A Day in a Life of Dylan Knight

Dylan's POV

The sliding glass doors opened from my hotel lobby as the screams and shrieks became even more deafening.

Dylan Knight: worldwide known model.

Bodyguards came all around me and pushed away the wailing fans and the ones shoving papers and pens in front of my face. I put on a killer smile and just walked by, but as soon as I stepped into the car the smile disappeared into an annoyed and tired face. My manager, Rick Mason, stepped in from the other side and directed the driver where to go.

"Ready for the shoot Dylan?" he asked me.

"I don't have a choice, do I?" I said as I looked out the window.

As I sat in the car looking at the humongous crowd of fans grow smaller and smaller, my yearning for being free became stronger. I hated how I had a schedule every day. I could never just sit down and do something I wanted all day. I could never go out in public and do what I want. I could never have a normal love life. Every normal girl would probably only go out with me because I'm famous, loaded, and hot. So, I would have to turn to celebrity chicks. But with them, it's twice the drama and twice the publicity. So girls were too much of a hassle. I had girlfriends when I was in middle school and high school, but as soon as my name started to get out during my senior year in high school and college, my private life had ended.

"Dylan, we're here." Rick said as he got out of his car and as the driver ran over to open my door and give me my jacket.

I stepped out and took the jacket and walked in with a nonchalant expression. There were cameras, designers, make-up artists, and a whole set for the photo shoot.

"Dylan, this way… I want to introduce you to the female model you're working with today." Rick said normally.

Rick was used to me being disobedient, rebellious, and stubborn. He had been with me since day 1 and I was surprised that he still stood by me. Unlike my parents…

As soon as my famous career kicked off, things started get out of hand. My mother had been secretly having an affair with another man and was pregnant with his child. As soon as my father realized that the child wasn't his, my mother left. She left without a second glance at me. Then after my mother left, my father left me to fend for myself. He threw me away and just left me with my uncle who eventually sent me to the company. After that, I could never trust women. They were just objects that were used as tools.

"This is Natalie Lowe." Rick said with a smile.

I looked at the girl. Long legs. Tiny waist. Nice ass. Had boobs. Long hair, but it looked kind of bushy and rough. And her face… average. It wasn't too cute or hot, because it was covered in make-up. No offense, but I preferred natural over make-up. Even so, she had a nice body. Wouldn't mind spending a night with her…

"Hey…" she said with her eyebrows arched and her hand stuck out. "I'm Natalie, nice to meet you."

"Dylan, nice to meet you too." I said plainly as I reached out to shake her hand. While I was shaking her hand, she slipped me a piece of paper.

When she walked away, I looked at it.

Call me: xxx-xxx-xxxx

I sighed with a bit of triumph and disappointment as I shoved the piece of paper into my back pocket.

"Going to be another busy night?" Rick said with a little bit of a teasing voice.

"Oh yeah…" I smirked with a laugh.

As I was explained what I had to pose for everyone else started to undress, dress, and perfect my face and hair. They had left my face alone with the make-up, so I had my natural light grey eyes and tan skin. My hair, on the other hand, was stiffened so that it looked like there were spikes lying down on my head all pointing towards one direction. I put on the clothes they wanted me to wear, loose brand-name jeans that they wanted to advertise and a white dress shirt that wouldn't be buttoned for the pictures.

As I walked onto the white background set, Natalie walked in. She had an extremely tight red dress that was almost like her second layer of skin. And the padding in the dress made her breasts look even bigger and more eye-catching. Her makeup was emphasized even more and her hair was curled into loose ringlets.

"Nice to see you again." She said with a sly smile.

I made no response and just walked to the middle of the set as she came towards me.

"Now Dylan, I want you to just stand sideways with your left side facing me and your head pointed sort of downwards." The photographer directed.

I did exactly what he said and stayed put.

"Now, stand with your legs apart a little and your right hand around Natalie. Your left hand can be just left down at the same angle as your head."

I did what he said. Natalie's waist was so small that my arm went around it easily and from the camera's view, you could see my right hand completely. Her stomach was right up against my washboard abs and I could see her breasts popping out right in front me.

"Now, Natalie… I want your right hand around Dylan's neck and your head angled up towards him. And I want your left hand just at the side of Dylan's right hip."

Natalie followed and looked at me.

I kept my gaze on the ground and stood still.

"Perfect!" the photographer said with excitement.

After another hour of posing and dressing up. We were finally done.

"Thank you Mr. Knight, it was a pleasure working with y-" the director didn't get to finish because I was already out the door.

"Now, you have a dinner at the hotel with the manager in about an hour." Rick said as he read off the itinerary. "So, I suggest that you go back to the hotel, wash up, and get ready for dinner."

I kept walking and just plopped into the car. "I don't want dinner." I said curtly.

"But Dylan…" Rick started.

"I don't care. Reschedule him for later." I said flatly. "I have plans tonight." Natalie. Not exactly dinner that satisfies my hunger, but definitely lust.

Rick didn't say anything because he already knew what I was thinking.

"Dylan…" Rick sighed, "Just make sure you don't make a whole scandal with this girl, okay? The past three girls you slept with have all been on the news."

"That's not my problem." I said as I closed my eyes and leaned back.

"Well I'm just saying, I'm not going to wipe your ass for you this time." Rick said as he relaxed into his seat.

"Whatever…" I sighed as I fell into a sleep.

As soon as I got back to the hotel, there were still some fan girls out there, but most had left. The bodyguards came once again and made a path for me to get through.

As I went up the elevator, I took out my cell phone and punched in Natalie's number. She was one of the many girls in my phone. And out of all my contacts, I think I've pretty much slept with all of them except maybe one or two… and only because they were married. I'm not that much of an asshole to ruin someone's marriage.

I opened up the door to my suite and Rick followed me in.

"Reschedule dinner and everything I have after that. I'm tired, so I'm going to sleep." I said as I collapsed onto the bed and shut Rick out.

"Fine then…" Rick said as he made a note and left the room.

When I heard the door shut, I came out from under the pillow and changed into a black wife beater and a pair of comfortable jeans. I looked out from my huge glass window and saw the buildings and towers all over. And of course, the sunset was beautiful…

I turned on the TV as I popped a can of soda and drank it. I watched whatever was on and after an hour, I took a shower and collapsed onto my bed and fell asleep.

What a bothersome and annoying day…