Summary: Two people from different world and lifestyle has brought them into arrange marriage on the contract between their families to fill the wish that their grandfathers hopes for.

Meet the headstrong woman who is the lucky bride because she is engage to Korean prince despite she hate him so much.

Meet the cold Prince who is the heir and will becomes the king one day unfortunately he can't marry his own girlfriend so he must marry his fiancee otherwise he will lose his crown for good.

Will hate turn into love between the Prince and his fiancee?

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are products of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously and are not to be constructed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organisations, or persons, living, or dead is entirely coincidental.

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Seventeen years ago

The raven haired young woman laid on her bed as she clenched the midwife's hands tightly all the while she screamed in agony and pain. With the moon being their only source of light they awaited the birth of the young woman's child which was due at any moment in the night.

Opposite the young woman was a dark haired middle aged man who kneeled on the floor, gloves at hand. With his arm outstretched he directed them between her legs, a warm smile plastered onto his face.

"Push harder, my Queen." The doctor ordered in a stern voice.

She nodded at him meekly before taking deep and unsteady breaths before giving one push. After giving a few more pushes the baby made an exit from her womb.

After what seemed like hours but in reality only minutes the baby was born into the doctor's arms, he stood up, walked toward the sink and cleaned the baby of any blood. A look of confusion and worry crossed the doctor's face.

Finally, the doctor turned around and walked towards the mother, he placed the new born into her arms, avoiding the new mother's gaze he looked around with a nervous smile.

"This is your son, my Queen." The doctor told her.

She nodded at him smiling at her new born, before stopping abruptly. Looking down at her stomach shocked she began to panic.

"Oh my god! Oh my god! I think there's another baby that wants to get out of me now! Oh my god!" She shouted, frightened out of skin.

The doctor rushed towards her womb. He kneeled to the ground. His arms outstretched, ready to deliver yet another child.

Finally, the second newborn was born into the doctor's arms and again he stood up and walked towards the sink. Except he came to a complete stop, when the sound of thunder met his ears. The lighting and thunder continue, he brushed of the storm before attending to the baby. Before he knew it lightning had struck through the window aiming straight at him, almost out of anger.

The second it happened, the doctor dropped the new born out of shock. The midwife and queen both let our ear piercing shrills.

Suddenly, the door burst opened and a mysterious woman walked towards the crying baby who lad helplessly on the ground, a satisfied smile crept on the mysterious woman's face.

"No! No! Please do not take my baby away from me! Please!" the queen begged in a weak voice.

The mysterious woman ignored her as she kneeled down to pick the baby from the ground she then turned around and walked out of the room without saying anything at all.

"NO! Please no! You can't do this! Somebody help me, guards!" the queen screamed in tears falling down as she struggled to sit up.

The mysterious woman had run out of the castle before she disappeared into darkness, the guards searching frantically for her. Whereas, inside the castle, a young man rushed towards the queens side.

"Sweetie, what is wrong?" the King asked, concerned for what his wife's answer could be.

"She has stolen our baby!" She told him in small voice before she slipped into darkness.

The raven haired middle aged woman awoke from her nightmare as she sat up on the bed while. She sobbed endlessly to herself, unable to contain her grief.

"Why does it have to be me? Why? Where did she take my baby to? Why did she do it?" Sae – Jung questioned herself.

She shook her head sadly as she looked down lovingly at her husband, whom slept beside her. She let a few more tears fall remorsefully, before pecking his forehead.

"I am sorry, my love." Sae – Jung whispered softly.

She stepped out of the bed, wrapped her night gown around her and walked out of the room towards the nursery.

She slipped into the room and looked down at the raven haired little girl who was sound asleep in her bed with her teddy bear while she sucked her finger gently.

"I always will love you so much. And you will be a wonderful princess one day. And I hope that you will meet the one who will make you happy, Hea – Juan." The queen whispered before planting a soft kiss on the young girl's forehead.

After staring at her daughter for a few minutes later she turned around and walked away from her and towards the door. Shutting it closed walked off to the opposite bedroom.

She entered the room walked towards the bed while she looked down at the raven haired little boy with love and admiration.

"I am sorry. I will always love you so much. And I will always be with you. And I hope that you will protect your sister always. And you will be an amazing king one day, Joo – chan…" Sae – Juan whispered softly.

She then turned away from him and walked out of the room. The queen then walked towards the outdoor garden.

Finally she reached the pond and looked down at the pond with tears filling her eyes.

"Good bye, my life and my world!" Sae – Juan said aloud.

After taking one last breath she jumped into the pond and slipped away from the light while she fell into darkness and drowned in the cool water.

The raven haired boy sat upright while he looked around his surrounding in a confused manner

"Did my mother say good bye to me? If yes, then why?" Joo – chan thought confused.

He shook his head confused and stepped out of his bed then rushed out of his bedroom towards his parent's bedroom, an uneasy feeling settling in his heart.

Once entering his parent's chamber he noticed that his mother was not there with his father. He shook his father's shoulder, after no response he shook at it harder.

"Dad, mommy is gone!" Joo – chan exclaimed his voice raising as he panicked.

The middle aged man woke up and looked down at his son with a confused expression on his face.

"Huh? What do you meant, my son?" Han asked.

"Come on! We have to find out where is mommy is. I'm worried because I think I had a vision of mother. And I do not want to know that it's true, dad!" Joo – chan explained.

Han nodded at his son and stepped out of the bed they then rushed out of the room towards the palace's garden.

The two rushed towards the pond and looked around the, with confused expressions on their faces.

"Are you certain that she was here, my son?" Han asked curiously.

Joo – chan nodded. "Yes, dad!"

"Alright then. Wait here. Let me get the guards to jump into the pond in case she might have fallen in there." Han told him.

Joo – chan nodded at him while he watched his father go back into the castle to get the guards immediately.

Within seconds, Han and the guards had returned to the pond while four guards volunteered to jump into the pond to search for their Queen.

Suddenly, one of the guards head popped out from the pond and looked at the King with pity.

"My King, she was gone. I sorry!" the guard informed him.

The guards brought back Sae – Juan's limp dead body from the pond. Han stood there along his son in shock, unable to register his wife's death through his brain.

That night, Joo – chan had blamed himself for not saving his mother in time. And he never will forgive himself for it. And he never will forget that vision of the future that had been haunting him since then.

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