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What now?

Christian and I continued to stare at each other, both of us unmoving statues. The wind blew and moved my hair into my face. Surprisingly Christian was the one to move them out of my face. His hand gently stroked the side of my face before moving down and grabbing my hand. He had moved closer and was staring at our intertwined hands.

"Calm down, you are literally burning up." I could see a small barely there smile on his face.

"What do you mean?" I asked, confused. Those were not the words I expected from him. I expected him to stomp away, probably after yelling at me. And I certainly didn't expect him to hold my hands or even talk to me.

"You are burning up. As in, your temperature is little too high to be normal." He continued to smile. I pulled my hand out of his and put it on my forehead to check. When my forehead felt normal to my own hand my brows furrowed in confusion.

"I feel fine." I told him.

"You won't feel it Charlotte but others will." He pulled me after him as he turned towards the house. "Have you eaten anything? I need to check how high your temperature is and then-"

"Christian, wait!" I pulled at his hand and came to a halt. "I need to talk to about last night first." He tilted his head to the side as if to say go on. "Christian, I…I, um." Now that I had the chance, I didn't know what to say. I didn't think this far ahead or that Christian would actually be willing to listen to me this calmly. Or just listen to me in the first place.

Come one Char, you came to apologize. Just do it already.

"I wanted to apologize… for my behavior last night." Christian didn't say anything so I continued. "I am really sorry about it. When you said she was your girlfriend, I felt so angry and… and hurt. I didn't want to listen and because of me you got into that…uh scuffle with those, er things." I blurted out really fast, and I doubted he understood even a word I said.

"I am not going to pretend that I'm not angry but this is somewhat my fault too. I should've just told you about this." Christian sighed. "But you should have given me a chance to explain instead of acting so childish about it. Running into that forest in the middle of the night, god, Charlotte!" he ran his hands through his hair. His demeanor changed from calm to agitated in a second. "Do you even know how dangerous that was?" He asked. I felt like a petulant child being scolded by their parents and I had this urge to pout and cross my arms over my chest. Gratefully, I was able to resist it. "What if I lost sight of you or I couldn't find and those things got to you first!" he cupped my face and stared into my eyes. His face had this panicked look as if he just imagining that. "Look at what they did to Xavier's Chosen! That could've been you!" the panicked look intensified.

My hands covered his, "Calm down, Christian."

"The hell I will. What if that was you? What if they caught you?" he pulled back.

"But they didn't. You made sure that it didn't happen." I told him with conviction.

"But what if it did, what then, Charlotte?" I kept silent. After a while of silence, Christian spoke up, "Please don't do anything reckless like that in the future." His hands cupped my face again. "I can't bear the thought of losing you."

My hands covered his, "you won't, just don't keep anymore secrets from me." My tone was soft and I sounded so vulnerable.

"She wasn't really a secret, not from you anyways." He kissed my forehead. "I just forgot about her until I saw her again. She meant nothing more than a chance to get more information, as cruel as that sounds. And I'm sorry I unintentionally hurt last night." He stared into my eyes once again and I stared back think he would kiss me. His would always darken slightly whenever he would kiss me, reminding me of the sky right before a heavy storm. "But put yourself in danger like that again, I swear to all that is good you won't like what I will do to you." although his tone was playful, the glint dark in his eyes told me differently.

"What will you do?" I smiled. His nose nuzzled my temple and just like that it was almost okay between us. There was this tension between us but something told me it was not me who was causing it. Or maybe it was me but there was no way to tell for sure.

Christian arched an eyebrow, "Don't test me or you will find out, bunny." He kissed my cheek, "come on, I was serious about you burning up." Christian grabbed my hand and led me inside. I felt a bout of disappointment hit me when he didn't kiss me but I told myself that it was because we still hadn't discussed properly what would happen and he was just being a gentleman.

At least he isn't ignoring you.

We passed through a series of halls and doors before finally ending up in the kitchen. After my issue with Christian was somewhat resolved, my nerves had settled down and my appetite was back with a vengeance. If anyone was around, the growls from stomach would probably have scared them out by now. Christian being the gentlemen that his mother raised him to be didn't mention my growling stomach. However I could easily spot an amused smile on his face.

Some part of me wondered why did I always manage to embarrass myself in front of him but other part, the whole of me didn't seem to care. I was too hungry to care. All these issues, problems and tensions would still be there after I had eaten.

"You are gonna have to stick with cereal for now because of everything going around mom couldn't make breakfast." Christian said presenting me with a bowl of cereal and spoon. I shrugged and dug in; I honestly didn't care as long as I got to eat something. "You finish this and I'll be right back." said Christian as he back out of the kitchen. I nodded in response not bothering to speak with my mouth full. Christian returned soon but with Ashley and someone else in tow. I was done eating so I stood up from the table.

The man was probably in his late forties and had this mousy look about him. He had dark, slightly wrinkled skin paired off with curly black hair peppered with white. He smiled at me kindly, making more wrinkles appear on his face. He carried a small bag with him which I had just noticed.

"Charlotte this is my mentor and an expert when it comes to Transformations, Dr. Landon Gate." Ashley introduced him. "Christian insisted that he and I check up on your Transformation." Ashley smiled at me but it was slightly strained.

"Christian mentioned that your temperature is getting higher, would you mind if I took a look at it?" the doctor spoke up. When I nodded, slightly unsure of where this was headed, the doctor pulled out a thermometer from his bag. "I will just check your temperature,"

Ashley and Dr. Gray asked me few questions after giving my temperature a check. They spoke amongst themselves and I caught some weird medical terms which made me conclude that Ashley too was a doctor. It made sense after she said that she had to take care of the girl we brought back with us. Why I didn't see that before, I wouldn't know. Both Ashley and Dr. Gate were still in deep conversation while Christian and I stood there waiting for them. I didn't even try to eavesdrop on their conversation knowing I wouldn't understand a word they were saying. My foot tapped nervously while I waited and I could see Christian was slightly nervous too but he hid it better.

"Both Dr. Collins and I have come to the conclusion that your first shift is very near. A week or two, at most." Dr. Gate spoke. Christian visibly tensed. I didn't exactly know what that meant but judging Christian's reaction, I knew it wasn't pleasant.

"I…it's been a tiring few hours. Let's sit down first," Ashley's smile was vey strained. It looked so forced that I was now sure whatever it was, it was not good. Ashley and Dr. Gate took the seats opposite of me while Christian chose to stand behind me with his hands on my shoulders.

Its one thing after another, I can't catch a break.

"Do you know what the Transformation is?" Ashley asked and I nodded. It's what the Weres call their first shift; it marks the beginning of their lives as Weres. For those natural born Weres, it's usually after puberty but that was not always the case. And for those who are turned, like me, it marks the end of their human life or in some cases, the end of their life. "That's good. Now you know that most turned humans do successfully make the Shift and we believed that your chances of successfully making the Shift are higher than normal because you were bitten by a full blooded Alpha Were from where very strong lineage." So far so good, however, I sense a 'but' coming soon. "But these symptoms you have, high temperature, speed, quick healing among others, they show accelerated progress."

"I'm guessing it's not good for me to Transforming this quick." I felt very uneasy with the direction this conversation was headed in.

"At the rate your shift is progressing, your body might not hold up." Dr. Gate spoke somberly. Behind me Christian tensed further.

"Judging your expression, you two have come up with a solution as well," Christian spoke up. I couldn't look at his face but I something told me it would be stoic.

"Again Christian this is just a precaution, Charlotte, could seamlessly make her first Shift," she paused, "but we'd feel more comfortable knowing that there would be no risks involved." Ashley spoke up. Her hand was propped up against her chin, almost holding her up.

"So what do you suggest?" I voiced.