Leave me.

Leave me alone!

Can't you see I want you to leave!

Tears won't stream my face,

because of you.

I can't laugh without feeling fake.

Won't breath properly,

Because of you.


Leave me be.

I'd cry to let you leave me!

Don't you see,

The pain you cause?

You're words are protruding into my ears,

Trying to re-enter my mind.

I won't let you!

I won't let you ruin this for me!

Why won't you eat?

Why won't you move away?

Do you enjoy causing yourself,



Leave me be!


It's been nine years.

Nine years and you don't care anymore.

Won't you see?

It's not because of her that you don't feel!

It's becauseā€¦

It's because you need an excuse.

Leave me.

Leave me alone!

Can't you see,

You and me both want us to leave.