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Chapter 2: Fairrel Rosemary

I fell into a soft patch of ferns that grew below a tree. One whole day of agony. I shall say this again... A-g-o-n-y. Pure agony. This is worst than being stuffed into a locker, or grandfather's painful training (and I mean getting a harsh beating kind of training), or my dad's random lectures about curfews, or writing a 5-page essay about some history lecture. I'm stuck with a five-year-old on a sugar rush! Well, technically, not a five-year-old. More like - I don't know - an eighteen-year-old?

Fairrel Rosemary, my new "partner," decided to risk our very lives on a task that would most likely kill us both. Giant demons, deformed creatures, deranged animals, man-eating plants, and trees that disappear and reappear right in your face a second later. Did I ever mention how jacked up our country is? Oh, this isn't even close to the half of it.

Anyway, Fairrel says that we're close to a town that we're supposed to 'meet up' with the others. I don't know who 'others' are but I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this...

"So tell me, what exactly are you planning?" I asked Fairrel. She sat right next to me and smiled.

"The test we're currently taking is to test your skill and capability to work within a team, right?" she answered. I sat up.

"Wait, 'to work in a team?'" I asked. "We were supposed to team up?"

She gave me the 'what-the-heck' look. "Did you not read the rules?" she asked. I shook my head hesitantly. She face-palmed and sighed heavily. "If it weren't for me you would have already failed..."

"Sorry for being an idiot." I mumbled. She then looked at me seriously and stood up.

"Listen carefully, you stupid teen!" she said with authority, pointing a finger at me. The entire childish glow in her eyes disappeared, replaced with a cold hearted glare. I shrank back a bit. Her tone easily scared the living daylights out of me. "This test was created to test everything you have to offer to the military. Your skill, courage, strength, intelligence, determination, and capability to work in a team are strictly needed. Fail to meet the standards, they're not gonna give you a second chance until five or six years later!" She paused. "Make sense?"

I nodded quickly.

"Any questions?"

I shook my head. She suddenly swung her hand up. A dagger flew toward me and embedded itself less than an inch away from my face into the tree. My heart leaped in surprise and fear as I felt the force of the impact. I jumped up and faced Fairrel.

"Since I've been making sure you don't die on me and rescuing you when you almost died; I've noticed your movements are not of an amateur." She said in the same tone she lectured my in. I gulped and she continued. "The way you dodged the demons' attacks earlier… I even saw you do a back flip! You must have been trained for this!"

"No, I wasn't." I replied calmly. She looked at me in curiosity. I continued, "My grandfather taught me how to fight while my dad taught me how to handle a gun. My mother was good with a bow so she taught me. I've been doing it for eleven years so far."

"You're how old again?" she asked.

"I'm going to be sixteen in three months. Why?" I asked. She gaped.

"I didn't start training until I was ten!"

I laughed. "But you took all those evil, deformed creatures single handed." She smiled a bit.

"True. Hey! How about we do a little sparring?" she asked. I immediately stopped laughing. Before I could answer a sword appeared in a swirling flash in the girl's hand. She handed it to me. "Here."

I nervously took it. It was elegantly designed with small symbols of the different countries of our world imprinted into its smooth halt. The blade itself was spotless. The fading light reflected off the blade. I looked at Fairrel. "Where'd this come from? As far as I'm concerned, this isn't the sword from your scabbard."

She smirked and drew her sword that was strapped to her back. "All I can tell you is that I was given that as a gift from an old man."

She charged forward. I jumped to the left. I quickly adjusted the hilt into my left hand. Even though my hand is completely sore from the gunshot yesterday, it still works. I'm left handed, okay?

I ignored the searing pain and held tight. She slashed to my right, narrowly missing my arm. I quickly swung around with my sword aiming an inch away from her face. She easily dodged down and counter attacked, slashing at my knees. I jumped and kicked her in the ribs, flying a couple feet back.

Fairrel caught herself before she hit a tree. She landed easily on her feet. We stood silently eyeing each other, waiting who would move first.

I had to admit, I could tell she's just going easy on me. Truth to be told, so was I. Fairrel suddenly smiled. I lifted up my blade in a defense position. Best to be prepared.

"You're playing with me aren't you?" she said, lowering her blade to the ground.

"What if I'm not?" I said. She sighed and put away her sword. Cautiously, I lowered my sword.

"Look I was just checking if you can actually defend yourself. Next time don't hold back. Especially against a girl. Oh, and what the heck, I can't believe you're left handed." said Fairrel.

I smirked.

She held out her hand, gesturing for her sword. Making sure the hilt was facing her, I gave it back. In a flash it disappeared.

"How'd you do it?"

She tiled her head. "Eh?"

"You can summon a sword!" I exclaimed, realization dawned on me. "You gotta have extremely rare magic to be able to do that!"

Fairrel laughed. Her face lit up in pure amusement. "Honestly, a very old man gave it to me when I was on a mission."

"I'm not buyin' that." I said. I put my hands on my hips.

"And I don't think you'll ever understand." she replied hotly.

She walked up to me and placed her hands at my chest. Shocked, I took a step back.

"You're stubborn but hopeless, skilled but useless, intelligent but stupid, you know who you are but you don't know who you are." she whispered as she pulled herself closer. I took another step back. "You're almost like Shayden."

She shoved me hard off my balance. I let out a small cry and landed on my back. "Hey!"

I looked right into her light blue eyes, searching for a meaning behind her words. What she said I startled me. And she's right, too. I am hopeless; I can do a lot of things but have no reason why. Yeah, I'm average but I rarely think about what's better. But she's wrong about one thing. I know who the heck I am. I'm not lying to myself… and… Who the heck is Shayden?

Fairrel sighed as the cold glare melted into grief. "Sorry, you just reminded me of someone else I met a couple years ago." She looked to a direction away from me. "Don't worry, you'll meet him later."

I rolled my eyes. "Oh, suuure…"

She hit me on the head. "Way later," she said, crossing her arms and pressing her lips to a thin line. I could tell she was hiding a smile. "Now, go and find something edible around here. Then get some sleep, we'll probably make it to Paltain Village by sunset tomorrow."

"Okay! Be right back!" I said putting as much energy into it as I could. After seeing Fairrel being scary, I figured it's best to keep her smiling.

Fairrel Rosemary. Weird name but she's not bad at all. I guess I can actually make better friends here.

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