I Hate Waiting

Hear that low growl?
No, stupid
It's not my stomach
It's my heart

And it's angry with you
Stop playing with me
Please, for once
Be real with me

I'm halfway out the door
You want me?
Grab my ankle
And yank me back in

Can't you see it?
You're holding my heart
I don't like it
But you've got me

What is it
You're afraid of?
I'll shout in your face
And stomp away?

If I'm here, baby
I'm here for life
And I'm sick of waiting
For you to get it

Ask me to stay
I'm not going anywhere
Leave me hanging
I won't wait for long

Make up your mind
I can't do it for you
Figure it out
Who is it you want?

If you realize
It really is me,
You know where I am
And who I'm waiting for

This is my second try at being quirky, lol. I think I like this one better than the first time. :)