Les Gateaux


Lately he'd been feeling weird. His head felt floaty and full at the same time, like when you have a cold. And that's what he thought it was, until everything went all shimmery. It felt like everything around him was vibrating. When he looked around him things seem to have a double-outline, like when you shake something back and forth real fast and it looks like there are two of them superimposed over each other.

It was hard to walk; his sense of balance seemed off. He had to stagger about to keep from running into things. His hearing was muffled, like he was underwater. He could barely hear himself talk and he knew he probably talked too loud judging by the winces people gave whenever he spoke to them. His sense of depth was off as well; he was constantly bumping into things and knocking things over because he couldn't tell how far away they were. People just thought he had a severe cold and dealt with his loudness and drunken walking. They all thought it would pass with time.

It did not, in fact, go away over time. It actually seemed to amplify. The mugginess in his head intensified to the point where it caused pain. So much so that he took time off from his job. Anyone who knew him knew he did not ever take leave, which caused his close friends and family to think that something worse than a cold could be going on. He got constant calls and visits from his mother checking up on his health.

And he just felt…wrong. Like he wasn't supposed to be there. He felt like a foreigner in his own country. Things that had seemed familiar suddenly felt strange. He'd walk outside and see the buildings and just panic.

Sometimes he didn't know how to open the fridge. One minute he'd be staring at the fridge, hungry, but wondering how he was supposed to get any food out of it. Then immediately after that he'd know what to do. He was perpetually confused, tired, and achy.

He had barely gone outside his apartment in the last week. He only went out for food, medicine, and cough drops. He didn't take his car because, one, he could potentially get in an accident, and two, there was a small supermarket close by.

Today was one of those days he went out. He had run out of cough drops and his throat was painfully sore.

He swayed on the stairs as he slowly made his way up to his apartment. He got to his front door and fumbled in his pocket for his keys. He finally got them out and, with shaky hands, forced them into the keyhole and fell against the door and into the apartment. He threw his coat off onto the floor and grabbed onto the doorknob to help himself up.

He pushed the door closed with his body until he heard the 'click' telling him the latch was in place. He stood in the middle of his living room, the walls oscillating like the walls on a ship. He lurched forward and headed for the bathroom, grabbing onto furniture and walls to steady himself as he went.

He was in front of the bathroom door when his stomach rolled. His faced turned a pale green color. He grabbed the doorknob and slammed the door open. He rushed through, bumping into the sink as he did so, and threw himself in front of the toilet bowl.

His stomach contracted. His head swam. His throat burned. He could hear ringing in the distance. He squeezed his eyes shut and blocked out the noises. He knew he was crying; he could feel hot tears running down his face. He always cried when he vomited; he felt guilty for some reason when he did, and humiliated.

His body gave one final heave. He opened his eyes finally and looked into the toilet. Yellowish bile and bits of half-digested food swam about. And something else. His eyes widened. Blood.

His head felt disconnected from his body as he tried to get up and call the hospital. The double-outlines of everything seemed more intense than before. There was a ringing in his ears that coupled with the ringing of the telephone, intensifying it, making everything else seem louder. The floor pitched forward. No, not the floor. His body. He fell forward onto the cool tiled floor. He felt very, very tired. His eyes slid closed.

The answering machine picked up: 'Honey, it's your mother. I'm going to come over this afternoon to see how you're doing. I brought chicken noodle soup to make you feel better! Bye! See you when I get there! Love you!'

He smiled. He would be okay. It was already one o'clock in the afternoon. His mother would be over soon and she could call the hospital for him. He'd be okay. He'd be okay…

The sounds faded away and he lost consciousness. The last thing he was aware of was a bright light that bled through his eyelids.


Here's present for you guys. It's my birthday today so I thought I'd celebrate!

A new sci-fi story. I don't want to tell too much and give it away, but let me say that what's going to happen is probably not what you think will happen. :P

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