," I muttered and looked down. True, I was still a virgin, but at least I wasn't a virgin to Alfred Hitchcock films. That counted for something, didn't it? Plus, I was pretty bad ass at the Silent Hill games.

"Well, you're coming to that party tonight!" Anna led me towards her dorm room. I already knew what this meant. As much as I would have loved to go shake my boom boom on Dallas in a skimpy outfit tonight, I was going to pass. Syfy was playing a marathon of Horror movies. From Day of the Dead to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and even a couple of Indie flicks like, Kolobos and Feast. Even a crappy one was playing. Which I might go into gaming or comic book reading at that point.

"Oh, Anna, I'm not in the mood," I lied. Well, it was partially true. I mean, I had a choice: Horror Movie Marathon or slim chance with a boy who's probably had sex with half of our graduating class.

I'll take Horror movie marathon for two hundred, Alex.

"But ... oh, come on, Dallas will be there," Anna hips thrusted towards me.

"As tempting as that sounds, I'll pass. Besides, I really should do some studying and my mom is probably going to call tonight," I told her, "And, don't do that".

"Whatever, you don't know what you're missing," Anna bumped my hips, "I'll see you later, then. I've got a party to get ready for".

We went our separate ways, and I headed towards my dorm room. Luckily, I didn't have a roommate to deal with. I thanked my parents for that. They insisted on me getting my own room. More time for me to study. Let me tell you something about my parents. They were strict. No boys. That is exactly where my boy problem came from, and that is exactly why I buried myself in Horror. I felt my pocket vibrating, and I already knew who it was.

"Hello?" I sighed.


I cringed at the sound of my legal name. Ew, I hated it. I just told people to call me Gia. Girija was just ... well ... weird.

"Hi, Mom," I said.

"Girija, vhat are you doing?" My mom's Indian accent seeped through every now and then. Especially with her 'W's.

"Studying," I lied. I was actually heading to a cafe to get a scone and a latte. Ooh, look at me, so hipster, right?

"Good, good. Are you making all, A's?"

"Of course, mama."

"No babies, right?" she asked. I rolled my eyes. You may think your parents are strict, but Indian parents are ten times harder. See, boys were evil, especially went it came to me, the baby girl of the family. Secondly, any grade lower than an 'A' was considered an 'F'. My major was Film which didn't make them happy, but my minor was sociology which did make them happy.

"How's the movie class coming?" My mother sounded bored, as usual. It wasn't my fault she didn't like movies that weren't Bollywood hits.

"Mom, it's film and it's going great," I bumped into another smoker. This time it was a tall man - around six foot two in a business suit coughing up a lung. He held onto a 'STOP' sign for support as his own intestines seemed to be hacking up his throat. Wish I had another ricollo. They should really put bigger labels on cigarette boxes.

"Yes, and Sociology," and there was my mother's chipper voice.

"Yeah, it's great ... and stuff," I said flatly.

"Lady, you have to help me ..."

I turned around to see the tall man, who recently turned a greenish gray color reaching his hand out.

"How?" I shifted my cell phone to the other ear. "Please, water ... some - arrraghhh" he managed to get out before I took off in another fast walk. "Mom, I'll call you back," I quickly hung up before she could say anything and jammed my phone into my front pocket. As I looked back, the man attempted to follow me, but failed as he fell into the middle of the road. Man, the things Cancer can do to people. All over one little nicotine stick. I decided to skip out on my latte and scone, and headed straight for my dorm. I had enough of the smokers today.

My night was like every other night alone. Watched monsters pull apart pleading humans in a gory, distasteful fashion and then I tore apart humans in a gory, distasteful fashion in the virtual world. I decided to switch it up and play some, 'Fallout 3'. You know, an apocalypse is an apocalypse.

By midnight, I must have dozed off, high off a twizzlers and cherry coke. I awoke to a pounding at my door. I figured it must have been Anna, being that she usually came and escorted me to my early morning Monday classes or well... Woke me up for them. I was a horrible morning person.

"I'm coming, I'm coming ..." I wiped a few kernels from the corner of my mouth and pulled a piece of popcorn out of my hair as I dragged myself to the door. I swung it open and I was right. Anna. She didn't say anything. She just stared. I wiped my eyes, getting the crust out of them, because it looked like Anna was still dressed in her Halloween outfit. "Anna, why are you still dressed like that?" No response. As I looked her over, she seemed more like a Zombie Cleopatra. I laughed, "You didn't tell me you were going zombiefied, I would have totally gone with you".

She snarled. "I'm sorry?" I was confused. Had I insulted her? Did she not mean to have dull rotted looking skin and blood coming from her lips? Oh wait, there was some green liquid spilling from her mouth as well.

She took a step towards me and reached out for me. "Anna, we usually don't hug, is something wrong?"

She grabbed me by my shoulders and gripped tightly. Her face scrunched up and her mouth lunged towards me. Luckily, I had cat like reflexes (and people say video games did no good!) and pushed her back. She coughed up more of the disgusting green liquid and it got on my right cheek.

"Oh my gosh, Anna! When did you start smoking!"

She let out a growl and I realized, this was no smokers cough, this was much more. This, my boy (or girl) was a Zombie cough. No, not cough, she'd been growling the whole time! How had I not known? I mean, I'm the expert on these things! Wait, wait, wait. What was I thinking? There was no way Anna had turned into a zombie. No way! Zombie apocalypses are not real! They were strictly fictitious. So why was my best friend now trying to eat me? "This has to be a sick joke," I whispered to myself.

"Aaarghhh nargghah" Anna snarled at me.

"What did you say?" I asked.

"Aaaaaaaaargh!" she repeated.

"Yeah. You taking a new language class Anna?" I guess she didn't find that too humorous because she came after me. I screamed in horror running into the kitchen. She followed.

I had no time to think, only time to run. I grabbed the nearest thing, which was a glass of water, and threw it on her. Well, you'll be glad to know Anna was not the wicked witch of the west, but she was a zombie. I think that made her angry because she lunged for me, tripping over my comic box collection. I ran to the tiny closet and hid in there. Anna was hot on my trail as she banged on the door. All while growling and hurling and making other weird zombie noises.

I had a choice. Well, two. Actually one, if you think about it. Anyway, my choice was a: Stay in the closet forever or b: Kill Anna.

And, if I were on Jeopardy, Alex Trebek would tell me, "And the correct answer is, kill Anna".

But, I couldn't do that, could I? Could I really bring myself to kill my best friend? Anna's recent bang made an indent on the door and I decided: I've got to kill her. I grabbed some bat my father left in the closet during his last visit. I swung the door open and whacked her once in the head. I felt the vibrations as it hit her skull. Anna's eyes rolled back and she fell to the ground. I stood over the body of my best friend. Shit, what the hell have I just done?