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Chapter 5: The Other Child.

I remember the time when my dad told me 'You see this clock? A clock only stops ticking when its life is over. Just like our hearts. It ticks and beats until your time is done. Life is short. So, we must make every second count.'

I tried, but it's hard. I couldn't find a reason to keep going at all. There was no one really there for me. My parents and I had a distant relationship and my grandfather couldn't even look me in the eye. In fact no one did. Except that one girl that came to town for just a day… They called her… Skylie.


Light blinded me as I slowly opened my eyes. I sat up and looked around. My bangs partially covered my eyes, shielding some of the light. I was on a bed in a simple room that only had a dresser, desk, mirror, and a night stand. There was one thing I couldn't help but smile at; a stuffed brown block-like creature with a gaping mouth and two small beady eyes. Its mouth was red with sharp teeth on both top and bottom. Its arms drooped to its sides and its legs hung off the edge of the window. I found it…amusing. It was a child's toy. The only item in the room that showed that whoever's room this was, it still somewhat childish…

The light drafted through the open window to my right. The desk was right below the window and the mirror alongside it. The dresser was near the door. The bed stood with a nightstand at its side and was up against the wall across from the desk. It kinda resembled my room a bit.

I pulled my knees close to me and buried my head in them. It reminded me of my home. Where everyone threatened and wanted to kill me. But why call it my home if no one wanted me? The only time my parents ever cared, is when I left. I thought about all those horrible years as I stared at the navy fabric on my knees-wait, navy? I snapped my head up and noticed how different my clothes were…

I slid out of bed and stepped in front of the mirror. I knew it. My clothes changed. I was wearing a light purple shirt and navy blue shorts with gray pockets. Then I realized, I was in some else's house. But how? How'd I get here?

The real question is; who am I?

I can't remember anything. I don't know my name, my age, I only remember my last four years of my childhood as clear as glass... kinda…


"Hey, _! Slow down!"



But I can't remember anyone calling or even whispering my name. I looked in the mirror again. All I saw was a twelve-year-old kid looking back at me. I froze. This child can't be me. He has grey hair not white like me! He mirrored the shocked look in my face. Slowly, I reached out to him. He did the same.

'Who are you?' I thought. The boy smiled a wide dead smile. He pointed at me. I noticed a silver marking on the right of his neck.

How much longer will you forget me? I miss you. So, let's play…please?

I blinked and he disappeared. My reflection replaced him. There was only one thing that remained the same. The colors of our eyes. His bright crystal green eyes…were mine.

The door suddenly opened. I whipped around. A girl my age peeked in and spotted me in an instant. She smiled brightly. "Hey! You're up! We didn't expect you to wake up until tomorrow."

I stared blankly at her. Who is she again? Her light purple bangs covered her right eye because of her tilted position. "R-really?" I asked. She nodded.

"Yeah, Adelaide said that you were hit a little too hard by Black Rose. But here you are up and standing! You're lucky you didn't die, too…" she trailed off when stared at my face. I smiled sheepishly. "You have no idea who the heck I am, do you?"

I laughed nervously and scratched the back of my head. Should I trust her, or not? "Sorry, no clue…"

"Ha! Don't worry it'll all come back to you eventually." She replied cheerfully. "And again, my name is Fairrel. Keep that in mind."

"So, I met you before?" I asked stupidly. She sighed and shook her head.

"This is gonna take a while…"

Fairrel took my hand, guided me out of the room and took me down stairs. I followed her, putting just a hint of my trust in her. By the time we reached the bottom, a new face popped in the picture.

It was another girl. She was taller than Fairrel by about half a foot. Her blonde hair was down to her waist. Her bangs just stopped right above her eyebrows. She wore a school girl uniform that had white shirt with read swirls on the collar and a red necktie. Her black skirt draped in the middle of her thighs. But what made me worry was her ruby colored eyes. They were very cheerful.

"Hey! You're up and at it! You're pretty quick there." she said happily. I tilted my head in total confusion. Who is this girl? Did I meet her, too?

She looked at Fairrel. "What's his name again? Shawn? Ski? Skine?"

Fairrel facepalmed. "It's Sky."

Sky? Really? That's my name? It sounds…Weird… I don't look like anything that resembles a sky, right? Well maybe a cloud… "That's really stupid." I said out loud. The girls looked at me in shock. "Are you sure that's my real name?"

"Ugh… Honestly speaking, that's what you told me when you and me first met." said Fairrel.

"I thought it was a cool name!" the red eyed girl that must be Adelaide said cheerfully. She came up to me and hugged me. "And you look like a girl!"

"WHAT!" I cried. The girls were laughing crazily at my reaction. I felt my face heat up, I stomped my foot like a child. "Shut up! I don't look like a girl!"

"What's all the laughing about?" asked a new voice. We all turned toward the source. A teenage boy was leaning on the doorway. He was older looking than me by a couple of years. He wore a damp blue shirt with a gray button down. His dark brown shorts had a similar design to my own but with crimson pockets. Both his eyes and hair were teal. He spotted me and smiled. "Good afternoon to you sleepy head. Glad you woke up. Now we can finally get a move on."

I tilted my head. 'Get a move on?' What does he mean? Is there something that must be done? Have I even met him? "What's going on?"

"Huh? Hey…did she really hit that hard for you to forget what is going on?" the teen asked. Fairrel shrugged.

"He doesn't even remember his own name." she said. The three of them looked at me closely. I fidgeted under their gazes.

"Uh…Hi?" I said rather randomly. The boy snapped out of it first.

"Hi! I'm Rarufu! And this is Adelaide and Fairrel." He said pointing to himself, then to the other girls. "And we're the ones that are going to go through agony with you in this gigantic test!"


Fairrel took over. "Yup! We're all taking this test to get in the military."

"Okay… So, I want to join the military. Got it." I said firmly.

"Yeah, and you fell off a bridge that wasn't a bridge and nearly drowned in the water until Black Rose came and rescued you. But she didn't wanna deal with you so she smacked you in the head." Adelaide finished. I blinked. "You get that?"

"Uh… You lost me at the bridge thingy…" I said blankly. Adelaide sighed.

"You fell-" she started again.

Fairrel cut her off. "Nevermind that, Adelaide. It'll take all day to explain…"

"Then let's go. I get that I'm trying to get into the military. I understand that much. And when does the test end?" I asked. Rarufu frowned.

"In twenty-one days, seven hours, fourteen minutes, and thirty-three seconds, and counting down." He said sadly. The rest of us stared at him. He tilted his head, "What?"

"Smart a—uh, jerk." said Fairrel. I laughed nervously.


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